Message 599 – 11 June 2000

The time has come for the cleansing of the world; it is through God’s Mercy that children have had sufficient time to amend their lives – Much has occurred in your Solar System and beyond, but hidden from the eyes of the public through ‘great powers’, for the Evil One desires to hide the facts and the truth – While mankind will shortly realise the truth of these Words, it will be too late for many.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Since the Rosary began, I have been able to see a lot of the activity in the Heavens – as though I am in an Observatory, watching the Solar System and the Planetary movements. Above the sun is the white Cross – very large – and behind the Solar System is an Angel, called Astronamus; Saint Michael stands to the right of him. There is another Angel to the left of this very large Angel, who is holding the Solar System. Saint Michael has placed his sword underneath all the Planets. It is very interesting.

The Angel to the left – I do not know who he is, but he, too, is very large – holds a set of balance-scales. Normally it is Saint Michael who holds such scales, but I do not know who this Angel is. He watches over the Planets. I have noticed that a tear-drop fell from his right eye, onto the third Planet. Saint Michael is standing as a guard. The white Cross becomes very bright and there is what seems like power coming from the sun, going through the bottom part of the Cross – straight through It. It is extremely bright – like seeing an electric bolt.

The Cross is now opened up by these electric charges at the centre of the crossed beams, and there are lightning bolts coming from the Cross to the Tabernacle here in the Chapel – forming a stream of Light, like a ‘road’. It is very unusual, brightening-up the whole Chapel – and more so – the Tabernacle, which has become extremely bright.

Many Angels come through the Cross towards us, gliding upon the electric Light, countless numbers of them – many thousands – pouring out of the Cross, dressed in white garments and with a golden girdle around them, and also one around their heads. The tip feathers of their wings are golden coloured and the Angels are all in prayer, as they glide towards us. As they come close, they begin to form a semi-circle, but leave an opening for other Angels to come through. As this is building up, I can now see Our Lord coming via the white Cross. Our Lord is very Majestic-looking in pure white garments and wearing a very small Crown; on the front is a green emerald. On the Chest of Our Lord, I can see the Holy Ghost as the Dove, in a circle of very bright blue Light.

Jesus comes floating down, very swiftly, with more and more Angels. In Our Lord’s right Hand, I notice He is carrying a small baton. Jesus now glides into the Chapel, surrounded by many, many, Angels. Saint Barachiel now kneels to the left of Our Lord – where Saint Charbel’s statue is; Jesus stands on the Tabernacle and there is a lot of Light – a fan of Light – coming out of the Tabernacle and engulfing Our Lord – engulfing the whole Chapel actually. It resembles the rays of a sunset and is really beautiful to see.

From the Cross, still more Angels are coming. Jesus is smiling as He looks around, very carefully – taking His time. Saint Sentimintarious – the Guardian Angel of the Order – has now appeared, kneeling to the right of Our Lord. Jesus hands him the small baton that He has been holding, and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: As Our Lord made the Sign of the Cross, in the Form of a Dove….. I don’t know how to explain this adequately, but from the Dove’s Own Light, a white Cross was formed and It ‘sprayed’ Light over all of us. Jesus smiles.

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My beloved ‘Rock’ – My ‘Little Peter’, future Vicar of My House upon Earth! I greet My Priest-sons, and all My Privileged children here and throughout the world! “

“I welcome you today on this great Feast of the Holy Ghost, the Spirit that comes from My Father and I. On this Feast, Our Spirit has been sent throughout the world, to console the hearts of Our children – those who are heavy laden and burdened with a heavy cross of redemption laid upon the hearts of Our children, for the salvation of many souls on this Earth at this time. Know, My sweet children, that the Comforter, the Spirit of Life, will strengthen all of you in the coming days of tribulation.”

“My children who bear My Name with a sign of redemption, have nothing to fear, for all those who are of My Own, know of God’s Love, Mercy and Protection. All that is to come upon humanity, is not for the children of My Heart, but rather for those who have gone far away from their God. It is a loving Father who chastises his children, for their sake. The time is now here for the cleansing of the world. It is through God’s Mercy that all the children of the Earth have had sufficient time to amend their lives. For those who are faithful to My Most Holy Mother – continue to persevere in a vigilance of prayer so that many souls will be rescued in this hour. The triumph of My Most Holy Mother is near. This triumph is also the triumph of My faithful children, therefore, rejoice, My sweet children, and remain at peace, for the reward will soon come.”

“Pray for My Vicar and your future Vicar, for much is to occur in My House upon Earth. Many will be sifted, and souls will be separated, so that the Truth will be known throughout the whole world, so that mankind will understand that the unfolding of the Apocalypse is occurring swiftly, within their lives, where My Second Coming is near at hand. Pray the Rosary, My sweet children, frequently; increase your prayers, your personal dedication, sacrifices and offerings, so that many souls will reach the Gates of Paradise, rather than many souls be lost for eternity.”

“I know, My sweet son – My ‘Little Peter’ – that many questions are in your heart concerning many matters. So that you know that I hear all your prayers, and understand well your concerns, you are to know that what I have told you over many years will come to pass. And you are also to know for the sake of all the ‘elect’, and My children of goodwill, that what has been revealed in these past days, through various Organisations dedicated to truth, is true. Much has occurred in your Solar System, and beyond. This knowledge has been hidden from the eyes of the public through ‘great powers’ throughout the world, for the Evil One desires to remove the facts and truth from Our children, so that Our children will not have the opportunity to avail themselves of Grace for repentance, reparation, and reconciliation with God and their neighbour.”

“However, through you, My dear son, and through the many Voice-boxes throughout the world, Heaven will continue to reveal the truth – even though you will be mocked and scorned, but this is the way of the Prophets. Continue to open your hearts, for God will reveal much and prepare His ‘flock’ for the times to come.”

“In a short while mankind will realise the truth of these Words, but know, sweet children, then it will be too late for many. For a long time now, My Holy Mother and I – and the Saints and the Angels – have revealed to the Church and to the world of all that is to come, and why. But most of Our children have closed their hearts, their minds and their intellect, because of their weakness and pride. Therefore, it leaves no alternative but to awaken mankind with forceful truth of enlightenment, of infusion of truth and Light from God.”

“My children must continue to pray and be docile in the Will of My Father, and trust in His Goodness, His Providence and Love for each and every one of you. What God has promised shall be fulfilled. Take courage, My sweet children, and remain at peace. My Peace I send to you through the Spirit of My Father and I: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see the Holy Ghost forming into a very, very, strong and bright Light – and this Light is passing through us, like a fire. As this Light passes through our souls there are tiny, twin, flames sitting above our heads. I can see this, not only here, but everywhere.

Jesus now takes the small rod that He was holding before – in actual fact it looks more like a scroll now, for something is coming out of this little rod, unrolling like a scroll and there is writing on it – Latin, which I cannot read. Our Lord smiles as He tells me to keep looking. Now the writing changes into English, and it tells about the Planetary System. In the writings it explains about the chastisements – and the three and a half years of tribulation, which has started now.

The Angel rolls up the scroll and places it on his chest. Jesus now turns around to His left and first moves towards Saint Charbel’s statue, where Saint Barachiel has been kneeling, then he comes towards the pulpit and lowers Himself to stand exactly where Father Broussard usually preaches. He places His two hands upon the Pulpit and looks around – it is very unusual to see Our Lord standing there – then He looks at the little children. He is still smiling and there seems to be a beam of Light coming out of His Chest. This goes towards each one of the children in the front row. I will remain silent, momentarily, to see if Our Lord wishes to say anything.

The two Fathers will Bless us now.

TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus has already returned to the original spot where He was standing, on the Tabernacle, as He always does. He just says continue to pray, and He makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now glides towards the white Cross – with Him he takes most of the Angels – making the Sign of the Cross, several times. We will continue with the Rosary.