Message 602 – 13 August 2000

Books of the lives of Our children; each page signifying a day in the life of each child – Many will leave this Earth unprepared – Prayer is food for your souls, it strengthens the resistance – The spirit of man will receive a great awakening; Satan’s smoke has entered the world, Holy Mother Church and the hearts of men – Chastisements continue throughout the world; ‘accidents that are not accidents’ show the world that the Eternal Father has removed His protection from many – Chastisements will come from outer space, inner space, and from man himself.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The white Cross is very deep in the sky, which is not black as it usually is – but rather very purplish. A rainbow comes through the Cross, at the centre of the crossed beams, causing a ‘street’ of rainbow colours which come towards the Tabernacle. The rainbow comes from behind the Cross to penetrate It, while a second rainbow passes through to the other side, making the Cross and rainbows together form an umbrella-shape, which holds the Earth.

Saint Michael stands to the right of the Cross with seven Archangels, the special guardians that I am quite familiar with; they have names which are similar to those of the seven great Archangels. Saint Michael has on a yellow tunic this time, with silver armour; his wings are spread wide, covering at least half of the sky. At the centre of the crossed beams a door opens, as though into another world; this has been a familiar sight for quite some time. Coming through the Cross are many Angels and they are dressed like Saint Michael. All hold very unusual-looking candles; they are about two feet in length and three or four inches in thickness, but look like a squashed plate. It is very hard to describe adequately. The Angels bring them towards the Altar, and place them there. I can now see that there are numbers on the candles; each one is different.

The Angels form a guard of honour along the section of rainbow that penetrates the Chapel. There are many Angels coming out of the Cross. Behind them I can see Our Holy Mother. The Angels are lifting Her upon their wings – gliding towards the Chapel. It looks as though Our Lady is riding the rainbow. Behind Her, many more Angels come through the Cross; they are, however, several different types of Angels who are dressed differently – wearing many and varying pastel colours; some are holding books, some have a sword, and yet others carry an instrument of the Divine Passion of Our Lord.

Our Holy Mother is dressed in royal blue and a beautiful looking long, white mantilla that reaches from Her Head right to Her Toes. On Her Head is a Crown of twelve roses, interwoven with many smaller flowers of various kinds – with a beautiful Cross in the middle. Around Our Blessed Mother’s dress is a belt made of roses; it is very beautiful. Our Holy Mother comes into the Chapel to stand on the Tabernacle and a tremendous Light emanates from the Tabernacle straight towards Our Lady and towards all of us. Many of the Angels have come inside the Chapel to kneel around the Altar, facing towards Our Holy Mother.

Our Lady holds a beautiful Rosary of crystal beads or perhaps diamonds; they sparkle quite a lot and are very pretty – Our Lady smiles. Even more Angels come out of the white Cross, towards us, then form a huge semi-circle around the Chapel and around Our Holy Mother – row after row of Angels. Most of them carry books and one Angel – he has beautiful golden hair – now looks towards me, with a wonderful, beaming, smile on his face, shining like the Light of Our Lord. He shows me a book – it is the size of a Bible – all in gold. On the front cover are the words: “Book of Eternal Life”. He opens it and shows me the first page, which has, in very beautiful lettering: “This is your life according to the decree given by the Eternal Father in the acceptance of Grace”. He closes the book again.

Our Lady has been looking at different souls here in the Chapel and beyond. She communicates with Her Mind. She doesn’t have to actually open Her Mouth to convey what she wishes to convey, when we are listening to, or watching Her. Our Holy Mother is instructing Angels behind Her to go and stand behind souls and each of those Angels holds a book. I understand what Our Lady is indicating there – it is the Book of Life concerning each of those souls.

Our Lady takes up the Holy Rosary, lifts the Crucifix and Kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved ‘Rock of Divine Truth’, My sweet Priest-sons, and all My sweet children gathered before My Immaculate Heart, here and throughout the world: I welcome you!”

Today I come from the Bosom of the Eternal Father to this Earth – to this generation of children – to bring consolation and good counsel to guide Our sweet children in these turbulent times of the tribulation. The Book of Life that the Angels carry, are the books of the lives of Our children. Each page signifying a day in the life of each child. What do you think is written in these books, My sweet children? Reflect on what I have just said! Is your life ready to be presented to God at this time? What will your life-book say, when the pages are turned and enter into eternal completion? Are the merits in your lives sufficient to enter Our Kingdom, My sweet children – or must you pass through the place of purging before you can see the Face of your Eternal God?”

Consider well My Words today! The time of the tribulation is with you. This means many souls will be called before the Throne of the Triune God. Many will leave this Earth unprepared. The trials are upon you, sweet children. You must keep your eyes on My Divine Son, Jesus – not upon yourselves or your neighbour, or the world, but upon My Divine Son. If you do this then you will persevere during these days and moments of trial in your lives. But the ‘key’ to persevering, My sweet children, is prayer – a vigilance of prayer. Some of My sweet children, though very dedicated to the Truth, are placing prayer aside, especially the Sacraments, thus their convictions become weaker. Prayer is food for your souls, it strengthens the resistance, My sweet children. The reception of the Sacraments are very vital for you now, especially the Sacrament of Penance where My Divine Son cleanses your soul with His forgiveness.”

Reflect upon your shortcomings; reflect upon the Goodness of God in your lives, and appreciate all that the Eternal Father gives in your lives, so that you become another Christ in the world. All of you must reflect My Divine Son in all that you do; thus, when your Book of Life comes to its end upon this vale of tears, then you will enter Paradise. The time for change is now, sweet children. Prayer, penance and sacrifice is needed, so that you will persevere in the greater trials that will soon come upon the world, upon the Church, and in your very own homes and lives. There is no room for complacency; there is no room for fear; there is [however] always room for hope, for peace and for joy in the knowledge that you live in the knowledge of your God; in His Love and Mercy. Believe in the Promise that God has given to you, and live accordingly. In this way you will live each day for itself, loving and serving God by serving one another.”

For many years now, My Divine Son and I have spoken throughout the world, to prepare Our children for the coming days of tribulation for the end of this era, and the preparation for the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus, upon Earth. All these revelations for man are unfolding in your everyday life at this time. Persevere in patience, sweet children, for all will come to its completion in the Divine Clock of God – and all of you here present today, and [those] throughout the world, will see, visibly, all that God had already revealed for many generations. But each episode takes its time, therefore concentrate on the Perfect Will of the Eternal Father for you. Be happy and be at peace in the knowledge that My Divine Son and I have given to you – that you are privileged to be part of the Redemptive Work of God for the salvation of many sinners and the conversion of the world; for each page of the Apocalypse must unfold; for this is the Divine Will of the Triune God.”

These coming months and few short years will be very difficult, not only for you, My sweet children who have the Grace to understand, but more so for the entire world, for most do not understand and have placed God aside. The spirit of man will receive a great awakening, for their spirit at this time is in great darkness. Satan’s smoke has entered not only the world, but Holy Mother Church and the hearts of men, women and children throughout the world. Satan believes, in his pride and arrogance, [that] he has triumphed over God. However, in the Plan of My Divine Son, many of these souls who are now slaves of Satan, will be snatched away from his claws and given the Light from My Divine Son, Jesus. Therefore, God needs sacrifices, offerings and prayers from His dedicated souls so that these Graces will be given to those who have very little.”

You must understand, My sweet children, every hour and every day is a battle between good and evil, and this battle will continue to the end of the world. Each one of you plays an important role in God’s Divine Plan to save souls, so that the Cross of Truth will triumph over all that is wicked, that is evil, and sin and death. The victory belongs to God – therefore, persevere and count your Blessings.”

The chastisements continue throughout the world as a sign to the folly of man who continues to defy the Living God. The ‘accidents that are not accidents’ will continue, to show the world that the Eternal Father has removed His protection from many of the children of the Earth – allowing the evil spirits to take control of the skies, the Earth, the sea, and the Heavens – to bring man’s attention to the [reality of the] existence of a Supernatural world. These chastisements will multiply one hundred-fold times a hundred in great natural disasters, until mankind bend the knee and strike their breast and say: “Lord, forgive us!”

The chastisements will come from outer space, from inner space, and from man himself. It is for this reason, My sweet children, you must be vigilant in prayer. Each day you must live as if it were your last. In this way, you will understand the great gifts that God has given you and the more that you meditate upon this, My sweet children, the more your lives will reflect as other ‘Christs’ upon Earth. Thus you will not sin and fall into temptation, for these temptations and sin – which are assaulting even our elect – are to draw you away from the Truth – to draw you away from My Divine Son, Jesus, Who is the Eternal Life for you.”

You must know by now, how much My Divine Son and I Love you. We place Our Immaculate Hearts before you – to protect you, to console you, and to show you the great Love that comes from God for His children. Take courage, My sweet children; be not afraid because of the chastisement that soon will come to this country and the world. Trust in the Goodness of My Divine Son.”

For your edification, My dear little ‘Rock’: That dream of Our daughter, [name withheld], was true. You may place it in the Message for mankind to read. There will be many ‘dreams of dreams’, My sweet children, to warn mankind and to prepare them. I send you My Blessing from My Immaculate Heart, and this Blessing will go throughout the world to all who read My Words and their loved ones and all children of good will. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I thank you, My sweet children, especially those who remain faithful to My Calling and to the fiat that you have been asked to give. Remain firm in your convictions and be not afraid to step out in faith, for faith is rewarded by great signs from My Divine Son, Jesus and God rewards the faith of His little children.”

Hold up your Rosaries and I will Bless them from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son. This Blessing will console you in the moments when there are great trials that will surely come in a short while: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady lifts up Her Rosary and Kisses Jesus once again, then sends one of Her Angels to give it to [name withheld]. Our Lady says: “Because of faithfulness”! Our Lady looks at the two Priests now, smiles, and asks that they Bless us.

TWO PRIESTS: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus. Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Continue now sweet children, with your prayers, and these prayers will be taken before the Throne of the Holy Trinity to plead for the world and for your intentions: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now glides backwards with many of the Angels, but most of them remain. I believe they are to be given to all the souls at this time. (Rosary continues.)


The Dream referred to in the above Message was concerning a Jumbo 747 plane crash in Sydney – possibly around September, 2000. The cause is not known, but it disrupts, I believe, the Olympic Games. That is what was seen in the dream.