Message 604 – 26 November 2000

Sheep being gathered for the final counting; Angels throughout the world to place My Sign of Redemption; the goats are being removed from the sheep – two armies of good and evil will soon be ready for the final conflict – Short Reign of Peace will be ushered in with a great Chastisement – Practise all the Virtues and you will not succumb to temptation.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been in the sky for some time. Going down from it, in a reversed V-shape, are six other crosses – three to each side. It looks as though they are on the slope of a hill. The first cross to the right of the main one is black, the second is gold and the third is silver – to the left they are brown, red, then a yellow. A beam of Light shoots out from the White Cross and travels through the other crosses, while through the centre of the crossed beams of all the other crosses shoots yet another Light. Those beams move together in a ‘diamond’ shape, travelling towards us and focussing on the Tabernacle here in the Chapel.

Saint Michael is to the right of all the crosses, and is huge – as always. He holds a sword in his right hand, directing it at the central point of the Light, near the Tabernacle. A bolt of lightning goes through the sword, towards the Tabernacle – and a tremendous amount of Light comes out of it, fanning out into the Chapel. Saint Barachiel is to the left of the Cross.

In the White Cross, which is the largest, an opening is now visible at the centre of the place where the beams cross; a tremendous amount of Light comes through the opening and forms into another beam of Light which resembles a carpet that has been rolled out, even though it is made of Light. It sparkles very much.

I can see Angels coming through the Cross, gliding down the beautiful Light, towards us. They have wings that seem to be formed from tongues of flame – it is very hard to adequately explain what it is – their wings are like fire. They are all very much in deep prayer as they come gliding down – and when they reach the Chapel they form a semi-circle, like a choir might do, leaving an opening for those who are still coming. Behind this ‘train’ of many Angels are both Jesus and Mary, also gliding on the white Light, each wearing a beautiful golden Crown, with Jesus holding Our Lady’s Hand. Our Lady actually has Her Hand on top of Our Lord’s, just like Royalty. Our Holy Mother is dressed in an absolutely magnificent white, silky-finished, dress and a very beautiful golden mantilla. She wears the seven-pointed Crown of the New Holy Era with the seven stones. Jesus’ Crown has three points and with a small Cross on the top; which has a green stone embedded in it. The other points also contain a stone, one red and the other deep blue. Jesus wears a white tunic, and a gown laced with gold on the edges is over one arm – just as you would normally see Him in statue form and in paintings. I can see both His Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, on their respective Chests. Behind Them are more Angels.

Jesus comes into the Chapel and stands over the Tabernacle, looking very Majestic. Our Holy Mother is to His right, standing upon a slender strip of Light that hovers underneath Their Feet. I have just noticed that on Our Lady’s Feet are small rosettes in between Her Toes. It is like a sandal that is made out of little roses. Jesus and Mary are smiling, and I can see very deeply into Their beautiful deep blue Eyes. In the right Hand of Our Holy Mother is a beautiful rose which has seven petals – each of a different colour – and within the flower I am able to see five other smaller petals – also of different colours. Our Lady said: “It is the rose of the Royal House of David”.

Jesus now looks deep into my heart, turns to His Holy Mother, kisses Her on the Forehead, and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD:In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: From Our Lord’s Chest, I saw the White Dove come out and go through my own chest.

OUR LORD:I greet you, My beloved son – My future Vicar for Holy Mother Church, My ‘Little Pebble of Divine Love’! I greet My Priest-son – My little Apostle, ‘Bartholomew’; and all My precious children gathered here before Me, your King, and My Most Holy Mother, Queen of all Hearts!”

Today, on this Great Feast, I wish to address My children of the Earth. My sweet children: I – your God and Redeemer – come to the Earth, with My Most Blessed Mother, to gather the sheep for the final counting, for I have sent My Angels throughout the world to place My Sign upon them – the Sign of Redemption – for now, the goats are being removed from the sheep – for all those that belong to Me and My inheritance, must now stand forth in faith and in truth, proclaiming their faithfulness to My Word.”

The time for evil is coming to an end; the two armies – that of good and that of evil – will soon be ready for the final conflict, and the outcome will be victory for Heaven and defeat for Satan, his cohorts, and all souls who have preferred evil to good. The world goes further into darkness and the abyss is wide open, receiving many souls who will be lost for eternity.”

To My faithful children: prayer in perseverance at this time is crucial for the outcome of this great conflict between Heaven and Hell. My Mother and I have frequented many souls throughout the world, calling Our children to pray, to do penance and make reparation for the many sins that have been committed against God and against humanity, themselves. The sins cry out to Heaven for justice. The end for the time of mercy is near – and justice will fall upon this generation that will not repent, even after many signs have already been given for the conversion of sinners. The year of Jubilee will shortly come to an end. I have allowed mankind sufficient time to change their ways and the path that they themselves, have chosen. This path is not of My Will, but rather, the Will of Satan and the weakness of man.”

Time is very short for mankind! The next Era – the short Reign of Peace – will soon take over the world, and much of what you have now, will be no more; and life will change drastically for many. It is time for a change, My sweet children – a change of your hearts – to follow My Most Sacred Heart and the Heart of My Most Holy Mother. The short Reign of Peace to come upon the world will be ushered in with a great Chastisement upon mankind. This Chastisement has been spoken about for many, many, years. However, mankind have become complacent in their lives – so much so that only a handful of souls remain truly dedicated to Our cause and persevere. Nevertheless, My sweet children, all will be fulfilled according to My Will, even though many will be lost in the final count.”

I have said many times, especially to the faithful children – reflect often upon Our Words, and spend more time with Us, so that you will understand the Mercy and Love of My Father as We prepare the way for you in the coming years of the great tribulation and the many changes that will enter your lives. Pray often, sweet children! It is through prayer that Heaven communicates to you, and you to Us – and many doors will be open in the secrets of your hearts, so that you will comprehend the wonderful Plan of My Father for you. Do not become discouraged or disillusioned because the events that I have Prophesied through My Seers have not yet come – but rather, live in hope and trust in the Divine Will of My Father for you, and live My Word in its trueness, in faith – and have confidence, for I promise you that you will never regret the day that you have chosen to do Our Most Holy Will for you.”

Practise all the Virtues faithfully, and you will not succumb to the temptations of the devil, the flesh and the world, for My Mother and I are always there to help you. If you truly believe in life after death, and truly believe in what I have promised you, then all that I have told you will be fulfilled very swiftly, in your lives, and you will be graced to sin less and less each day, for I Am a forgiving Father of Love, and My Heart is Merciful to all of you. Take up your cross and continue to follow Me, as I and My Most Holy Mother continue to prepare you for the days to come and God’s Plan for each and every one of you.”

I Love you, My sweet children, and today on the Feast of My Kingship of My Most Sacred Heart, whatever you ask of Me I will give to you, provided that it is beneficial for your souls and those you love. I Bless you from My Sacred Heart through the Heart of My Most Precious Mother: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Both Jesus and Mary are smiling very strongly now. The beautiful rose which Our Blessed Mother had, was presented to me, and from that moment onwards the rose petals were plucked and distributed by Saint Barachiel, the Guardian Angel of Our Holy Mother, to the various souls they were meant for. Angels are still coming out of the White Cross; they have flaming wings and are the ‘Seal’ Angels – or the ‘Marking’ Angels – of souls. They are travelling all over the world to various people, to enfold within their wings that particular soul, who then glows. Two very significant and intertwined marks, which are related to Our Lord and Our Holy Mother – the beginning and the end – are placed on that soul.

Both Jesus and Mary say that we are now to continue with our prayers and to remember the Holy Souls in Purgatory. I can see the Souls in Purgatory now, as part of the Altar has opened up and they are under there. Millions of souls are in fire, all waiting for prayers, looking towards Jesus, Mary and us. Both Jesus and Mary look down now into what looks like a big hole in the ground.

OUR LORD AND OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus looks at Father Broussard, and asks him to now Bless us:

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus. Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: As Father Broussard was blessing us, so too was Jesus – and He went straight into Father, to show that the Blessing comes from Him. Both Jesus and Mary slowly glide back, looking at us and making the Sign of the Cross, many times:

OUR LORD AND OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (‘Thornbush’ appeared with the Australian Flag).

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will say the rest of the Rosary.