Message 605 – 31 December 2000

It is not for you to understand the mysteries of God in their entirety, but only in small glimpses – The Prophets of old did not understand the Plan of God either, but all was fulfilled – Study My Word and you will understand the mystical meaning of this time-clock that I give you – For the sake of the elect, I will shorten the days – Study again the miraculous photo given at Bayside, New York, and pray to My Spirit to understand – This is the final hour for the world and the Church.

LITTLE PEBBLE: For some time during the Rosary the scenery has been developing. Saint Michael and the white Cross always appear first, with Saint Michael to its right, which is of course to my left, where the picture of Saint Sentimintarious is – the Guardian Angel of the Order. Saint Michael is so very large, to such an extent that he takes up most of the sky.

There are three very large rainbows in the sky, as well. On top of the lowest of them is a another white Cross; this penetrates the Heavens very deeply – especially its brightness. Our Lord Jesus is on the Cross. To the right of Our Lord and above Him, sitting on the second rainbow, is another Cross, which is red – the Holy Father is on this Cross. To the left of Our Lord is a brown Cross – the figure of the ‘Little Pebble’ is on that one.

Underneath Our Lord’s Cross Our Holy Mother is praying. Next to the Holy Father there are several Priests and Nuns, who also are praying – and beneath my Cross I can see [name withheld], [name withheld] and [name withheld], all dressed in clothes similar to those worn by Our Holy Mother. Regarding this shaped form that you might see with your mind’s “eye”, with the placement of all the rainbows – there is a “V” shape that comes from the bottom part of the white Cross, and it connects to the other Crosses. Two beams of Light come to the right of each of the “V’s” and streams of water – a waterfall actually – come from both of them. Visible in one are the words “Grace, Fidelity, Hope and Trust”. On the other side the words are: “Mercy, Love and Forgiveness”. Right at the bottom of the rainbow the word “Justice” appears – and all these words are made of fire.

Our Holy Mother now turns towards us, opening up Her Arms and from Her Hands come rays of Light, which penetrate this Chapel. Rays also come from the Wounds of Our Lord, Our Holy Father and the ‘Little Pebble’ and all of these beams of Light from the various Hands come together to form a very strong Light that shoots towards the Chapel. Jesus is alive on the Cross and He now moves away from it to stand in front of it, bathed in dazzling Light, and He makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved son – My pure ‘White Rock’ of the Apocalypse – My little ‘Peter II’ – last Vicar of My House upon Earth! I greet My Priest-son, ‘Little Bartholomew’ and all My precious children gathered here, before My Sacred Heart and that of My Most Holy Mother!”

“Today you celebrate the end of an era, My dear children, something that you will comprehend and understand at a later time. It is not for you to understand the mysteries of God in their entirety, but only in small glimpses that we allow you to understand. All My sweet children throughout the world are much in dilemma and confused in heart, because My children do not understand the Divine Plan of My Father – especially in the unfolding of the Prophetic Word given to Our Prophets and Seers throughout the world. Do not be troubled, sweet children – the old will now pass away and the new will begin. This will be clearly understood in the coming weeks, months and years that remain for your current world as it is. Therefore, sweet children, keep your eyes on your Lord -: your God and Saviour. Do not place your eyes upon man, the world and yourselves, but place your trust and confidence in your God, Who will not lead you astray.”

“I know, My sweet children – especially those chosen by My Hand – cannot understand how God deals with you. The Prophets of old did not understand the Plan of God either, but all was fulfilled – though not at the time that all believed. Think of what happened to Our little daughter, Saint Bernadette – of all that was asked of her. Think of what happened to the Saints of old – contradictions, misunderstandings, misinterpretations and confusion – yet, all was part of My Father’s Plan, which was Perfect. When you cross over the veil, and in the time of the Reign of Peace, you will understand perfectly, all that God had said, but for now, it will remain a mystery. But be assured, sweet children, that the hour of twelve has struck – the time of mercy has gone – the time of justice is here! Understand, well, what I say.”

“Although My Father in Heaven is Merciful and Loving, His Justice will come swiftly upon mankind each day – and then each hour and each minute of the coming years – before I return to the world. Study My Word and you will understand the mystical meaning of this time-clock that I give you. Pray, watch and listen – the signs are already there for you to see. You are only waiting for the Word of My Father to complete its course, then all will be fulfilled as a thunder-clap over your heads and hearts, and time will be no more for many of you. Trust and have confidence in My Word – do not waiver, for now the test is upon you, and this will increase by the day until mankind has bent the knee before My Father and cried out to God: “Mercy Lord, for we have sinned gravely before Thee!”

“Watch the Heavens, the planets and the stars! Watch as the Earth moans, and you will understand that all that was given in Holy Writ will come to completion in your lifetime. Pray for your Vicar, for in his hands We have left much to be completed before his last breath, and all will then be handed to Our little ‘White Rock’, to carry the Church into the next and New Holy Era that will come swiftly, upon this world. Remember My Words: “For the sake of the elect I will shorten the days”! The ‘shortening of the days’ are the operative words, My sweet children. When you understand this in the mystical language, then you will understand the true ‘time’ that We have given and revealed through Our Voice-boxes throughout the world.”

“Study again the miraculous photo given through My Most Holy Mother at Bayside, New York – and pray to My Spirit – and I will give you an understanding that can only come from the Triune God. Therefore, be content with your lives, My sweet children. Live only for God, and offer all, not only for yourselves, but for your wives, your husbands, your brothers and sisters and children – all those whom you love – even for those whom you do not love! Offer up sacrifices, for the hour is now here where time will change and all that you see will be removed from man and all will change. Many of your lives will be different in the coming year, My sweet children, for many also will be taken – not only the elderly, but also the young – for you must know that the Holy Rapture is near, before the great cleansing of the Earth. The tribulation is upon you and the Heavens will shout with jubilation of the great victory of their God, and their Holy Mother and Queen, Mary.”

“To all the elect, I say this to you: be vigilant in your lives! Be prayerful! Sacrifice each day, and live each day as if it were the last. Believe Me children, so much will change in your lives that you will not recognise the world as it is today. Therefore, be attentive to My Words. Be faithful in your calling! Those who are of the elect, chosen by My Most Holy Mother – do not weaken. Be faithful to your husbands, wives, children and loved ones! Be obedient to those in authority. Live the Virtues, clearly and precisely, for you are called to lead! You are called to give the Light to those who are in darkness, for this is the final hour for the world and the Church. You can count the days, the weeks and the months, and then will come the end when I shall return with great Power, Majesty and Glory, to put to shame to all those who lived a life of lies, deceitfulness and sinfulness against My Father. And those who remained faithful to My Words – I shall say to you: “Come, Blessed of My Father and inherit the New Holy Era with Myself and My Most Holy Mother as King and Queen of the Universe.”

“All those who are predilected souls: remember well, that even though you were chosen by My Hand, this does not give you a free ticket into Heaven or Paradise, nor the New Holy Era promised by Me to you. Do not take life for granted! Do not take your positions for granted, but live a life of holiness, that you may shine in the Heavens and in My Sacred Heart for eternity, for you must be the Light for your brothers and sisters to follow so they may follow in your footsteps to come to My Kingdom prepared for all those souls who desire salvation and eternity.”

“Do not take My Words lightly, but work hard for your salvation! Work hard for the calling that My Mother and I gave you – these were gifts given to you, freely. Now is the time for a decision of the heart – the inner heart of your soul. Do not say “Yes” with words, but say “Yes” with your deeds, for the deeds are those deeds that are pleasing to My Father – and these deeds ransomed your salvation, and the salvation of many of those who will follow in your footsteps to follow Me.”

“Let this coming year be a year of decisiveness – of intention to do God’s Will, perfectly – to live a life of Grace and Virtues, and to save many souls and many sinners who have no one to pray for them but yourselves. Through this coming year there will be many great Chastisements upon the world, upon the Church and upon humanity. It will also be a year of Grace for many souls to find their God. This will come through your dedication – and many joys and blessings will come your way and you will rejoice with Me and My Most Holy Mother, because you have said “Yes” in the trueness of its nature – in true faith and dignity.”

“You, My beloved ‘Rock of Truth’ – as My Most Holy Mother and I have promised you – victory will be yours. Be patient and endure all for the sake of those who are close to you, because it is through the carrying of the cross that many souls will come to Me and be sustained to follow the path of righteousness and truth. Fear not – for all that I have Promised you I [will] keep My Word!”

“And to all My children who have been given much: much will be expected of you. Do not place your responsibilities aside, but believe in My Promises, for God always keeps His Word. Pray, My dear son, and My dear children, for your Holy Vicar, for his days are now numbered in the few, and the cross grows very heavy for him.”

“I Love you, My sweet children, especially the elect of My Heart – the Remnant of My Father. Take courage, pick up your crosses and continue to go forward, living each day as it comes, for each day is a new beginning. Make the most of each day so you can gain much merit, and then come to Us for the chest of many Blessings, and the reward shall be Eternal Life.”

“I Love you and I Bless you all from My Most Sacred Heart: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother has been in prayer all this time and also has been speaking to other souls, but She now moves from beneath the Cross and comes a little closer. From Her Immaculate Heart a beam of beautiful, pinkish-white Light shoots a dart towards one of the souls present.

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus: Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Coming from the top of the white Cross – this time not through the centre of the crossed beams – I can see many Angels and many Saints. Many of them I recognise – they are now floating towards the Chapel in two rows – one of Saints and the other of Angels. Each person here has been given one of the Saints and one of the Angels, as a help for the coming year. Both Jesus and Mary now Bless us, and also Our Holy Father:

OUR LORD, OUR LADY, HOLY FATHER: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”