Message 606 – 25 March 2001

Many words of direction, warnings and consolation have gone unheeded, year after year – Many chastisements have fallen upon the world to deafened ears and hardened hearts – Mankind is at the edge of the abyss; soon the world will tremble and see the Power of God – This is Mary’s hour; the head of the serpent will truly be crushed under her heel – John Paul II: His time is very short – all that We have asked of him will be accomplished in its proper time.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The white Cross has been in the sky for some time, and in the centre of it is a spinning sun. From the sun is flashing many coloured lights, and this has been happening since the beginning of the Rosary, and Saint Michael has been to the right of the Cross also, all that time taking up a good third of the sky. Saint Michael places his sword right through the stones where the Cross is here on the property. Behind the white Cross is a Triangle of very bright white Light, and seven Angels stand at the edge of the Triangle on each side. One Angel is right in the centre at the top point; he holds his sword very high.

Coming through the centre of the spinning sun is a beam of Light; it shoots out towards here, and hits the Crucifix on the Altar then forms a beautiful ‘street’ of Light that comes from the Cross in the sky to this Cross, but it is from the centre part of the spinning sun. Now the white Cross is opening up in the centre part where the sun is, including the sun. It opens up like an egg, and more Light is thrown towards us and towards the Cross that is here.

I can see many Angels coming out of the Cross and the sun, gliding towards us. They move very swiftly, and they would be in the hundreds, if not thousands, coming out from this white Light in the Cross. Behind the Holy Angels I can see Our Blessed Mother, dressed in blue. She also is gliding, very swiftly. On Her Head is a beautiful Crown with seven stones on seven points. There is a green stone in the centre, on the top.

Our Lady’s long Mantilla comes from under the Crown and seems to reach to the ground – about two to three metres – after falling like a shawl around Our Holy Mother’s Shoulders. She now glides very swiftly towards us, and in Her right Hand holds a sceptre, but the sceptre resembles a Cross and not a Crucifix. Why it looks like a sceptre is that the end of the long beam there are two knobs – one is a green stone at the top, while the bottom one is a red stone.

Our Holy Mother now comes closer, hovering where the Crucifix is here, upon the property. Our Holy Mother stands just a metre behind the Cross; Her Feet seem to come in the point of Our Lord’s clothing, to the right of the Cross. She is smiling and takes Her time, looking very closely at all souls here present. The Angels that were coming out have formed a protective shield for Our Holy Mother – a semi-circle – and their wings are now opening-up, like a cover.

Saint Michael remains very regal and very tall. He stands behind the other Angels, and has opened up his wings too; they take up the entire sky. It is very beautiful – and it is not often that I see Saint Michael with his wings so wide open in that manner. Saint Michael now retrieves the sword back and holds it up and salutes Our Holy Mother, like a soldier. One of the Angels coming from the right of Our Lady comes closer to Her, and She hands him the unusual type of sceptre. I don’t really know the significance of this because I haven’t seen it before. You would think it was a cross in itself.

Our Lady now takes something from the side of Her clothing. I don’t know where She had it concealed, but She takes out a Rosary; it is as though it is coming out of Her dress. I don’t see any pockets there. Our Lady smiles, She takes-up the Crucifix, and Kisses Our Lord:

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved, My sweet Apostle of the ‘end times’, Our ‘Little Peter II’, future Vicar of Holy Mother Church. I greet the Disciples of My Divine Son, and the Privileged Souls gathered here before My Immaculate Heart. I greet My Priest-son, sweet ‘Little Matthew’ of My Immaculate Heart, and all My sweet children who have come today to give Me homage and respect on this great Feast of the Incarnation, where the Word became Flesh and Dwelt within My Womb, and from that day forth Dwelt in the hearts of My children.”

What can I say, My sweet children, when so many words have been repeated in many places, hallowed by the Presence of My Divine Son, Jesus, and Myself. Many words of direction, warnings and consolation, which have gone unheeded, year after year – and yet, as your Heavenly Mother, I continue to come to admonish and counsel My children to not lose heart in this moment of the great trials that have entered the lives of many, for these are the days of the ‘end time’ of the Apocalypse, and the time of tribulation. Many chastisements have fallen upon the world to deafened ears and hardened hearts. These small chastisements that have reached every part of the globe, have still not changed the hearts of Our children, except for a few.”

What must the Eternal Father do to reawaken Our children? How many more Words must Heaven utter to an unbelieving world; to a world full of scepticism, atheism, to a world that denies the existence of God – the Word – Who became Flesh for the sake of man; the Word that was conceived in My Heart, for mankind. The world, My dear children, truly is near to all that was revealed to the Old and the New Testament – the fulfilment of all that has been given concerning man’s destination. Mankind is at the edge of the abyss. Soon the world will tremble and see the Power of God – not only in His warnings and great chastisement, but also in His Infinite Mercy and Love.”

To My ‘soldiers of truth’: continue to persevere and do not trouble your hearts in these difficult moments in your lives, for all of you belong to the Remnant Church of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart. Take courage! Have hope, and proceed in faith, like Saint Peter – the first Pope – who walked upon the water of faith. Likewise, like the last Pope, Peter II. Continue to trust and have confidence in God’s Truth, for deep in your hearts you will know what to do when the time of trial enters your lives. Keep your eyes and hearts focused on My Divine Son, Jesus, and His Church through the true Magisterium, through the Vicar of Christ, John Paul II. His time too, is very short, but all that We have asked of him will be accomplished in its proper time.”

Continue to offer your lives for your brothers and sisters – for all members of the Mystical Body of Christ – and pray, unceasingly, My sweet children, especially the Holy Mass and My Most Holy Rosary. Today on this great Feast, the Eternal Father will send to you many more Angels that come from the Choir of the Lilies of My Immaculate Spouse, Saint Joseph. These Angels will protect your purity, for the Evil One desires to bring to ruination all souls dedicated to My Divine Son and I.”

How I Love you, My sweet children – you, who truly believe in the Word made Flesh. Your lives will be crowned through My Immaculate Heart, when all has come to completion in the Divine Will and Plan of God. I Bless you, My sweet children, to strengthen you. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I will remain silent for the moment, for I do not know if Our Holy Mother wishes to speak to anyone else here. I will just be quiet for a minute.

Our Lady Herself has bilocated me to Nowra, momentarily.

I can see now, further into the deep white Cross, with the sun still spinning – even though it opened up like an egg, and then closed. The sun is coming from the Cross and shooting out tremendous Light towards everyone, although it is now like a ball, and looks very much like the sun as you would see it through a telescope, or in photos. This fire is shooting out everywhere, including behind the white Cross and even around the world. Now I can see a lot of Angels coming from behind the sun; they have a lily attached to their wings, and wear beautiful, white, tunics with gold trim. A beautiful lily is also on the chest of the garments they wear. They glide, swiftly, towards the souls here and elsewhere.

Our Lady is smiling – and She nods, wanting Father Maria now to Bless the people.

FATHER MARIA: May the Blessing of Almighty God, the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, remain with you forever. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Appearing from behind Our Holy Mother swiftly. I have only just noticed, is Saint Joseph. I haven’t seen him in ages. Saint Joseph is dressed in Royal Green and he stands behind Our Holy Mother, holding a beautiful Staff made of entwined lilies; it also has roses – the lily and the rose. On top of the Staff – which is like a shepherd’s staff, there is a cross as well, similar to the Staff that I have for the future. He greets Our Holy Mother and places the Staff aside, and just stands there. He makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT JOSEPH: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble of Divine Love’, and all My treasured children gathered here before Our Holy Queen – your Mother and, also, mine.”

I am a man of few words, but what I will say to you place deep in your hearts, dear children. You have a most exquisite Queen and Mother, My Immaculate Spouse, Mary. Be faithful to Her and keep your word, for I can assure you that whatever She says to you and promises to you, She will keep. Never be afraid to come to Her. This is Her hour, dear children; the victory will be Mary’s – a great triumph of Her Heart will soon be seen, for the head of the serpent will truly be crushed under Her Heel, with Her little children. Take up those “beads of love” and pray to Her, often. Mary will never reject you. Trust in Her.”

I, Saint Joseph – husband of the Immaculate Heart – will watch over you. Call on me, for I am the Protector of Holy Mother Church and all souls entrusted to Mary’s care. I Bless you all, and love you all. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I think Our Lady and Saint Joseph would have already spoken interiorly to the others. I can see Saint Joseph taking some of the lilies from his Staff – and some of the roses – and he is directing some Angels to deliver them to souls. I know it has a special meaning. Saint Joseph and Our Lady now glide backwards – the same way They came – very swiftly towards the beautiful white Cross. We will continue now with our prayers, and we will sing a hymn in honour of the Visitation.