Message 609 – 15 August 2001

On the Feast of My Assumption, Hell is closed – those souls who pass into the next world are privileged to be saved – The world will soon experience heavy trials and tribulations; many trials were permitted in your lives, so that you will be strengthened – If only you would comprehend the Love of your Heavenly Father for you, you would sin no more.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The white Cross, as usual, is very deep in the sky, which is a purplish colour. In front of the Cross, but much lower down, is a silver sword – this is placed in the earth, which is also underneath the Cross. Further back, behind the Cross, I see a comet with a very long tail. At the end of the tail is a very small, black cross; this hangs onto the tail while it travels.

I have been allowed to see the solar system – as though in a computer-generated vision. An asteroid belt can be seen, and the comet goes through it like a billiard ball, knocking some of the smaller asteroids out of their rotation around the sun, flinging them off to many parts of our solar system.

Saint Michael has been standing to the right of the white Cross since the beginning, with another sword in his right hand he touches the tail of the comet. It causes an electric bolt of lightning to shoot to the comet, which then explodes, causing some effects upon the Earth and its atmosphere. Saint Michael lowers the sword to his side now, while the silver sword remains embedded in the earth. Through the Cross a sharp ray of Light now shoots towards this sword, and again a lightning effect is generated. It conducts with the Earth, causing a film of light around the Earth. I don’t understand the meaning of any of this at this stage. Through the white Cross I can now see many Angels, some dressed in gold and others in silver – like silver armour-plates worn by Saint Michael. The Angels dressed in gold are in long, golden, tunics. Those who have on the silver armour-plate have four wings; the ones in gold have only two wings – which are a very bright white.

Behind the Angels I can see Our Holy Mother, being held by

Angels underneath Her Feet, like you would see in the pictures of the Assumption of Our Holy Mother. Our Lady is dressed in blue and white, as I saw her at Mass today, and comes down swiftly – passing through the sword as She does – on a Light that brings Her towards us, along with the Angels. She now enters our Chapel, looking very radiant. Our Lady wears a Crown and a very beautiful, blue mantilla – like silk. She is really beautiful. The Angels form a semi-circle around Our Holy Mother, in tiers; they just keep coming out of the white Cross – many of them. I do not know which Angels they are. Our Lady smiles, carrying in Her right Hand a beautiful Rosary of golden beads; the ‘Our Father’ beads are red in colour, and made in the shape of a rose. Our Holy Mother continues to smile. Around Her Feet are tiny rosettes – just growing from, basically, nowhere, it seems. Our Lady’s very dainty Feet are on the top of the Tabernacle. I can see that She has on each Foot a golden rosette, in between Her big toe and the toe next to it. Rose bushes are forming all over the Altar, too – miniature ones. As I watch they are growing as quickly as you might see in a speeded-up film.

Our Lady is still smiling as She looks about Her. She takes up the Crucifix of the Holy Rosary and kisses Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My precious son, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love. I greet My Priest-son, My ‘Little Bartholomew’, and My Privileged children, and all My sweet children gathered here in this Holy Place of My Divine Son, Jesus. I greet all My children throughout the world – (and) in a special way those who are destined for the Kingdom of My Divine Son.”

“Today Holy Mother Church celebrates a great Feast, as I was Assumed Body and Soul into Heaven, into the midst of the Triune God. On this Feast, My sweet children, Hell is closed, and those souls who pass into the next world are privileged to be saved. Therefore, it is a Blessed Day because of the Mercy of the Triune God. Thank your God for this wonderful gift to humanity. The Mercy of God is seen in all walks of life, and all of you here present must reflect on this wonderful gift. God is very patient with souls, for He seeks only their good – not only in the life after death, but also in the present life while on Earth, in the flesh.”

“My children who are called to live in the next Era to come, and the one after, are called to Eternal Bliss, for they will receive multiple Graces from the Triune God, to live as their parents lived in Adam and Eve. This will be understood, very clearly, as the world passes through a great change in the conscience of mankind.”

“I wish to encourage all My sweet children – those who are faithful to their calling, a calling of their vocation in life – to live Holy lives for their God, to sanctify their souls. Remain steadfast and vigilant; keep your eyes on My Divine Son, Jesus, and never regret your decision that you have made for My Divine Son, Who is the Truth and the Life. Trials are many, My sweet children – do not be discouraged, for these trials are permitted by the Eternal Father for your good, for He will not allow anything that is contrary to good for your soul. It is you, My sweet children, who make the error of walking off the path. So take courage – and do not lose heart, for many more trials are yet to come to perfect you, to purify you, and to make you the Remnant Church of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“The world will soon experience heavy trials and tribulations. It is for this reason that many trials were permitted in your lives, so that you will be strengthened; so that you can uphold those whom you love. Pray for Our Holy Vicar; pray for Holy Mother Church that all of its members will be saved during the tribulation that will unfold upon the world and the Church. If only, My sweet children, you would comprehend the Love of your Heavenly Father for you, you would sin no more. Correct your lives and receive the Sacraments often, and worthily. Be attentive as a Baptised son and daughter, and become holy.”

“At this time God, the Holy Ghost, is pouring Himself out upon many so that you will hear His Voice, and hearken to the Word of My Divine Son in these last moments given to mankind. Pray to be enlightened – and pray to accept God’s Will for you. I, your Heavenly Mother, Assumed into Heaven for you. I Love you, and I send My Angels to watch over you. Forget them not. I Bless you all, My sweet children: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady opens up Her Arms, very wide; underneath Her very large mantilla – which I didn’t notice before – I can see little hearts attached to Her clothing; there are many of them there. They have initials on them – some glow very strongly, while others glow less. Our Lady smiles once more.

FATHER BROUSSARD: Benedicat vos, omnipotens Deus. Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.