Message 610 – 12 September 2001

This is only the beginning of the woes upon the nations; all the free nations are in grave danger – An event in New York and the Dome in Palestine will cause the Great World War culminating with the visit of a comet – President not to trust Russia or China; the Book of Revelation is opened and unfolding – President to check all Secret Agents, carefully, as some are Double Agents.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Mother, what is the meaning of the attack against the United States of America and from where?

Our Lady, ‘Queen of the Universe and Divine Revelation’ came; She held a Bible in Her right Hand and opened the Book of Revelations. In Her left Hand the world was suspended and slowly spinning. Our Holy Mother was crying Tears which dropped in large droplets onto the Earth and, as they dropped they fell on New York, the United Nations building, then on the West Coast – it seemed a little inland in a place called Nevada – then on the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, and the Golden Dome in Palestine. Our Holy Mother then spoke these Words:

OUR LADY: I greet you, My beloved son, ‘Little Peter II’! What you have seen are further attacks from the terrorists who number in the many, being orchestrated by greater Powers, namely Iran, Iraq and Libya, but primarily from Russia, the ‘Bear’, who is secretly governed by the K.G.B. who have infiltrated the Secret Services of the United States of America – for this attack on the City of New York and the Capital of the U.S.A. was well planned through various infiltrations in high places.”

One of the officials has also betrayed the Security Council of the U.S.A. Our son the President of the U.S.A. (Bush), is to be careful in his travels as several attempts will be made upon him. You are to know, My son, this is only the beginning of the woes upon the nations, for all the free nations are in grave danger, as the events will unfold in these coming weeks and months. For it remains in the secret world of politics to bring the U.S.A. into a great conflict in the Middle East, to draw its security forces away from the mainland and away from foreign soil so that its own defences will be weakened enough so that Russia can launch a major attack upon Europe, through Poland, and directly upon the U.S.A. itself. China, too, will be drawn into the conflict who, in time, will attack Japan, thus making the whole Pacific Region a vulnerable target.”

As I have repeated to My children so many times before, an event in New York and the Dome in Palestine will cause the Great World War culminating with the visit of a comet to change the course of the world. It is a very sad day for My children of the U.S.A. and the world, for this marks the beginning of many signs and warnings of huge proportions for mankind.”

Pray for the victims – of whom there are so many! Pray for the U.S.A. and your Leaders, for they must rebuild the Forces of Defence quickly, before it is too late. Tell My son, the President, to proceed with the protection of his Nation, and all free Nations. It is time for action! He is not to trust Russia or China, but must become aware that the Book of Revelations is opened and unfolding. The President is to check all Secret Agents carefully, for some are Double Agents who were part of this conspiracy to destroy the unity of this Great Nation of America.”

Pray, pray, dear children, so that the Nations remain free! I send My Maternal Blessings to the families who have lost their loved ones +. Take heart, for My Divine Son Jesus has many of them in His Arms. I send My Blessing to the children of the United States of America + and the whole world +. I send My Motherly Blessing to the President of the U.S.A. +. Pray, My children also for Our Holy Vicar and Rome, for much is at hand. I Bless My ‘Little Pebble’, My ‘Rock of Truth’, and last Prophet of God: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

(These directives were sent to President Bush of the U.S.A. at 8.30pm yesterday and received by him at the White House. We have received confirmation from his Staff.)