Message 611 – 15 September 2001

The world slowly plunges deeper into darkness and conflict – The pages are turning of the Book of Revelation; all must come to pass, for the Kingdom of Satan now reigns upon Earth – The world will soon be at war; The United States will be drawn into conflict to destroy its young, so the free world is enslaved – The Great War to end all wars is at hand; United States and allies will be drawn into a great conflict in the Middle East.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can see the White Cross in the sky and next to it – on each side – is a very tall and very slender Angel with wings pointing towards the Heavens, rather than outstretched as is usual. One holds the symbol “Alpha”, the other “Omega” – like plaques. A little higher – and behind the Cross – is Saint Michael, dressed not as a warrior, but in all white with a golden sash over his chest, and a golden belt. Within the belt are little golden metal objects – resembling bullets (they are not, of course) – with Aramaic symbols on them. I presume they have something to do with particular powers that Saint Michael has. Saint Michael has his wings stretched out very wide. He is holding a two-edged fiery sword, that has a fire-tongue at the end of it. This is hard to actually explain, as it is not like a normal sword. On the sword is written: “Who is like unto God”? The Cross now opens like a doorway, and a stream of white and yellow Light shoots out from the centre-beam of the Cross and creates a ‘street’ of Light that comes towards the Tabernacle. Coming through the Cross I can see Angels who are dressed in different colours, representing countries. The first one that came through was in the Italian colours, followed by England and Ireland – they come through slowly, gliding down towards us. Now I can see Our Blessed Mother Who is dressed in black and is accompanied by four special Angels. I notice, as they are gliding down with Our Holy Mother, that they are the Angels of the Apocalypse. Our Lady wears a purple mantilla with a black tunic. Upon Her Chest I can see that Her Immaculate Heart is pierced with seven small daggers, thus depicting ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’. Behind Our Holy Mother is the Angel of the United States, leading me to understand now who the other special Angels are – they are the Angels of each country of the world. Still they come through the Cross and there are many of them. Our Lady comes swiftly forward towards the Chapel and enters it to stands upon the Tabernacle, where there is a very strong glow of Light beneath Her Feet. Our Holy Mother is in prayer, and so are the four Great Angels of the Apocalypse, representing the four corners of the Earth. Our Holy Mother has a Rosary entwined around Her Hands. After the Angels emerge they come closer to the Chapel and form a choir-like semi-circle around Our Holy Mother – in elevated rows behind Her. Our Holy Mother has been in prayer since She came through the Cross, with Eyes downcast – and I can see teardrops trickling down Her Cheeks. Our Lady opens Her Eyes and looks upwards very high, towards Heaven. The Rosary beads now become loose on Her right Hand, and She opens Her Arms as if in supplication. All the Angels around Our Holy Mother are praying with Her. She now takes up the Crucifix:

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. “I greet you, My beloved son, Apostle of the ‘End Times’: My ‘Little Peter II’; My Prophet for these times of the Apocalypse. I greet My Priest-son, ‘Little Bartholomew’, and all My Privileged Children gathered before M, and throughout Christendom.”

“Today marks a sad moment for the Earth – for humanity – for the world slowly plunges itself deeper into darkness and deeper into conflict. The conflict, My sweet children, witnessed by humanity, is not as it seems, for this conflict is truly not between nation and nation, though in the visible sense it seems so. The conflict, My sweet children, is between good and evil, between Heaven and Hell; between the Christian world and the non-Christian world; between truth and untruth. This great battle on Earth has been waged since the beginning of time.”

“There are many evil men upon Earth who desire the destruction of men of goodwill, l who desire to lead lives of goodness and integrity. However, you are to understand, My sweet children, that what you have seen these past days is but a fraction of what is to come, for the pages are turning of the Book of Revelation, and all must come to pass, for the Kingdom of Satan now reigns upon Earth to destroy the Kingdom of God that reigns in the hearts of the men of goodwill. In these coming months and final years before the Return of My Divine Son Jesus upon Earth, in His great triumph that began at the foot of the Cross, much will change in the world that you see, in the lives of Our children.” “Over many years, My Divine Son and I have spoken through countless Seers, to pave the way for man to understand at what stage he now lives in. I will not repeat all that has been said, for many of you know what is to come. The world must proceed according to what has been revealed, though it is in the hands of men as to the destiny of mankind, either to accept the Will of God the Most High, or to accept the false promises of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel who promised Adam and Eve would be Gods on Earth.”

“The foolishness of men will dictate the terms of what is to come. The world will soon be at war. The United States of America will be drawn into conflict to destroy its young, so that the free world will be enslaved. The time of the Antichrist in his fullness of dictatorship, will soon be upon the world, and the true followers of My Divine Son, Jesus, will be persecuted, hunted and killed, as [were] the first Christians many years ago. Many countries will change, not only in leadership, but rather in the directions that they will follow, for these are not normal times, My sweet children, but the times of the ‘End of Times’. Read the Holy Words written in Scripture and you will truly understand what must befall man, for the attack upon the free citizens of the United States and the world, is an attack upon truth and freedom and peace.”

“My sweet children – as I have said in the beginning, all is not as it seems, for there are great powers behind these struggles of humanity. The Secret Societies, hidden from the eyes of men, are the perpetrators. They work with the Antichrist to bring ruin upon many souls. It is the vigilance of prayer that will change the course of the world. The great war that will end all wars is at hand – not only will the United States and its allies be drawn into a great conflict in the Middle East, but other parts of the world, to distract them from the way that will protect the West from the onslaught that is to come. Many signs will be given to humanity, but much is yet to come, dear children. But do not fear, just as My Divine Son needed to be Crucified to open the Gates of Heaven, likewise – for the Church to be renewed – My children must advance upon the same Cross, so that the Resurrection and the New Era to come, will be born. Be consistent in your prayerful lives; be faithful to the Will of God and be determined to do all in your power to live lives of Holiness for, as My little son said today: “You never know the hour of your calling”! Pray for your brothers and sisters! Pray for all souls – even those who are in darkness – that they, too, may see the light, and see their error. Pray for the Vicar of Christ who ascends the Throne of Calvary, and soon will enter Paradise. Pray for the Clergy and the Religious of God’s House upon Earth that they, too, will wake up from their slumber, so that they will serve My Divine Son, Jesus, in the fullness of His Truth.”

“I Love you, My sweet children! I, as your Heavenly Mother – and ‘Mother of Sorrows’, today – come to strengthen all of you so that you may pick up your cross and follow My Jesus, My Divine Son; I Bless you from My Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart. Always remain in peace – and never fear – for God controls all, My sweet children: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I will remain silent for a moment in case Our Holy Mother desires to use another ‘instrument’, other than myself.

ROSELILY:​ At noon Mass, the Triune God Appeared out of the White Cross. The Eternal Father was holding a huge white chest. He gave it to me, then left. At the 3pm Apparition, the White Cross appeared, and above the White Cross, the Triune God. I see my sign. Our Lady came and beckoned me to wait, then the ‘Little Pebble’ began his Apparition. While Our Lady was speaking with him, I could see the hour-glass shatter – a sword striking amongst the broken glass and Saint Michael standing behind the sword. I see the spirit of the ‘Little Pebble’ and then ‘Little Grain’ following. (I had seen the last grain of the hour-glass. It had a face, the face of Little Grain). Our Lady came to speak to me.

OUR LADY: “Be at peace child. I greet you this day – I greet all my children! Today has marked the beginning of many events to take place in the world – the beginning of a war that will rage throughout the world, and the beginning of greater natural disasters to befall mankind. Oh! What sorrows shall come to you, what misery shall enter your lives, your entire existence, your being, your home, your family. The very foundations beneath you shall rock and shatter all you perceive to know. Only upon good soil will you remain steadfast, remain strong. And where is this good soil? The catacombs that carry the mark of God, as in the time of Moses, for you live the time Moses struck upon the Earth in the name of God when great disasters fell upon mankind at his own hand, so shall it be now, but far worse, children, than in the days of old.”

“Where there is mercy, there is light – understand what I say. Your only weapon is prayer. Do not dawdle, My children, there isn’t the time. Be vigilant in your daily lives. The Great Warning as prophesied, is close, and this deluge upon mankind will place you all into the final battle of good and evil. There is so much you need to do for God, children, those of you who hear His Voice murmur upon your hearts.”

“My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love, my Warrior of Warriors, My Chief of Chiefs, My Admiral of God’s Army, it is with the sword of Truth that you shall lead My children to the greatest victory. So much is to change for you, My son, to enable you to endure the future God has planned, to lead My children into the Holy New Era. It is here you shall rest – not before. You shall be given many strong Warriors who will follow you under the banner of ‘Faithful and True’. You shall be given many Graces and Blessings to strengthen you.” “I thank you My Little Roselily. I Bless you and My Privileged children +. I especially Bless My little ones. They play so happily in my precious Community without a care, except for the moment. How easy it is for God to use such innocence. Be like this, My children +. Be strong Roselily, be strong+.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady said that you should all raise your Rosaries, and She will Bless them with a Singular Grace today:

FATHER BROUSSARD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”