Message 615 – 13 July 2002

The actions and decisions of your Bishop of this Diocese does not have support from My Divine Son – The “Decree” will be changed by a higher authority; what was handed down was unjust – The help that you seek from the Church will come; men of great power will assist you – The hearts of men have grown cold; mankind has ignored God and followed the path of the evil one

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross is very deep in the sky; this time it stands on a small hill amid rose bushes that have blooms of various colours. Next to the upright beam of the Cross is a rose bush which has grown right around the Cross; entwined with that is a bush of lilies, and they make their way towards the top of the Cross. There are two other white crosses visible, one on each side of the large Cross – they also are on hills – and both crosses and hills are of a lesser size. In the centre part of the crossed beams of the big Cross a door opens up, and I can see that the offshoots of the rose bush and lilies growing around the doorway and on the crossbeam of the Cross. A Light shoots out from the doorway in the large Cross – and the same occurs with the little crosses. These lights come together a little away from their source and form a large Light, which in turn forms a ‘path’ that comes towards the Tabernacle – a brilliant white Light. On the edge of it there are bushes that actually grow, as I watch; rose-covered bushes that flank this beautiful ‘road’ all the way down

Coming through the doorway now, is Our Holy Mother, floating on a beautiful cloud; behind Her are many Angels, carrying bouquets of roses and lilies. Our Holy Mother has come as ‘Our Lady of Rosa Mystica’ today, with the three Roses on Her Chest – each of them very bright and very deep in their colourings. From out of the other two crosses I can see, on the right side, Saint Padre Pió coming forward, and on the left, Saint Francis of Assisi. They move to the rear of Our Holy Mother as She glides towards the Chapel. There are many Angels following also through the other two cross

Our Holy Mother enters the Chapel and hovers over the Tabernacle, standing on a beautiful fluffy cloud, which also has roses popping out of it – then rising between Her Toes. I can see the buds as they are formed. Saint Padre Pió and Saint Francis also come now to Our Holy Mother – to the right and to the left. Both Saint Francis and Saint Padre Pió are only a little taller than Our Holy Mother – and they, too, are floating on a cloud – both hold a book in one hand. Our Blessed Mother is in prayer at this time, with Her Eyes looking upwards. Saint Michael is to the right of Our Holy Mother and has been there all this time, but very much larger than all else concerned – as he always appears in a very huge way. He is dressed today as a Roman soldier – of the early times when Our Lord walked the Earth and he holds aloft a very large sword, on which is written the words “Truth and Justice”. It seems as though Saint Michael is ready to strike his sword somewhere, but he just looks towards Our Holy Mother, waiting for a command.

Our Holy Mother’s Eyes now turn to myself, firstly, then to Father Broussard, now to all the members here – and Our Blessed Mother smiles. She had a Rosary twined around Her two Hands as She prays – not the usual Rosary that Our Lady has with Her under this Title, ‘Rosa Mystica’, but the one that is made of pearls, with golden ‘Our Father’ beads and Crucifix; the Crucifix that has upon it the Corpus that looks to be alive. Our Holy Mother Kisses Our Lord and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My little ‘White Rock’ of the Apocalypse and future Vicar of My Son’s House upon Earth! I greet you, My little Apostle, ‘Little Bartholomew’, and My Privileged children – and all My children gathered here and throughout the world!”

“Today I have come to counsel you about the events of the past weeks – the events throughout the world – and the consequences of man’s weak actions and decisions made without faith. First, My dear son – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love – the actions and decisions made by your Bishop of this Diocese and many other souls in authority, does not have support from My Divine Son. The reasons, you already know. You are to know that it does not come from God, in spite of the authority given to those in [such] positions. It is to be understood that God only supports the authority when the decisions made are truly just and true.”

“The decision made against you, against the Order and against My children, will be changed to a decision that is worthy of your faith, and of the faith that you profess. The “Decree” will be changed, dear son and dear children, by a higher authority, in a short while. Once this has been done victory will be yours because mankind will see that what was handed down was unjust, and not according to God’s Teaching through His Laws in Holy Mother Church. This is a time of great trial of the testing of the faith of Our children – of whether they truly believe in My Word and in Truth. God, the Eternal Father, will give many signs to show Holy Mother Church and the world that His Seal is upon this work given to you, My little son. This suffering We have allowed for you and for Our children, is to make you holy; to make you strong, so that you and those who follow you will stand up for God’s Truth and for Justice’s sake. In the end God will triumph over all – and many souls will have been sanctified, and many souls saved.”

“The road to perfection is the road of the Cross – the road of My Divine Son, Jesus. Though this road is most difficult, it is also the most rewarding. But all of you are being tried like iron in a fire, to purify you, so you will be prepared for the greater trials that will come to Holy Mother Church and to humanity as a whole. The help that you seek, My holy son, from the Church and from others will come, as We have promised you. Men of great power will assist you – and even those who are not of the Faith will come to your aid and be converted by the Truth of My Word, and become defenders of Holy Mother Church. Much is yet to transpire in your life, in the lives of those you love and for all of Our children here present and throughout the world – for the world will change as the tribulation will fall upon humanity day-by-day.”

“Time is very short for man – much shorter than what man believes – even though more time has been given to mankind to rectify his situation. But as you can see, My sweet children, the hearts of men have grown cold; mankind has ignored God and followed the path of the evil one who has deceived many. Therefore, watch and pray; be vigilant and persevere in God’s Grace, living each day and each moment as if it were your last. Live holy lives and be content with all that God places within your lives, and be grateful to the Eternal Father for His Patience, His Mercy, His Forgiveness, and His Love. Take courage, My sweet children; have faith, and go forward in the knowledge that victory will be Heaven’s and yours, and that the time of peace will soon come upon this world in the golden era that is soon to come.”

“Today, many Angels have come with Me with bouquets of flowers, which are Graces from the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus. Through the Angels and through the great Saints [whom] I have brought with Me today, many Graces will be distributed amongst all of you, for your particular needs at this time. I send forth these Graces and Blessings through My Divine Son, Jesus: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother glides a little to Her right; Her Eyes rest now upon little ‘Angel Knight’, and a Light-beam comes out of Our Lady’s Heart, straight to His Head. I do not know whether Our Lady will speak to him, but I will remain silent for now.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

ANGEL KNIGHT: In Our Blessed Mother looks down upon all present, and smiles. She is pleased with many of Her children present. She is pleased that they have remained faithful; that they have shared the love they have for Herself and Her Son with those who are close to Them.

Our Blessed Mother slowly gestures to a large Angel, to come forward. This Angel carries a transparent chest, which the Angel places down in front of our brother, the ‘Little Pebble’. Inside this chest are garments from Heaven – the garments are very similar to that of a Pope’s garments; they are all white, with gold around the edges – and on top of these garments is an olive branch. The Angel now kneels before the ‘Little Pebble’, and Blesses him by the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Our Blessed Mother wishes to address us:

OUR LADY: “My beautiful children: it pleases Me to see so many of you present. I know that at this time many of you are finding it hard to follow the Truth. Many of you are finding it hard to carry your crosses; to deal with the burdens that have been placed upon you. I know that this time is hard for you, My children, but like all the times before – through your dedication and devotion to prayer, and through the fact that you love My Son and I so very much – you shall overcome all that has been placed upon you. Many of My Privileged Souls are finding it extremely hard at this time to deal with things that they are confronted by in the world. I understand your problems, My children; I understand the pain that you feel, the sorrow that you have within your hearts. What I do not understand, My children, is why you do not look up to My Son and I – for many times in the past We have helped you with everything. You know this deep inside, My children. You know that if you ask We shall help you with anything. Our Eternal Father has many things for all of you to do in order to help all of My children throughout the world. I ask you now, and for the final time, My children: walk along the path of Truth – follow the Word of Our Eternal Father, and do what has been asked of you.”

“Today, My beautiful children, is the beginning of a new time. It is the beginning of what you will know as the ‘end of time’ itself, for We are now in the Hands of Our Eternal Father. He has been very patient with you, My children. He has sent you many Warnings; he has let you live the way you have wanted. But now that time is over. Our Eternal Father asks that all of you, My beautiful children, turn towards him; follow His Word – and obey what He has asked of you, for time is very short now, My children, and soon My Son shall come down to you and Judge all.”

“My beautiful son of the cloth: I Bless you: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. You have shown so many times your love and devotion to Me, so now I shall show you, My son, the Love that all in Heaven have for you. You will now take on a new role and you will lead many of My children in the ways of the Church. I thank you for your faithfulness, My son – and I place upon your heart a rose from My Heart, and I Bless you: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

ANGEL KNIGHT: Our Blessed Mother slowly moves back – but only a very little bit. Saint Michael looks towards Our Blessed Mother, and Our Lady gestures for him to come forward. Saint Michael raises the large sword that he has in his hands above his head, and on the tip of the sword a gold Light appears – and this Light ascends, rapidly, toward Heaven. Saint Michael now places the sword down in front of us. Saint Michael looks upon us, and the look upon his face is one of anger; one of disappointment. He wishes all to know that he will come down on Earth as soon as Our Blessed Mother asks him to, and he will show us the true meaning of Truth and Justice. Saint Michael raises his right hand and Blesses all present, and all throughout the world:

SAINT MICHAEL: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

ANGEL KNIGHT: Saint Michael now slowly returns to the right-hand side of Our Blessed Mother. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.