Message 616 – 13 September 2002

Assassination attempt made upon President Bush to silence him – Attack upon Iraq would engulf the Middle East into a huge conflict – Saddam Hussein will immediately attack Israel and Lebanon – Australia will be in danger from uprising in Indonesia.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady came last night after Communion, enveloped in great Light. Her Mantilla reached the ground. Our Lady looks very sad and She was Crying.

Our Holy Mother began to explain that the Third World War was about to begin, as President Bush would proceed to attack Iraq. An assassination attempt would be made upon President Bush to silence him. This attack upon Iraq would engulf the Middle East into a huge conflict, where all the Arab world would unite and incite all Muslim countries to bring forth a Holy War. Saddam Hussein will immediately attack Israel and Lebanon.

This unrest will flow on to Europe, inciting revolution instigated by the Muslim radicals – not the faithful souls – starting in France, Italy, England and Germany, and causing much unrest. This is to prepare the sequence of events towards the Great Warning

Our Lady said Russia and China will take advantage of this situation and use it for their own agenda and world domination. Alliances would change amongst the “big powers”. At first the Arab World will seem to be defeating the U.S.A., but America will have the upper hand later in the plan. Australia will be in danger from uprising in Indonesia. We are to be prepared.

Regarding my Court Case: Our Lady said I was not to worry. The enemy believes they have already won, but the tables would turn, as God has the last say in this, and in all matters. Our Lady said dirty tactics would be used to influence many, even a possible attempt upon my life, but I was to trust in God. All events are coming to fruition as foretold many years ago, and dependent upon much prayer, all major events leading up to the Great Warning, would come to its highest point within the following two years, but to look at the signs which will be seen in the Heavens and on the Earth.

Our Lady further explained that the Maitreya would intervene in the war appearing to be like a saviour.

Our Lady said that our victory was close at hand, but this was only the prelude to Her Great Victory, which will then follow. Our Lady said to pray – and pray very hard – especially the Holy Rosary, as the world was in great danger.

Our Lady also revealed that a young child would be raised, like ‘Thornbush’ and Veronica Lueken. She will be known very shortly, and will assist me very much, and all that God has revealed would come to pass.

Our Lady said to remain strong, focused upon God’s Calling and upon Her Divine Son, Jesus, and all that was prophesied regarding the Pope was now at hand. We are not to be troubled in heart, or afraid, but trust in God’s Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Our Lady spoke of many private matters, Blessed me, and all returned to Heaven.