Message 655 – 31 December 2008

Men continue to allow the Evil One freely to roam the world, causing destruction – Nations will be destroyed, the atom will fall and men will see what they have caused – Benedict XVI to be removed; Chair of Peter emptied and Evil One to place himself there – World will go into deep depression, controlled by the enemies of your souls – The Advocate will be sent to you; you will soon return home, vindicated and exonerated.

LITTLE PEBBLE: For the last half hour I have seen the White Cross in the sky, starting at around 9.50pm, being the last couple of hours of 2008. There are two Angels dressed in white standing at each side of the Cross – one holds a black cross and the other a red cross. I see as beam of Light come through the White Cross and Our Blessed Mother emerges dressed in a royal blue dress with shining stars on it. She is also wearing a white cloak with a high collar – fluffy around the edges – like Royalty in wintertime. Upon Her Head is a triangle of Light that we see with the Eternal Father; it is a crown of Pure Light. She holds a beautiful Rosary and shows me a lovely vision of Her Immaculate Heart held by Her, and within Her Heart I see my heart. The Rosary is wrapped around the hearts. Our Holy Mother says to me:

OUR LADY: “Remember son of My Heart: you are the ‘keeper’ of My Heart; this is a singular gift from the depository of God’s Treasure.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother then turns to Her right and waves Her Arm and a scene opens up to me like a movie. She tells me to describe what I see! Behind the Angels the stars fall from the sky and I see our solar System. The sun explodes – giving off huge fireballs, which shoot towards the Planets causing them to move out of their normal orbit – at least that is what it seems. I notice the Earth being affected by it causing more extreme natural disasters. I see the Earth split and fire and sulphur spew out of the ground. I see this like as if the Biblical plagues of insects hits the Earth, and I see dark figures, like black angels, enter upon the Earth blotting out the sun.

I see Rome and Pope Benedict is struck, and the “man of secrets” sits upon the Throne of Peter.

The Middle East is turned into rubble and men are in fear of what is about to happen as warships surround the coastline from Egypt, the Suez Canal to Palestine and the Mediterranean Sea.

Behind the White Cross I see the stars that make the Southern Cross with blood dripping from them. I see Tears fall down from Our Holy Mother’s Eyes, then the vision changes and the famous Jacinta 1972 photo appears in the sky. This photo was taken at the Bayside Apparition Site in New York; certain figures and numbers stand out in bright red. Our Blessed Mother says all mankind must study this gift from the Eternal Father and to know the moment for man’s conscience enlightenment is near.

Many Angels surround Our Holy Mother, and She holds a pearl Rosary with golden Our Father Beads. Our Lady kisses the Crucifix and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My holy spouse of My Immaculate Heart + ‘Little Peter Abraham II’. I wish to show you the time, My son:”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Behind Our Holy Mother is a tomb – it is the Tomb of Jesus – and on the stone over the entrance is a clock embedded in the stone. Our Lady says to me:

OUR LADY: “What time is it?

LITTLE PEBBLE: It reads 4.59am and 39 seconds.

OUR LADY: “As you can see, My son, it is near the time, and second My Divine Son Jesus Rose from the dead on Holy Easter Sunday! Count the seconds and you will know the moment of your release.”

“Within the miraculous photo of Holy Jacinta of Fatima is the key to unlocking these moments, and the visible sign that God will give to a world that has gone insane, because they have rejected My Divine Son Jesus to allow themselves to entertain their lives in the pleasures of the flesh, the pleasures of the world with a life of sin and selfishness – allowing their hearts to grow cold while killing their spirits and souls, which were created in the Image of God. Men continue to allow the Evil One – the devil and his demons – freely to roam the world, causing destruction of all that God gave humanity which was good and nourishing to their souls, hearts and bodies.”

“My children, 2008 was a year of much suffering for Our children, but men continue to bring upon themselves more suffering as they continue on a road that will lead them to perdition with many calamities, as men persist in their ways to reject God, to live uncharitable and unjust lives – seeing their brothers and sisters starve and die with useless wars, driven by hatred and revengefulness, by Powers – countries and leaders who preys upon the helpless little ones. Men have not changed in thousands of years of man’s history. Men have not learnt from the past until it is too late to turn back the clock where mankind stands upon the precipice of no return. Nations will be destroyed, the atom will fall and men will see what they have caused.”

“God’s Mercy is forever before you, My children, but His Justice will follow if men do not heed His calling back to repentance and a return to holy lives. The hour is late, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI will be removed, and the Chair of Peter will be emptied – and an “Evil One” shall place himself there to bring ruin to Holy Mother the Church. But God has chosen one whom you all know, who will succeed.”

“Pope Benedict XVI – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love. He will rule while the enemy is at play on the Seat of Rome, but he will rule as the first Popes did, to nurture the Church of the Catacombs once again.”

“My children, your Heavenly Mother calls all Her children to pray and pray – to spend time with My Divine Son, Jesus, Who still Reigns in the Tabernacles of the Churches. Pray My Beads of Love – read holy stories to your children and withdraw from the world. Be not swallowed up by the world as it is now the domain of the prince of Darkness; he will soon manifest himself through his prophet and false messiah.”

“The time has arrived, My precious children, and unless you armour yourselves with My Scapular, Rosary and sacramentals, and feed your souls with My Eucharistic Son, you will not have the strength to overcome the temptations of the Devil the flesh and the world. Children of My Heart, read all the Divine Messages given to you over so many, many years! We of Heaven have not abandoned you – We wish to rescue all Our children before it is too late, and the Angels will blow their trumpets to gather the Elect of God. We Love you, sweet children and wish no one to be lost.”

“The world will go into a very deep recession controlled by the enemies of your souls. The hour of your rescue is near, but take note of the many signs that you are given. Watch Iran and Syria; watch Russia and China! The attack upon the free Nations is near. America, you shall feel the Wrath of God as you have plundered the Nations for your own gain and you have tried to shake off the Yoke of My Divine Son Jesus, and replace Him with power and greed. God has warned all Nations, even this country Australia who proclaims to be a Nation of Christians, but rather are far from it, living in luxurious amusements, entertainments and injustices in its Law Courts where many are placed away who are innocent. Remember this, My beloved children, God exists! He sees all and all will one day stand before Him with only what each soul has gained through his works.”

“My beloved precious spouse, My future Vicar, My ‘Little Angel of Divine Love’ – as We call you – take courage, My son, for your hour has now come and all that was sorrowful and evil – all your suffering and the suffering of those you love, will turn to good, peace and joy, as justice will be served. For the hour is near when all children must embark upon the road God has chosen for them in their true ‘Fiat’ and Calling.”

“I, as the Queen of Heaven and Earth, now call all children of predilection to follow the lead of the one whom God has chosen, and unite as One Holy Catholic Roman Apostolic Remnant Church of the End Times. I ask that you pray for your current Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI and your future vicar, ‘Little Peter Abraham II’.”

“Finally, My son, the Advocate will now be sent to you so that you will fulfil the Plan of God written in the Book of Life. during the final moments for this Era, so that all will be in preparation for the next Holy Era and the New Holy Era to come, with the Return of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“I send My Maternal Blessings to the Elect of God: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. To the whole world, and to the Order of St Charbel, and to My sons in chains – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Divine Love, My ‘Paintbrush’ and those affiliated, and the countless faithful Seers and those gathered on the treat Feast of the Mother of God in the Chapel of All Apparitions. I Bless all the visitors to My Home – the Bishops, Priests and Religious, and all My beautiful children. I send you a Blessing, My holy spouse, William.”

“Your Heavenly Spouse forever, Mary”