Message 659 – 31 December 2010

You will be renewed in body, mind, spirit and heart; all you have lost will be returned one hundredfold – World has seen the Hand of an angry God through continued chastisements – Keys of Peter are already yours; We wait for final offer of Pope Benedict XVI before we remove him – Seat of Peter, and where the beasts of the underworld will overthrow all that is good – Remove yourselves from the world; live in the world, but not of it – Shortly your sorrow and suffering will be turned to peace, joy and overflowing happiness; you will be reborn.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus comes to the window. The White Cross is deep in the sky; Jesus leans over towards me, kisses my head and traces the Sign of the Cross on my forehead.

OUR LORD: Peace be to you, My Blessed son, My Pure White Rock of Truth!

Time is moving forward swiftly towards the Eternal explosion of your inner conscience where man’s thoughts – good and evil – will be laid open, because men have not heeded the Word given to them over many, many years through the Divine Intervention of Heavenly visitations. Be at peace, My son, for I know this has been a most difficult year for you and many of Our beloved children who live their faith in truth. 2011 is Heaven’s year of hope and fulfilment and all that you have been praying for, My son, will be given to you as your obedience and faithfulness to Our Wishes has always been a mark and sign to the elect of your deep love for God and your neighbour.

Sadly, My son, some among those whom you love have taken advantage of your loving and generous disposition and to fill this gap of selfishness We of Heaven have sent to you loving souls who have received many Graces to love and console you. The Cross will be lifted from your shoulders this coming year for a short time so that you will recover from the many sorrows we have allowed into your life. You will be renewed in body, mind, spirit and heart and much that you had lost will be returned to you a hundredfold. The same applies to all Our beloved children who have given all, lost much for the sake of God’s Holy Will.

My White Rock of Divine Providence, the world has seen the Hand of an angry God through the continued chastisements that have been metered out, with floods, fire, earthquakes and even more so with sufferings on a personal level, but yet man takes no heed and continue on their road of selfishness and living sinful lives. The Word from Holy Writ is being fulfilled as the Spirit of God made known – “Men will marry and continue in all types of revelry saying where is the Promise of God’s Coming? Where is His Threat of punishment and destruction? Men will be sinning in refinement believing there is no hereafter, but then the Trumpets will sound and men will be swept away – the poor and rich alike; powerful and those under their authority. But before this occurs in its full measure, God will send His Sign. No man will be able to deny the existence of God.”

My Peter Abraham, within a few short moments you will become My Vicar. The Keys of Peter are already yours – We only wait for the final offering of our son, Pope Benedict XVI – the Dogma which will bring the final separation that is needed within My House upon Earth – this Marian Dogma of My Most Holy Mother will be the Pope’s final act as Pope before We remove him to pave the way for the great war of the world and Heavenly confrontation.

Know the events that will change human history are at hand. The chastisements will not only double but triple, until men of pride bend their knee and beat their breast, and confess their sins. A very great chastisement will visit the Earth – let that be a sign to you. The Illumination of God is near. Pray, My children, and prepare for God’s Visitation; turn to your brothers and forgive them as many will turn to you for help and understanding – many of those who turned their backs on you while Grace was in abundance, losing faith due to many trials. The events in the making will turn them back to the road of truth – this will be the time allowed by Me for reconciliation.

All this will occur to pave the way for the final persecution of My children of faith – My Church upon Earth. This will be the time when men will understand God’s Will for men – a short reprieve before the Evil personified will enter the stage to take over the Seat of Peter, and where the Beasts of the Underworld will overthrow all that is good, trampling the Saints until the hour of God’s Triumph has been sounded by the Holy Angels and the Word of God takes Reign in all hearts. First the Spiritual Combat united with the human warfare, then completed with the Celestial Purification.

But know this, My children of My Sacred Heart you have nothing to fear as My Pure Mother has Her Heavenly Mantle covering every one of Her children who bore witness to the truth – and She being the Woman of the Apocalypse with Her Chosen Vicar, Pope Peter Abraham II, known now as Our Little Pebble, will gather and nurture the children of the Light and lead them to the Promised Era of Peace promised at Fatima many years ago. Note the year of My Holy Mother’s Visitation; know the year mentioned in the Mystical photo of Jacinta 72 given at the Holy Site of Bayside of the Americas – one century would have passed. You now have an additional clue to this great gift given to mankind.

Pray, pray, pray My beloved children of My Father; live the faith in its fullness as true Catholics, true Christians; remove yourselves from the world which has been given to the Evil One. Live in the world but not of it. I called all men to live in Community style life for the protection of your souls, those of your children’s welfare and the preparation for the transition into the next Era of Peace – for when the heavy chastisements come these Communities will become the safe havens of faith. God instructed this for many years for these Communities will bring you food, shelter, protection and the Sacramental life. Turn away from the world – there will come a time when all will be too late.

Let 2011 – 2012 – 2013, the Triune Years, be ones where all children reconcile with each other and with God. The Holy Rosary of My Mother is the Key, My children. We of Heaven Love you immensely and send all of Our children, good and bad, Our Blessings of Eternal Love: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Meditate, reflect and may your decisions that you make in 2011 be one for God and His Divine Holy Will: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Finally My Holy precious son, William, son of so many sorrows and suffering – My Most Holy Mother and I, your God and Saviour, have been with you in all these moments, but shortly in man’s time – not Heavenly time – your sorrows and sufferings will be turned to peace, joy and overflowing happiness, because your prison chains will be severed for ever. Physically you will be rejuvenated and renewed, spiritually you will be reborn and God will Bless you abundantly – as all that God Promised you will be fulfilled. You will marry in the New Year and restore God’s Plan with those who desire to do God’s Will with joy and love in their hearts. All those who left you will return to the Mission with much renewed hope and faith, but many will not have their former roles or Missions. All your own children who became separated from you due to you complying with the Divine Will, will return to your side, and those of responsible age will work with you while those of younger nature will return to live with you, as much will change in the hearts of men.

And to all My children of the Mission and Mission in their various degrees: I send you My Priestly Blessings as your High Priest and Heavenly Pontiff and Loving Father: in the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Take courage; continue in faith, trust and hope, and always remember that Heaven Loves you.

To the Royal Priesthood of My Father, to My Spouses and brothers and sisters: I send you God’s Kiss and His Blessings: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

You, My precious son, Little Pebble, Prophet of My Most Holy Mother: once you have completed to renew all in this Mission of Australia – after you have married again – you will be Ordained a Priest to prepare you for your Pontificate, then you will move to another land – but before this you must travel one more time as God’s Prophet to all the Lands to gather the sheep and all those destined to be part of your life will come into your presence, sent by Me.

That is all for now, My son. I will now send you with your Angel throughout the world to personally Bless those whom the Angel will indicate to you: in the Name of the father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue to go forward! Within weeks you will receive word that will bring you great joy. I will tell you more interiorly.

I Bless you: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus Blesses me and hands me a ring with the Holy Dove on it.