Q & A The Little Pebble and Yellow Lily (2011) – 8 October 2011

YELLOW LILY: On Wednesday 5th October, 2011, I was saying my Holy Rosary in the morning, facing the statues of Our Blessed Mother that sit over my fireplace. As I was ending the second decade, coming to the third decade of the Glorious Mysteries the ‘Descent of the Holy Ghost’, I felt Our Most Holy Mother’s presence, and as I was praying I began to see Her, more and more visible.  She wore a white mantle and mantilla, with a very pale blue gown, just a hint of blue.

8 October 2011 – Power of the Rosary

As Our Blessed Mother stood in front of me, I began to say the ‘Glory Be’ and became aware of an ugly, furious creature right in front of me where I sat, it was very close. This thing was disgusting and it was raging! It was very short, its head was misshaped, like a flattened oblong, with two tiny pointed ears at the top of its head; its eyes were long and sagging, over-exaggerated; its nose just seemed like two tiny holes on its face, a mouth too big for its face, its lips seemed turned inside out. This thing’s body was disproportionate, with a distended stomach, and its ‘limbs’ thin and almost ‘boneless’; it had large pincers for hands, like a crab.

As I was praying, I watched it snarl and spit and growl, it was swinging and hoping with its arms trying to catch me in its claws. I would have been frightened, but I felt Mother close – as well, I saw as I prayed, a golden glow surrounding me, and this light made me impenetrable – this creature could not hurt me – could not touch me, because it was terrified of the golden glow. I watched as the demon’s hatred grew towards me, as it swung wildly at me realising it was not hurting me, so I began my prayers of the third decade even louder – it was kind of funny!

Although my eyes stayed on the creature, even though I was repulsed by it, I was aware of Mother Mary, because I saw Her dress and the edge of her mantle and mantilla draped down, standing beside the thing. I heard Mommy speak from over my head. She said sweetly and softly:

OUR LADY: “Elaine, see!”

YELLOW LILY: So I watched carefully. I watched as I said the ‘Oh My Jesus’ prayer – every time I said Jesus’ name, I watched this creature to bow its head and freeze; when I say freeze, I mean freeze, absolutely immobile! Throughout the ‘Our Father’ prayer this thing was clamped in light, it could not move, and it was in agony!  Its ‘black lizard skin’ was scraping off in tatters – like it was being scourged. Its rage growing, but it could not make a sound. During the prayer, the demon would be swallowed – squished in a light, so that for a second I could not see it, but it would appear a moment later, even more angry, but it was exhausted.

I watched as I said the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer. Throughout the ‘Ave’ this creature looked literally to have something standing on the back of its neck. I watched as it suddenly shortened, then slumped down, as being pressed from behind.  It was trying to turn its horrible head, but had little to no movement and it spat and squealed and hated me. It radiated hate. There is a great difference between anger and hate; I felt it watching this thing.

I watched, as I mentioned each of the remaining Mysteries. as I said them and thought about them, I saw this thing become terrified and draw itself back in horror. As I said my Rosary, I noticed that the slower, more carefully I repeated my Rosary, the more agony and exhaustion this thing suffered and I am led to know that as you affect one demon you affect all of them – the entirety of Hell, so all the damned suffer.

At the ‘Hail Holy Queen’ prayer I watched with great satisfaction, as the demon – against its will, was forced to prostrate itself, it could not move and after the prayer, it could barely get up, it seemed drunk, it was sick, I would say almost killed.

When I said the ‘St. Michael’ prayer, it squealed and squealed, (the worse sound you have ever heard), terrifying really, it tried to run but it could not get away. As I finished the Archangel’s prayer, it was violently snatched away from my vision/sight, and everything was quiet.

Mother was standing by her statue of ‘Our Lady of the Sacred Heart’ and she looked seriously at me, solemn but gentle. Mummy said:

OUR LADY: “Now you have been shown this, you have a responsibility to what you know.”

YELLOW LILY: I nodded. Mother Mary smiled sweetly, and then I did not see anymore. I offer everything to Almighty God and to Our Most Holy Mother, as their girl.

8 November 2011

YELLOW LILY: Jesus is smiling gently.  He moves His hands now, to indicate I need to just be calm – as I seem to have lathered up trying to explain and understand myself and things in this letter. Why can’t I stop crying, for Heaven sakes?  Good grief.

JESUS: “Elaine, be at peace. I know you do not understand, but you will and you will not be left disappointed.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus’ smile deepens and I see His white teeth.

JESUS: “You do not know the surprises that Jesus has up His sleeves!”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Jesus tease me playfully, as he quickly looks up the wide sleeves of His white tunic.

JESUS: “Elaine, as a parent cannot give their child a snake to eat – how much more does God give to those who love Him; how much He gives to those who do not love Him, still. I am no Mystery to those who love Me, Elaine – how can I be, when all I want to do is share My Heart!  It is the only way that Jesus can find a release to the burning inferno that exists within Him, because of how much un-love He witnesses, by poor souls who of their own volition – their own choice, insist on sinful life. The only mystery that God may be to a soul, is the amount of time He may take in revealing a future – a mission in Christ. The only mystery that God may seem to a soul is the amount of time He takes in answering a question or presenting a solution – the only mystery that God may seem to a soul, is the impatience that a soul feels in God’s revelation of movement. Souls do not need a catalyst – they are their own in every minute that God sends, but I warn, God’s movements can be so little, so minute, as to seem non-existent. God is constant, but He is ever advancing in the world.”

“God allows men to choose their destinies – God, moving with them or against them, as they choose, but it is men against God that move against themselves. Be at peace, for I do advance! Your Jesus was – is – the Saviour of the world born in a stable, a lowly cave: my greatest disguise being  poverty – poverty of location, poverty of situation, poverty of every kind, yet the skies were filled with Angels – the shepherds visited, and your Jesus was fed. I am feeding you now! I am feeding all of Mine now, as I am feeding My Little Pebble! A stone cannot move on its own, so Jesus must pick him up and move him, Himself. How great is the reliance of the Pope on God, especially – especially yes, a jailed Pope, an imprisoned Pope! Benedict is just as jailed! Believe Elaine, that as jailed as William is, Benedict is just so – for when My William arrives to the Throne of the Church, he will move as I move him, unfettered.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus, sitting in my kitchen chair, raises His Left Hand up and points to the ceiling.

JESUS: “I promise The Victory of time and events that will bring the elect of the world under one true Vicar as chosen and prophesied by God.” This ‘fishbowl’ that you speak of Elaine, you must recognise as your own ‘impatience of events’, because Elaine, fishbowls only exist for poor fish and yet they do not suffer, being satisfied in the minutes that God sends, breathing in and out; God has provided what they need to live. Is this frustration disappointing to Jesus? No, because it is in support of a future that supports the agenda of God. It is in defence of the Eucharist and the Church – My Bride! It is righteous and therefore use your frustration, ‘your fishbowl’ of things and feelings and timing that you do not understand, to perfect yourself. Make yourself ready for the thrust of events that may seem violent, but only for those not secure in the plans and solution of God. All the people of God being the means to My End; being satisfied in your position as a protected and GUIDED child of Almighty God. Elaine, I was 30 years before I started My Mission, I was three more years after that, rejected and unloved, and thousands of years after that, the Church is still learning of Me and the Church still waits.”

“The minutes are Mine to use, Mine to give and Mine to provide. Jesus, please teach me patience. Jesus perfect my enthusiasm in this learned time. Guard me against useless speculation. Elaine, pray!”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Jesus ‘calm’ a little Himself, He slowly smiles.

JESUS: “So, My Elaine, do not be disappointed, do not be jealous…”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Jesus deepen His Smile.

JESUS: “… there is not time for that! How many people hear from Me that there are special surprises in store, that promise no disappointments? For those that feel deeply are answered deeply.  Those that hope in Jesus are answered by Hope, however long this may SEEM to take.  I resolve the heart, I Alone.

Amen.  I wish peace to My Pope. My Pope, My Predilection, My Pride.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles again at me as I look up.  Jesus smiles again tenderly, and whispers with His Sacred Heart still showing:

JESUS: “I love you, Elaine”.

YELLOW LILY: Jesus waves, turns to His Right, walks a step and I do not see any more. I offer everything to God.  I love you Jesus!

29 November 2011

YELLOW LILY: I approach the Statue of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Conception that I have in my living room kissing them both, kissing and kissing! I ask Jesus to please give me a date for William. I feel someone beside me on my left, I look and there is tall Jesus! Jesus says:

JESUS:  “Come!”

YELLOW LILY: …and I know He wants me to write at my kitchen table.  As I sit, I do not see Jesus in my kitchen, but I am in the white room, it is a grand marble hall – I have been taken here before. I am in a great hallway, with large thick columns, everything here is a soft creamy marble with many ‘flecks’ of brown marble in it.  It is very beautiful!  The light here is soft and I am little.

Jesus is wonderful, tall in a cream tunic to His bare feet. I see Jesus wears a Crown of Thorns on His Holy Head. I wonder internally why Jesus wears this sharp thing, it looks painful.

JESUS: “Oh Elaine, man wrestles with so much! Giving things to God means they are given to Me. Without God to put into proper place the problems that inflate individual lives, poor men are swallowed whole often, because they take on things that are not their business, not their concern! Is it man’s business to worry about their induction of air to live? No, God has seen to that and this is much more complex than so much that man takes to himself. My Children, God knows what you need; I pity those poor souls who know not My help. I pity more, those who know Me and yet struggle. I know all. I shall see to all. Yours is, but to be and serve Me in peace and kindness to your neighbour.”

“My poor children, as these days close, as these days come together, you must cling to your Jesus! Cling, hug tightly to Me, not terrified but recognise where your strength lies! They shall try to take all from us, but we have planned for all. The enemy is disorganised through eternal fighting. They are like cracked porcelain, thin, fragmented, easily broken off and once torn away – ugly, unable to handle drastic environmental changes.”

“God sees to all and will see to all in these days. Pray to Jesus, call to Him and He will surely come running. Be clean of conscience, clean of heart, so no weapon can be weld against you! Do not wrestle with what is out of control, Jesus shall see to it. My storehouse is always full as the treasure in your heart, we are indefatigable! Cling to your Shepherdess as your Mother, Jesus is always side by side, waiting on Her Word – God is always approachable. The thunder and storms will pass away to reveal clear days, until then, we seek the cover of a peaceful mind!”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Jesus remove the Crown He was wearing, but certain marks remain. Jesus rubs His Forehead and the deep redness disappears. I watch as three bluebirds come, and they have a golden brown envelope in their little yellow beaks.  Jesus looks down at them beside Him on His right. He takes a matching paper from this envelope, looks at it and raises His Eyes to look at me.

JESUS: “It reads 2012 is the final year. In this year the world will be capitulated with the plans of anti-man, the plans of anti-creation, and the plans of anti-God. Love shall be rung through and My Disciples brought together, each home raised up in Heavenly protection.  They shall try and swallow up the Most Holy Eucharist, open desecration shall take place and those asleep shall not see it.”

YELLOW LILY:  I watch Jesus wipe a tear.

JESUS: “Anti-ingredients shall be offered up to Holy God, abominations before the Lord shall abound, good Priests, stay awake!  My Faithful remain awake!  William, this I give to you: January 28th, 2012; your eyes shall again see the light of God’s generation, your bones shall stretch out and those who have built up your bars will crumble, but at your word Jesus shall forgive them, if you hold nothing against them, so neither will I, they shall escape and live their lives. You step gingerly to walk, as your bones firm up, you shall run and none shall catch you, except those who know your voice and in whom you clearly find delight.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus takes a step towards me, and takes my small face in His Hands and smiles down.

JESUS: “Elaine, to you Jesus speaks most of all – pray and do not wrestle with what God has not yet provided, His timing is perfect – pray.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles a friendly, kind smile.

JESUS: “Continue to kiss Me, this delights and appeases His poor bruises.  Elaine, pity is a great charity – a seed of love!”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus bends down and gives a quick kiss on the tip of my nose….and then all is lifted from me. I offer everything to God, a poor servant, but with all my heart in service to a Blessed Trinity and William.

21 December 2011

YELLOW LILY: I approach Our Blessed Jesus, after a day begun with holy Mass and the Divine Mercy chaplet, Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Most Holy Rosary. Saying an Act of Contrition I present this letter as written, to Jesus Our Lord. Reading the letter, I see Our Most Blessed Lord beside me on my left, He stands in the doorway of the room, He wears a white tunic.

JESUS: “William that is what they SAY about this machine – in reality it has a much more diabolical use, designed by the elite, for the elite. It is their hope to rapidly and irrevocably affect the world’s population using great destruction to form the land to their own designs. The ‘experiment’ is an experiment all right, but their excuse is a pretext – in reality the evil is trying to rapidly dispose of people’s lives. Mark My Words, there is more than one of these machines around the world. Such prototypes have existed in miniature for many years. This machine, in its many forms will be adapted also for use in cruel medical procedures, it will come to nothing!”

“By ‘splitting the atom’, they want to create nuclear destruction – trying to break all things down to their smallest form, understanding the ‘glue’ that brings all matter together.  Meanwhile, we know this glue is God’s touch. They are trying to harness the atom’s ‘hidden’ power for further application. There is nothing good – there is nothing scientific about this machine or its delivery; man learns nothing. How does an exploding atom disprove God, when nano particles still need design?”

“You may write to governments if you wish William, but it will come to nought. These machines funded by men and machines within governments, more: an evil GOVERNMENT, that succeeds past bi-partisanship and we know its name! Writing does nothing William. More, I encourage you to contact our army of light, have all pray for mitigation and divine solution. Man(kind) is not interested in science – if it really was, the discussion would be entirely different and it would involve a building up of matter, not its being violently ripped apart.”

“Science, no – it is a game of death…Answers no, this knowledge they employ is a lie, issued by the father of lies, destruction and illusion. Amen.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, how does someone build up matter, what do you mean?

JESUS: “Elaine, man would learn more if groups of scientists worked from the basis of co-operative matter – of building blocks, fragments and ingredients in a particular area of study – working together, side-by side. How is it believed that something is better understood by tearing it apart rather than understanding how ingredients, characteristics and environments fit as a puzzle within greater learning?”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, what hidden power does the atom have, that makes evil men want to use it?

JESUS: “Elaine, an atom is a marvel, because it is so compact and does so much! They (atoms) move heat and light, they are a composite of every other ingredient that lives and is created on Earth! They are the smallest cell! Atoms are the ‘brain’ of everything and the brain of that brain is your Father in Heaven. The atom is the diamond of creation: everything pressed together, so tightly, that as man affects it, internal balance, the scales of its ‘electricity’, it moves apart, breaks with a velocity greater than any conceived.”

“William, it does not matter. My faithful do not need to fear, my children do not need to fear.  We shall win; this power they try to harness can never overwhelm the God-Power which has designed, made and implemented its building-block of life.”

“My peace to you, Jesus cries as men know so little, because they do not wish to know true power.”

“You are soon free, My friend, My Brother, My atom of Papal Love.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles, waves, steps back and I do not see Him anymore.