Message 661 – 31 December 2011

I need your powerful voice to reach My children; to travel the world with My Most Holy Mother to gather the scattered sheep – My Holy Vicar Benedict XVI, will soon flee Rome allowing the false Pope to enter the Seat of Peter – Trumpets sound, scrolls read, seals broken; consciences laid bare – Sign given; the experiment of CERN will cause great disaster; earthquake in Sydney – The Hadron Collider.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I was told by my Holy Guardian Angel yesterday that Jesus was coming to me today to give a public Message and a private one. I prayed to Saint Michael and the White Cross appeared in the sky, but this time it was very thin. Protruding from the Crossbeam was a sharp thin sword, like a shaft of Light that came directly into my cell.

Saint Sacramessugus came into my cell wearing the 15-star breast plate with his beautiful wings stretched out. He showed me the sign and greeted me with the Sign of the Cross and said:

SAINT SACRAMESSUGUS: I greet you my beloved brother!

LITTLE PEBBLE: A Light penetrated from the centre star of his breast plate into my mind, then I saw seven (7) Angels holding trumpets ready to blow them over the White Cross, and seven (7) other Angels holding scrolls; a fire-like stream of Light came down like a Triangle of Light pointing to the Earth. Saint Sacramessugus then pointed to the Cross and Jesus came through it. The Angel greeted Jesus and said:

SAINT SACRAMESSUGUS: Here comes the King of Kings of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld; the Saviour of the World; Son of the Most High God!

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus glided into my cell and greeted me with His Blessing and a kiss on my forehead saying:

OUR LORD I greet you My blessed son!

LITTLE PEBBLE: He stands to the left of me pointing to the pad I am writing on. Jesus throws sparkles on my page and the year 2012 is outlined; the page emanates fire that does not burn.

OUR LORD: I greet you My precious and holy son, My little White Rock – very soon to be the Vicar of My House upon Earth. + Be not troubled at My coming today – the final hours of this year of so many trials and purification as needed by My Father in Heaven, so as to prepare mankind for the coming of the Second Pentecost within the Great Warning, that God is sending mankind in His great Mercy and Love for His children.

Son of my Heart, I know your heart is troubled because I told you in July that I would not give you another public Message for mankind until I had rescued you from the chains that have bound you for so many years. Son, the wheels have already turned with pen upon paper to break these human and demonic shackles. It is but a moment in human time when the reality of My Promised Words will be realised. Son, I need your powerful voice to reach My children now as the Great Warning is near, and all My children must be prepared at any moment, when these events bring forward this Great Celestial Event to take place. You are the Leader of God’s children and Head of the Mystic Church upon Earth.

I have sent many Prophets to the world at this time, and now that events are coming very quickly that will instigate the very large upheaval in man’s affairs, I need you to travel the world with My Most Holy Mother to gather the scattered sheep disillusioned over all that is taking place in the world. I need you to once again unite all Prophets and Voice-boxes so that all men will hear My Voice.

2012 is your year too, My son, as it will be for all God’s children who have persevered for such a long time and who have been persecuted and maligned, hated and cast out for My sake.

Because of the urgency, so that men will be reminded of the many visitations of My Blessed Mother and I over these past one hundred (100) years, I will raise a Seer, Visionary or Prophet at each place where My previous Seers spoke, and have come to their resting place with Us in Heaven. Time is very short in the human understanding.

My Holy Vicar Benedict XVI, will soon flee Rome allowing the false Pope to enter the Seat of Peter supported by the Antichrist of history, who will shortly take-up his role to mislead millions of our defenceless children on the path of destruction and damnation.

Once again I call all My faithful children to take up the challenge and pray those most important prayers at this time – the Chaplet of Divine Mercy of My Most Sacred Heart and the Rosary of My Blessed Mother, Mary – reciting over and over again the powerful prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel to thrust down into Hell Satan and his vast army which has been released from Hell.

I have sent you many great Prophets at this time, namely My child Maria of the Divine Mercy. Her Messages are of great importance at this time to prepare Our children for the upcoming Warning and the Reign of the Anti Pope and the Antichrist. I have sent you the one named Pedro of Brazil showing the world where many chastisements will come, and shortly I will send my Yellow Lily who will receive Divine Revelations to guide many of My stray sheep, and also several other Prophets who will be raised in the Ukraine, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Sicily, Greece, Lebanon and Liechtenstein. Watch and listen!

The trumpets will now sound! The scrolls will be read and the seals broken, so that mankind will know the End of Time has arrived, where My Spirit will flow over all My children; where their conscience will be laid bare to bring many of My wayward children to an understanding of God’s existence and His Great Love, Mercy and Forgiveness for the sinners of the world.

Know this, My children; a sign will be given to you all that My Words are from the Mouth of God. The experiment of CERN in the underground of the European Nations will cause a very great disaster to My children – the mountains will crumble taking many with them. And a sign to the people of Australia who have forsaken My Blessed Mother and Her Prophet, My Little Pebble of Divine Love: a major earthquake will hit Sydney and the Eastern shoreline. Let this be a sign to you that I sent the Little Pebble to bring countless Graces and Blessings to your land, and because you have treated him as men treated me centuries ago, you will feel the pain and sorrow you yourself caused through the corruption in your justice System and inhumanity towards your fellow man.

My beloved son thank you for offering all that you have to save sinners, to bring My children back to the Arms of Our Heavenly Father! I have said it many times my child, your time has now come! Much of what has been revealed to you and others which has not made sense to you, will be understood fully by you and My children during the Great Warning, because then you will receive a deep illumination of your mind.

To all My beloved and precious children: you will soon all bask in the love and joy of Our Hearts because 2012 is the year where men will come to know the true God and men will love and forgive each other – and many of your family members who had left your side, will return.

I love all of Our children – no matter what colour, creed or faith – even those who do not profess a faith; even those who hate God now! You are all God’s children.

Children, take time to pray, pray, pray; trust and live in hope for this coming year 2012 – a year that will be so different than any other.

To you, My blessed son, My Pure Rock of Love: I will give you a private directon now. I send My Fatherly Blessings to all My children; + all My Prophets; + Visionaries; + Seers and Privileged Souls + who carry My Words. I send My Blessings to My Holy Vicar, Benedict XVI + and the whole Church and Servants of God.

I am the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus Kisses the page and waits.


Regarding: The Hadron Collider

6th November 2011

LITTLE PEBBLE: A few months ago Jesus whispered something to me when I was watching a television programme about an unusual machine regarding an experiment they were doing underground at a cost of billions of dollars, to prove the “Big Bang” theory, by exploding atoms or neutrons. It is a huge tunnel machine under the earth and it covers many miles. Jesus told me that it would cause a huge disaster one day.

Recently I read in the previous messages – a great earthquake would come in Europe; again I heard Jesus’ Voice telling me this is the disaster that will come. This machine was created in all pride and arrogance to take God out of the equation of His Creation. And because of this God will punish men, just as He did when they built the Titanic out of pride. Men will see that God is the Almighty!

Would you ask Jesus about it please, as I will inform authorities to stop this experiment?

17th December 2011

OUR LORD: “William, I tell you, this machine is much worse than the Titanic for it was created by more than pride! This machine; these machines – for I tell you there is more than one – a part of an evil design to kill the earth; to create for the elite a place for their castles. LET THE WALLS OF THESE CRUMBLE! These machines are designed for a mass and quick destruction, to rebuild the earth to their own design! God! Fools! (Jesus is so cross). As they plan this destruction, they plan their own! They open up great holes for the deceivers to come through; these deceivers will remain masked for a while, but then these things shall be seen for what they are. For I tell you what evil you wish on another, what destruction you plan, so you shall feel. Governments know of these plans and are in full co-operation on many levels. It is so sad!”

21st November 2011

OUR LORD: “William that is what they say about this machine, in reality it has a much more diabolical use, designed by the elite, for the elite. It is their hope to rapidly and irrevocably affect the world’s population using great destruction, to form the land to their own designs. The ‘experiment’ is an experiment all right, but their excuse is a pretext, in reality the evil is trying to rapidly dispose of people’s lives. Mark My Words; there is more than one of these machines around the world. Such prototypes have existed in miniature for many years. This machine, in its many forms, will be adapted also for use in cruel medical procedures; it will come to nothing!

“By ‘splitting the atom’, they want to create nuclear destruction – trying to break all things down to their smallest form, understanding the ‘glue’ that brings all matter together. Meanwhile, we know this glue is God’s Touch. They are trying to harness the atom’s ‘hidden’ power for further application. There is nothing good; there is nothing scientific about this machine or its delivery; man learns nothing. How does an exploding atom disprove God when nano particles still need design?

“You may write to governments if you wish, William, but it will come to naught. These machines funded by men and machines within governments, more: an evil GOVERNMENT, that succeeds past bi-partisanship and we know its name! Writing does nothing, William! More, I encourage you to contact our Army of Light; have all pray for mitigation and Divine Solution. Mankind is not interested in science – if it really was, the discussion would be entirely different and it would involve a building up of matter, not its being violently ripped apart.

“Science, no – it is a game of death… Answers no, this knowledge they employ is a lie, issued by the father of lies, destruction and illusion. Amen.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, how does someone build up matter? What do You mean?

OUR LORD: “Man would learn more if groups of scientists worked from the basis of cooperative matter: of building blocks, fragments and ingredients in a particular area of study; working together, side-by-side. How is it believed that something is better understood by tearing it apart rather than understanding how ingredients, characteristics and environments fit as a puzzle within greater learning?

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, what hidden power does the atom have? What makes evil men want to use it?

OUR LORD: “Yellow Lily, an atom is a marvel, because it is so compact and does so much! They (atoms) move heat and light; they are a composite of every other ingredient that lives and is created on Earth! They are the smallest cell! Atoms are the ‘brain’ of everything and the brain of that brain is your Father in Heaven. The atom is the diamond of creation: everything pressed together so, so tightly, that as man affects it, internal balance, the scales of its ‘electricity’, it moves apart, breaks with a velocity greater than any conceived.

“William, it does not matter. My faithful do not need to fear; My children do not need to fear. We shall win; this power they try to harness can never overwhelm the God-Power which has designed, made and implemented its building-block of life.

My peace to you, Jesus cries as men know so little because they do not wish to know true power.

You are soon free, My friend, My brother, My ‘atom’ of Papal Love.

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles, waves and steps back, and I do not see Him anymore.


YELLOW LILY: After Holy Mass today, after the Glorious Rosary, after the Saint Charbel Rosary for 2011-2012, and just after the Joyful Rosary I see Jesus standing in front of me a little to my left. He wears a white tunic and is smiling kindly and gently with His shiny grin – He is beautiful!

JESUS: “War is months away; not the big war that draws all the countries of the world – the ‘pre-war’. They will posture back and forth, and there will be loss of life, this too can be mitigated. Pray My children, pray as the land of Israel – the Holy Land of God, is pummelled and Israel is pursued, forced into concession after concession. God’s people must pray and hope as the stage is set. This is why the Warning occurs at this time; here again, God is bargaining to save the life of man, will man listen? Pray so. And as the stage is being set for the full revelation of the Anti-Christ and his team of destruction, so too does Heaven now ready the means and weapon we have planned to combat this destruction – this ‘destructive force’ – the beginning of the Church reformation. My children, we have many cures! Do not be alarmed with the views of the world, look to our world of peace, of happy souls united with us! We have nothing to fear, do we? We own the minutes, moreover, God is in control of all.

“My dears, the world has descended it is true, but let your souls ascend; touch with Jesus the clouds and your voices raised to Me do much! Your hearts lead your voices and My little ones, you shall be inspired in your prayers and good works in My nation. Much comes, fear not. Little souls, your leader is to be raised, and surrounding him We have amassed such a wondrous army of staunch hearts as to inflame the Saints. These are days of joy! These are days of surprises as our enemies are confounded. Let them divide themselves as they collapse onto one another.”Watch for these events: an assassination, a release.

“Then comes the Church forward, more prophesy shall be fulfilled. And on this Epiphany Sunday, it is well and pleasing to God to reveal He will allow greater gifts to be showered onto His ‘most’ faithful souls, as they allow themselves to be led by wisdom and come to the full realization of plans for the Church, so that in the dark days to come she grows as a beacon of light. Amen. Meditate on this.”

“Surprises are in store. My signs and wonders grow as the signs of war advance; there will be a clear wall made between good and bad, between good and evil, truly, you would have to be blind not to see it and Jesus shall work in such a way in souls, indeed, the blind will hit it.

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles:

JESUS: “I love surprises! I love you all,”


Be bright in your eyes and faces, Jesus kisses your heads.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus says to me:

JESUS: “Please let this be distributed, Amen. Thank you.”

YELLOW LILY: (Jesus tells me: Remember to put a date on this note)