Q & A The Little Pebble and Yellow Lily (2012 Part 1) – 8 January 2012

YELLOW LILY: After Holy Mass today, after the Glorious Rosary, after the Saint Charbel Rosary for 2011-2012, and just after the Joyful Rosary, I see Jesus standing in front of me a little to my left. He wears a white tunic and is smiling kindly and gently with his shiny grin – He is beautiful!

8 January 2012

JESUS: “You will write: Elaine, war is months away; not the big war that draws all the countries of the world – the ‘pre-war’. They will posture back and forth, and there will be loss of life, this too can be mitigated. Pray, My children, pray as the land of Israel – the Holy Land of God – is pummelled and Israel is pursued, forced into concession after concession. God’s people must pray and hope as the stage is set. This is why the Warning occurs at this time; here again, God is bargaining to save the life of man, will man listen? Pray so. And as the stage is being set for the full revelation of the Antichrist and his team of destruction, so too does Heaven now ready the means and weapons we have planned to combat this destruction – this ‘destructive force’ – the beginning of the Church reformation. My children, we have many cures! Do not be alarmed with the views of the world, look to our world of peace – of happy souls united with us! We have nothing to fear, do we? We own the minutes, moreover, God is in control of all.”

“My dears, the world has descended it is true, but let your souls ascend; touch with Jesus the clouds and your voices raised to Me do much! Your hearts lead your voices and My little ones, you shall be inspired in your prayers and good works in My nation. Much comes, fear not. Little souls, your leader is to be raised and surrounding him We have amassed such a wondrous army of staunch hearts as to inflame the saints. These are days of joy! These are days of surprises as our enemies are confounded. Let them divide themselves as they collapse onto one another.”

“Watch for these events: an assassination, a release.”

“Then comes the Church forward, more prophecy shall be fulfilled. And on this Epiphany Sunday, it is well and pleasing to God to reveal He will allow greater gifts to be showered onto His ‘most’ faithful souls, as they allow themselves to be led by wisdom and come to the full realisation of plans for the Church, so that in the dark days to come, she grows as a beacon of light. Amen. Meditate on this.”

“Surprises are in store. My signs and wonders grow as the signs of war advance; there will be a clear wall made between good and bad, between good and evil, truly, you would have to be blind not to see it, and Jesus shall work in such a way in souls, indeed, the blind will hit it.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles:

JESUS: “I love surprises! I love you all. Be bright in your eyes and faces, Jesus kisses your heads.”


12 January 2012

YELLOW LILY: I am writing here with the Holy Child of Jesus statue beside me. I know He is Blessing my work. I come to Jesus presenting this question to our Most Blessed Lord with as many kisses as I can give in one breath – He loves it, I know it!”

Jesus comes in the doorway of the room I am in. He stands where He normally does. Jesus smiles. He has on a white tunic, with a long, thin red stole with a thin white stripe on the outside edge, over His shoulders. Jesus smiles and says thank you for the kisses.

I read William’s question.

JESUS: “You may tell My William, the Garden of Eden was a vast paradise; the world was different then. Would you believe in the great cast-off of Adam and Eve, the lands fractured, great fissures developed. So much was changed when Man rejected the plan and generosity of God; for truly when Eve submitted to her temptation so man’s enslavement began – to include the very act that Eve was swindled with! We know this.

“Man’s disobedience changed the earth, changed the animals – no longer did man live in harmony – forced to defend his life, his home, his family, from encroachment, from instinctive behaviours – when before Man simply communicated with the beasts and there was order in their living! Indeed William, Eden was lifted from the earth and what was left was vast desert – hot days, cold nights! What was left was scrub brush and cactus!

“You cannot find Eden’s exact location on this earth, man has only hints of it spread throughout the world, where majestic waterfalls reign with lush vegetation, fruit trees, rich soils and resources, irons from the ground! With the fissures and sink holes created, things were made to come out; the door was made for evil to begin its ravishes of land and species; the first parents were left in a tumult, as much of their original knowledge had been removed from them! They had hard learning ahead – days of endless toil, as man was now forced to learn and adapt using his senses and mind in struggle. Animals were cast-out, dispersed, corresponding to man, as man still retained authority over creation. Some animals were taken up as being too pure for Earth, these becoming legends for man.

“God did not abandon man – he was left with an inquiring mind – he was left with retention and memory. For the first parents this was particularly hard, as they were left with the sunset of what they had through God and what was lost to them. They were left with only hints of their union with God, and with every passing generation they knew these hints would fade, making life for the generations even more difficult.

“When Satan separated from God – tried to fight Him – the realm of Hell was created.  Within that, you can only imagine the terrible creatures that were made by evil will – the absence of God! Ravenous, terrible beasts, scurrying things: biting, scratching, stinging, eating, insects – every species of meanness and cruelty! Poisonous lizards, insatiable appetites, strangulating vines, sinking depths! All this – all this, was permitted because of evil, willed into the world, willed and acted upon. Man was not abandoned by God, because he had birth, he had reproduction! God left him with light and heat, fresh air and water. God left him with ‘touches’ of Eden, an array of fruit and seed, with trees for wood and shelter. God loved man so much, he was left with blue skies, with rain, with speech. God left man with the faculty, resource and hope of prayer. This would fade with the corruption of generations, but man always had a memory – a remnant of a power overhead.

“Yes, the earth has changed from the beginning and that has seen a change – specialisation – of beasts. Man can know that when a beast seems regal, when an insect or living thing has a pleasant, useful bearing – from the lion to the mouse, yes – even the mouse, from the butterfly to the bird, to the worm; to the rose, to the oak, these things are from God as begun by Him and while all things serve God as under His Authority; certain things since Adam were permitted and are still of use to His creation, but know all crawling things which can frighten a child, or contain a poison harmful to man, were released by man through him: the Liar and hater of men.”

Love, Jesus

15 January 2012

YELLOW LILY: After Holy Mass today – after the Glorious and Joyful Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary, and a Divine Mercy Chaplet – I present myself to our Blessed Lord for answering His Little Pebble’s letter. In the presence of this work, I have a statue of the Holy Child Jesus, so I can kiss Him whenever I want!

I see Jesus where He normally stands in this room. Jesus wears a white tunic with a red cape – Ha!  Very similar to the statue I have with me. Jesus smiles and looks at me very kindly, I love my Jesus! I read carefully each question.

JESUS: “Do you see Me?”


 JESUS: “Elaine, this is our precious Elect who know William’s truth; this relates to very soon when this elect know that the Vatican has soured and been evaded and fully engulfed in the Darkness. Elaine, Benedict will be murdered, he has recently instituted some changes that shall all but be undone; remain awake O elect, let this be your visible sign – what one Pope does, another Pope cannot undo. That goes against Papal Infallibility. They will use a meagre excuse to constitute their changes. It shall be said indeed that Benedict suffered from a dementia, a mental defect, which had been kept hidden. They are accumulating poison within him – he knows this, he is now working very hard to bring about the beginning of changes that Heaven is pleased with.”

“O elect remain awake you have been told. The children crying out to you William are the elect of Jesus who know during that time, indeed the roof of the Vatican has fallen in (you shall see this happen as a sign).”

“The crying children will happen as the Anti-Pope begins his reign and slowly, insipidly, the ‘new rules’ are instituted. Jesus’ rules do not change! The Dogmas of faith remain since the beginning of time! Where reverence is removed, when ‘anything goes’ – know this is not from Me. Benedict shall be made increasingly debilitated! Know, that many of My good Bishops shall be martyred in My defence, and this shall make it more difficult for other Bishops to come forward, as they will be terrified to die. Pray O Faithful for your Bishops! They need your courage.”

“Surrounding you William, shall be My increasing manifests – it will be undeniable! It will be your ‘tightening of the rules’ that bring the elect to you and your acclamation. By then, room would have been made for your rise within the church. Succession shall happen quickly – two sides shall be drawn up within the Church and there will be a great chasm to be passed through for people to see you as you have been designed. Only through great prayer, internal examination and vigilance shall My People see the difference.

Question: The new big Apparition Places like the Maria Divine Mercy in Ireland; the big one in Brazil under Pedro Regis, and others – they never mention the Little Pebble. Why, when I am supposed to be the Mystic Pope and Head of the Mystic Church?

YELLOW LILY: Jesus says tenderly:

JESUS: “William, can you not see how this is impossible now? William, look where you are, these people have Confessors who would immediately reject any message containing mention of the Little Pebble as not from God because of your current – albeit, shortening circumstance. These messages I give these sweet souls must be distributed, I know who these messages reach. Please be patient, O patient one! Do you know that I have not spoken of you privately to these seers? Do you know yet if they understand the language I have described you in? William, you may know Maria Divine Mercy knows of the ‘stone’ of the church. Indeed I promise in upcoming messages to be given and distributed, I will make mention of ‘My Rock’, ‘the Shepherd’. Again, another tool that Jesus uses to discern faith in My people. Be not afraid.”

18 January 2012

YELLOW LILY: After not getting to bed until very, very late – I think it was after 3 a.m. – I am woken up in the morning by Jesus’ Voice:

JESUS: “Rise Elaine, I need you to write for Me, please get up. Rise, Elaine, rise please.”

YELLOW LILY: I looked up from out of the blanket and Jesus is there looking kindly at me – standing in front of me wearing a white tunic. I make my way to the table with a piece of paper and pencil. I am so sleepy!

JESUS: “My Dear Servants, My Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is I, your Jesus come to speak. I promised that I would continue to speak – you see again, so I Am here – I do.”

“Little Ones, The Delights of My Heart, the Each, Singular Delights of My Heart, My Lights, My Readiness! I have watched you make preparations and I Am pleased with the vigour, steadiness, and application to which this has been done; this will save your lives and I promise, with the same diligence as God, will your lives be defended – you are assured. Moreover, you shall see after, the speed to which you have committed yourself to God’s instruction and Warning, the speed of which shall you see the world’s recovery, after all, this is ultimately why we work – for when you defend Christ in the world so do you help repair it and cleanse it. There are so many blind!”

“Jesus comes to tell you, so soon shall you see our Cross in the sky, so soon shall you see in it our sign. Magnify yourselves! Within that time, take risks and tell other brothers and sisters what this Cross means; invite them to prepare as you can, invite them within your sanctuaries, moreover, convert them!”

“Jesus comes to say further: dispel fear! Do not say these things gravely, but speak with brightness, with safety and confidence, Amen.”

“Your Church will be thrown into disarray as this Cross appears because many will not understand its meaning; be not afraid, we know its meaning. Your Pope is safe for now; your Pope is moved for safety and as he is moved Our Successor is raised. Within Heaven, the process began so long ago as part of the ‘Triumph of Mary’. As the Pope is moved, know the time is yet limited, but enough time exists for what must happen to assist and promote his rightful Successor to the Chair, Amen. You are assured!”

“What does that mean?  Look for very busy days after the Warning. After the Warning the race has begun in its final stages of this period, this lag, this lap, poor tired legs!”

“What does Jesus mean? I speak in a language so that all will understand; I speak in a language that will make clear the time, in the time – the Warning is a friend to the people of God. Who is a friend to God? A good soul: repentant, loving and willing to change to become perfect as your Father in Heaven Who is perfect; who is not afraid to be illuminated and looks on this chance with Him as a wonderful thing.”

“I have said Pope Benedict is trapped – a prisoner! Mary has said before, that many Popes are made prisoner because of the sect existing within Vatican walls; during the Warning these fools will not believe the Sign in the Heavens is from The Only True God, but from him who is their god. Do you see how our battle lines are made?”

“My Dears, they will try and cling tighter to him during this week, but we still have friends and the Holy Father will be secured and moved. At the Illumination your dear Holy Father will know what to do – he will be told where to go – there, our preparations continue for the Church. It is from there, from where he is, the Papal Seal is affixed. Remain Awake! A dialogue will begin to have him returned – do not be afraid – so as he secedes he has done the necessary things, My stars.”

“Please pray that the memory of these events, the memory of the moment of intimacy worldwide, stays fresh in the fields of men’s minds. Your Jesus stands ready, stay ready with Him.”

“The Warning is mitigated by the weather and a relative calm in the world. Be not afraid, thank you for your prayers.”

“You see I Am ready and I shall speak again to all believers; I shall speak to all who want to.”

Jesus, King of Battle, Victor of Heaven, Father to all Little Children, Son of the Living God.

Amen, take My Blessing Earnest Hearts.

Jesus +

7 February 2012

YELLOW LILY: Jesus, your William asks how demons could seduce and mate with women, in which the nephelum were put in the race of earth.  Did they bi-locate, haunt women?  How did this happen?

JESUS: “The devils that descended to earth, did not bi-locate, only things of God are afforded that privilege. Demons crossed the veil of human life, because Eve’s ‘act’ had passed on that ‘vision’. Demons do not own sperm, that too, being a gift of creation from God. What was conjured up from the netherworld is a terrible imitation, made from every depravity of Hell.  Remember, Satan only works to destroy human life. What is the most diabolical idea – what is Satan’s worst mandate, from which every other thing is brought up? It is Satan’s jealousy of man. Why did the snake enter the garden? How did Satan corrupt Eve, what faculty did he employ? The same being employed to create ‘his’ own race. Remember, it is Satan’s master plan to make for himself a race to ‘own’ the Earth, a race he commands, because he does not have the means of genius of defeating God, he wishes to take all from Him. So while devils do not have sperm, they do have an imitation from evil craft by virtue of the hatred and desecration within them, a ‘seed’ to be propagated, and this is indeed being done even now, by men given to their beast-father. Everything centres around Satan’s knowledge of God’s Sovereignty of man’s gift of free-will. William, you know the light that exists within the Holy Shining Thing – that means given to you by God handed down from Adam (after being removed from him); just the same, demons were made – are made, to hold within them a seed of evil – of every depravity, lewdness, of every anti-creation from the bowels of licentiousness, base instinct and bestiality.”

“Women were more than seduced or captivated, they were condemned, they were spellbound, allowing through lust (the very thing that capitulated Eve), except with time passed and God allowing – disguised beast-men fornicated. It is a bloody vision of man’s history and a sign to God of what would defeat men easily.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, this begs the question: why in the world God allowed Satan in the Garden of Eden in the first place, putting everything at risk. Why were the nephelum guys even permitted to live and be, when God could just kill the bad guys? Why does God permit this evil?

JESUS: “Jesus: Elaine, the long and the short of it, which I will expand on:  free-will would not be free-will without good and evil. Had Eve not been tempted by ‘the snake’ or to say, had Eve run to God in the first place, God would have protected her, banished ‘the snake’ and things for man would have been very different. From before creation, when the great battle of the angels occurred: when Mary was envisioned as God’s Delight, the immediate divide that occurred in Heaven occurred on Earth (temporally), and every portion of creation was to face and live this battle.  Satan challenged God that humankind was not worth the honour being given it, and was out to prove God wrong. Do you see his losing position? Blinded by his own inane jealousy, right to this point. There is the difference between light and dark, between God’s Creation and Satan’s mess.”

“Man fails when he is seduced out of poverty, away from the richness of God; when man loses sight of Heaven, weighted by the evil gravity of Earth. Amen.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, why were demons given the means to impregnate women with evil seed, how do they even have such a thing?  I don’t understand, I don’t understand?  It would seem unfair too, that the creature being made by women and ‘beasts’ is already evil, with no chance of conversion or goodness. Jesus, God always provides a chance.

JESUS: “Elaine, that is the danger when humans give themselves up to evil ideas, when they try to act as God themselves, delving into things that are not their concern. Those ‘things’ made, were, – are without souls, like a bug that dies. They know only the ‘father’ who made them, the human women having mated with such things, gave themselves to the other side, changing to demons themselves. There are many complexities surrounding these issues, what is most important and the clearest idea to come away with: God’s sovereignty to man’s spirit; that man holds his own destiny in his hands; that God can never be defeated, He is the Only Creator and for man to live his only safety lies with God.”

Nephelum exist as a very separate bloodline, very distinct; from those first days of distortion.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus has been standing in my kitchen, in His usual ‘spot’.  Beautiful and kind Jesus knows how little I understand, how much we need William home.  How badly we need a prophecy to be fulfilled, an event to correspond with His Words as a sign for poor creature.

8 February 2012

YELLOW LILY: Placing myself at the feet of Jesus, his girl, I offer this letter from His Little Pebble. Protecting myself with recitation of the most holy Rosary, my act of contrition, the prayer to Saint Michael; kissing often the Holy Crucifix; kissing repeatedly, the statues of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Conception. Making Jesus powerless to resist my call of help – to serve Jesus, Mary and Their little son-spouse.

Jesus stands on my left, facing me, looking at me with a happy smile; my kisses have done their work! I tell Jesus I am going to present this alphabet of question for Him to answer.

JESUS: “No they wouldn’t”.

QUESTION: My Blessed Lord: in the Book of Revelation You speak about the beast reigning for 42 months: is it literal, or are we to believe it is only symbolic, because following how You speak about time, no one ever really knows what is factual or simply a period of time; and what sign must we look for as the beginning of his reign? Jesus, we know that the Great Chastisement will follow the end of the Antichrist’s reign.

JESUS: “This is an actual time. It is a correct means of measurement that follows to the return of Christ to Earth. It is a measure of the desecration, for those days shall be so hopeless; it is a gift of God so the faithful may mark it. The truth of this prophecy also deepens the truth of the other things said about revelation and the ‘end of the world’.  For as you can believe this, my faithful can also see the truth in what follows: the elect dressed in white and the lamb of God sitting with Christ on His Throne, side by side.”

“You may look to this sign: And the Heavens shall open up in anger, and My people shall wonder; they will see all manner of things that they have never seen before, they will see the ‘hidden’ things and they will see things ‘snatched’ away. You will know the evil one has taken possession of his throne in a very public place, in a high chair and he will look down, pleased – smug, at his assault. And earthly men shall rise up and pay attention as he speaks, because they are deaf and blind. He will imitate peace, by infusing evil; he will corrupt votes from this place and silence just men. And men who ‘fear’ for their position will pay him homage and he will ‘glow’. It will seem as light, but this is indeed sinister. There will be a ‘great discovery’ of a star, he will say it is his rising, but this is a lie.  Keep your candles ready, for soon all things will be controlled.”

“Men will drop as flies as he thinks they are. The Church will set in a one already under his control, for you cannot control the world without control of the Church. The anti-ones will work closely so that this one risen up to ‘save the world’ will appear as Christ – all things to all people. Am I such? No. There is one God, there is one true Church by which the faith may judge His doctrine. I will keep to Myself all good souls regardless of their religion, and in these days of dark, good men shall come to know Jesus; come to know Catholicism and the ‘real Presence’ set in there. Good men will die for this doctrine. I will place firmly on the ground, the one I want men to see, I will set him at odds publicly with what is being done, so men will see side-by-side the light and the dark, judging in free-will for themselves.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, does this mean the Warning can be used as a sign of the Anti-Christ’s appearance to all people?

JESUS: “Yes Elaine, it does mean this. I will use the Illumination to My  advantage in the fight for souls, souls in prayer, souls with Charbel are assured. As a soul comes to Charbel, they may know they are in the epicentre of truth. You see how short the days run? All things work together for My Purpose: My Bride.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, you say there will be a ‘great discovery’ of a star – that this is a lie. What is it then, that will be used by the Anti-Christ as a false sign?

JESUS: “Elaine what shall be risen in the sky is a false light – it is a poison, it is a manufacture of ‘men-demons’, who know all manner of illusion for evil purpose. This they make will first appear high, but over time it will lower to earth, going back to the place from where it was made – the bowels of the earth, the pit. It will appear bright, but this too will fade as the poison, the deadly light is dissipated overtime in the atmosphere and this is why too Elaine, the elites lie in wait, making homes underground to survive.  The Elite will be going underground to try and survive, in reality they lie in wait for their own grim harvest. Their father of lies shall use their bones to feed his own appetite.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus, what are you saying – (I stop to pray) are they going to get eaten, what?

JESUS: “Elaine through free-will, in their own delusion they listen (and plan) to the one who plans their death. This is not important to you, or any little soul. My people are not part of the elite, let not this worry you. When the time is right though, you and many will see the truth of what I have said. Be at peace; do not be shocked by this detail, the ones who should worry about it are oblivious to it. Amen”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, you say this ‘star’ is made by poison. Should we be getting masks or something?

JESUS: “No Elaine, that is not necessary, during these times My people will be protected with regular use of holy water and receipt of the Blessed Sacrament. My people will defy much, because as children, they live trusting God. There will however, still be ‘death’ for many poor Christians, a brief sleep for those who wait in Me.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, do we witness this ‘star’ in the sky before the Antichrist or after?

JESUS: “My Elaine, they shall virtually correspond because this is the agenda of men, bad men who love evil.”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Jesus sigh.

Placing myself in the presence of Jesus and Mary, I have said my prayers and made promises for this day. I am in my kitchen and I see My Jesus with His Sacred Heart exposed and throbbing. With Him, I see my Guardian Angel. Both Jesus and my Angel are smiling gently and kind. Jesus wears a simple white tunic that is gathered at the waist, with a thin white belt made with the same material as His tunic. I see that Our Jesus wishes to speak:

Jesus takes steps to be closer to me. I see Our Lord very clearly, beautiful and mighty and so full of love.

JESUS: “My Elaine, as this humanity continues to step on Me, continues to abuse Me, continues to frighten Me with its debasement – truly there is nothing that this humanity would not do to hurt itself and thereby hurt God who has made it. This humanity that could so easily share in the secrets of the sacred, continues to slide as in covered with grease and mud and slime, all things that wish to kill it! This humanity that continues to rip to shreds the good that surrounds it; this good that as the sand it is (I watch Jesus release sand that is in his right Hand and it spreads, like it is being sown), the sand that only the body is supposed to be – yet more souls are becoming as ash!”

“What a season of lent this is to be! For those who draw close to Me shall feast upon the fulfilment of My Heart, the very Heart that is the entire containment of the universe, to soar past their own capacities as they snuggle close to Me – poor flowers! And I shall fill them with mysteries that are beyond speaking and noise, a silence and contemplation – as they wish to be drawn in – that will not frighten, only lift man to heights that will allow great contemplation of My face, and even greater contemplation of My Love for them!”

“For as Satan continues with his noise, continues in the diabolical, as the days pass and quicken and deepen there will be an even greater distinguishing of the light and the dark. It will be seen in everything, in science, in nature, in the sky and in the land. It will be seen by those who wish to see Me and all these hearts need do is call to Me. Just once, just once, that is all that is necessary – as a drowning man can gasp only out a last final word before he is submerged and overtaken by the waves that threaten to perish him under.”

“My messages will begin again, I will, in an unprecedented manner create at my disposal, an unprecedented number of voice boxes throughout the world, in every language, from every corner. My messages, My Words, MY WARNING, will not be avoided. Remain steadfast, as you to become busy again and very public. This Lent Elaine, the standard of the Cross and suffering is raised as a torn sheet, that flaps in the wind, torn because the wind against it has beaten it. Be not afraid.”

“Pay attention to your Church. See how tired and weary and grey has become the little white martyr. This is important. For more and more does he in the current seat of Peter rely on God, so his very breath is taken in. Much evil has filled the stair wells, the rooms, the Chapels, of that place; so sacred, so important to God and still important, not because of what it contains but because of what has been brought out from there! The full secrets of the catechism released and upheld in the demonstration of the Sacraments, delivered from the earliest days! Even as the dome sinks into the ground, it is not the edifice of the building but the edifice of the sacred held within men: their orthodoxy of the past and the desperate defence of their future that upholds it, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it! It is this orthodoxy that must be listened to, that must be defended as a people of faith.”

“Do not be fooled: what I have set down as law within the church, demonstrated and defined in the fullness of men filled with the Holy Ghost and listening with their ears pressed up against the Mouth and Heart of God, cannot be torn away! What a Pope has set down within the Church cannot be abdicated, cannot be dissolved, ever – that would negate the omnipresence, the eternity of God for men. Our rules do not change. What one has set down cannot be erased by another, and there is no excuse, no debasement of character, no feigned disease that would allow for this ever to happen! Pay attention.”

“Canon Law cannot be changed with the wave of a hand, and Canon Law may only be improved, augmented in its purposes of the Church, that well and truly and ONLY uphold the Most Blessed Sacrament. Anything that takes away from the walls of men’s hearts, towards its adoration or glorification within the Church is a lie, do you see?”

“Revelation is being fulfilled and played out within your midst. You will see again the coming of the Son of Man and I will carry around Me the littlest children of Heaven. There will be a great ‘bringing together of the whole truth’, and those who do not fall under this banner, will simply and quickly and of their own free will, fall to the wayside. All those who have mocked it, shall weep as the rain; all those who have tried to bring about its destruction shall suffer their own, as they have wished it.”

“These are not regular days, even as the minutes still make up the hour and the hours make up the day, I know what fills them. We are on the cusp – this great generation, who shall see and decide for themselves who has told the truth, who has always told the truth and who in short minutes shall destroy those having thought they could stop what comes. I know what makes a fraud – a lie is never survived and I have done what I have done to expose all.”

“This Heart (I watch Jesus point to His Own) has throbbed for men and continues to pulsate for them as a great sun; the Only Son who will pour out again His Blessed Blood for man’s use and cure. I will open My Storehouse, that dark men can’t see or look upon, and men shall know again I speak the truth and what comes is not a fairy tale! I will defeat man’s complacency! The very thing that God uses to give man a greater chance of conversion is the very weapon they use against God in their own boredom!”

“Yes, yes, this is a Lent unlike any other to match its defining year. A page has turned in the march of time and in the regeneration of the truth! Look as the signs of war advance, surely you can see them. Look at the men of frivolity who care not of man’s worth! Look at these captains of government who only advance the secret agenda that does not involve God.  There is an agency that shall ‘spring up’, an agency that has existed for a long time, but will exchange sovereignty for food, a food that shall never reach the poor, but gathered together and disposed of. Do you suppose that when God created the Earth He did not plan for the multiplication of man and what he must eat? For many, food shall become their god. The control of food shall become tantamount; for many this has already happened, but governments will be further complicit in this scheme of world domination and national death.  Food will become currency and that is why it is so furiously controlled. Jesus is telling you days in the future so you shall know the Divine Source of these Words, as man always needs proof.”

“I Am in advance of man. I anticipate man as Creator. God did not first make the bird without the tree; God did not first make water without the land, so fish knew where they should live, and so too, you, My brothers and sisters, My little ones! I shall make a place where you shall know to go because you will see him rise up, not of his own might but the might of Jesus that surrounds him. He shall tell you an incredible story and you shall know it is truth because of the light that shines out within him. When shall he tell you this? As the dust settles and as the sceptre and rod are placed within his hands. Be his help.”

“My Love throbs for you! Do you not know you are the very beats of His Heart that sends the blood to His limbs, to His Brain, to His Organs? I say your name in the silence of your hearts and in saying it, I have anticipated your place beside Me in the safety of the Sacrifices which must be made and in the rebuilding of the Church that will occur when these days of Lent have passed. It is so, I want it. In that rebuilding I will give you every tool and I shall shower you with the means of Myself so that as in the words of St. John: “Of all the things that Jesus did, the words, had they been written, I do not think the world could contain the books that should be written”.

“Peace to you; Peace to all! A peace these days that signals My Coming! A peace that silences the noise of war! A peace that is fragrant around you, and ever as you love it, so know the depth of this Love I have for you and all men.”

23 February 2012

YELLOW LILY: I say my prayers and I ask Jesus to come and to answer more of His Little Pebble’s questions. Thanking God for my life and my work, and to be able to serve and help.  I see Jesus to my left as I type; Our Blessed Lord wears a white tunic. Jesus says with a kind smile:

JESUS: “I have come!”

YELLOW LILY: He opens His Arms out to me, as a gesture of peace and openness to my request. Jesus stands very close, I wish I could draw and show what I see! Jesus smiles deeply at my thought and says to me:

JESUS: “It’s part of our privacy!”

YELLOW LILY: I look up and Jesus says:

JESUS: “Be not afraid”.

24 February 2012

YELLOW LILY: After Rosaries and other prayers to Jesus and Our Blessed Mother, I approach Jesus to come and use me to answer His Little Pebble’s question. Jesus stands on my left, right beside me wearing a purple stole over His shoulders. Jesus smiles kindly.  When I read this question to our Jesus, He becomes solemn and firm.

QUESTION: Jesus, You say war is months away – the pre-war – but there have been many wars in the Middle East – what is the difference now? The only difference will be if Iran attacks Israel, and a nuclear bomb is dropped on Iran – then the Warning will come?

JESUS: “No William, there is a great difference in this war, because the world’s powers will be drawn in to choose sides. Where, before, there has been an ongoing complacency to Israel and what it defends all by itself. This complacency exists no more because the time is now.  The stage is being set for the final war because of the sides against Israel; this will happen.  Satan hates the Holy Land, the place which Jesus will descend again, and for the Jews!”

“Nuclear bomb, yes it is coming, but not now. More dangerous than a war on land, is the ‘political’ war that is taking place within the world’s ‘diplomacy’. First, there will be a show-down and you will see My Land having to defend itself as a small and helpless child without a friend. Israel however, does have a friend in Almighty God and that will not change – the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Iran and its mad-man – its mad men – will use the threat of nuclear armament to coerce Israel in getting what it wants. Man learns nothing from their history and faces again, the same destruction. You cannot appease what does wish to be, it is a lie, doubled, because the leaders well know how this ‘schedule’ of war is to go. It is brewed in plain sight within the United Nations.  First there will come a ‘change’ in Syria.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, are You saying that the Warning will come without the use of a nuclear bomb? I watch Jesus nod His Head.

JESUS: “God will first provide the Warning, but not before Israel is made crippled by evil men. They know what they are doing, even men in the government of Israel are complicit to these plans, because evil is evil, without a nation except its own, without a border.”

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, what is the use of the Middle Eastern leaders being (it seems) systematically removed, to bring in new leadership?

JESUS: “Elaine, ‘they’ bring in their own men. ‘They’ – those in the top power who are funding these ‘revolutions for the people’. What the people do not realise, (these nationals) – this is not for the citizens, it is not for good. This is done to install their puppets, their actors, their show-pieces. The men having been removed were little ‘dictators’ and the powers-that-be do not want them. Before many of them were removed, they were asked to comply, but that meant they would have to relinquish a power they were used to, when they could not do this; when it was seen they would not be useful, a ‘revolution’ was raised – funded. These Middle Eastern changes are made to hasten the advance of war; to quicken the pace of destruction.”