Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary – 12 January 2012

RAINBOW ROSE: My Jesus, thank you for my mission, thank you for allowing me to unite with ……. and to meet all the wonderful treasures so attached to you!

I am in my friend’s living room and we are talking about the Warning, being prepared and what to do for instance with family animals; what will happen to them during the 3 days. I see Jesus standing in front of us; He stands a little to my left; He wears a white tunic and He is smiling gently.

JESUS: “I do not want worry to surround this event! What comes is powerful; what comes will have affects, but it is for My little ones to know, what comes is not to harm them. This is to increase perfection: it is to pray for charity, to pray for one’s neighbour, indeed, to pray for all your fellow citizens of the world. I will cause in each of the homes of My faithful – and even in the homes of My most Faithful loved ones – a protection; stronger than a pearl shell shall your properties be. I promise this; remain at peace.”

“Let Me be specific: for the most innocent of this time; babies, small children, and indeed for my tired faithful – including your pets – you shall sleep. When not in prayer, your peaceful sleep shall be your prayer. To be sure, these days shall be in prayer imploring God, but God knows well the demands of life and the necessity of sleep to soothe tired minds. There will be sleep! Very little eating! In homes, in My homes, it will be a time of progressive quiet; there will be prayer, but this prayer and all to be said will be calm in the presence and protection of Almighty God. This quiet will resound in Heaven meeting the songs of protecting Angels everywhere. I promise the protection of Angels.”

Candles are to stay burning! The time will pass quickly as prayer becomes the great joy in homes, in anticipation of The Illumination and the intimate meeting of Almighty God. So see? There is nothing to fear, let no worry enter you. Let these days pass remembering that God is in control and shall see to everything; especially those men who need Him most.”

“It is never God’s intention to alarm; God’s Hand has been forced; God may be moved! God longs to answer with pity, with temperance, as man wishes to lessen these events with raised hearts, so shall God meet these hearts, pulling them into His Own.”

“Children, please pray that the memory of this event and the Illumination remains in the minds and hearts of men, otherwise, what is to come will be much greater than this.”

“I have spoken, I will continue to speak and those who know My solution are promised a clear path of truth.”  Jesus