Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary – 26 January 2012

RAINBOW ROSE: I pray and see Jesus present – I feel a great call to write, the words flow out easily, and I hear Jesus powerfully within.

JESUS: “My hope is in the Name of the Lord, who hath made Heaven and Earth! Behold come unto Me and see My salvation; see those things that I have planned and from those things the redeemed shall rejoice. From those things, all will know that I, the Lord, Am like a tall mountain full of good things for men, and on this mountain shall a rock be – a rock that no one can move except I, the Lord.”

“See him, yes, see him, who is the answer to My enemies; whom God will cause to flounder and will loose the chains of His Church; Saints shall fly through her doors! See him who is the answer, like a river to drown evil doers! See him who has pleased the Lord through infirmity and calamity! See him, this brave stalk, from which all things in the coming days shall flourish! See him who I have set on and around, a great garden of souls, resplendent, in these days of men full of dirt and derision! See him who cannot be killed! See him whose voice shall raise as a trumpet, a horn that all shall hear and more, cannot refute as this story is told.”

“See him who has been set around a garden of roses without thorns. A strong flower, a flower bright and knowing; a flower that shall remain to the last days; a flower that all else rejected, amen, except this mountain where it grows. Jesus does not speak in mystery, Jesus speaks clear that all know My Words do not change. I shall raise him; I shall raise him despite the effects of men and their plans of iniquity. He knows his name; the mountain always knows his name, fear not! As the skies rain down all foreign things; as the skies fill with fire, smoke and fog; as the sun is obscured from the eyes of men, the plans of God are not obscured and all true men shall know their rescue is at hand, because I Am come to prepare and shall make ready the ground that will again support My Feet.”

“Men shall know birth and re-birth; men shall know love; men will know discipline in orthodoxy; men, lions, shall know their truth, the truth that made them and I shall raise in these quick, coming days such an answer, such a rebuttal, to all those who denied My means of work and promise. I shall raise such a storm – a great wind to sweep across the nations carried by Me Who made him and all those Angels around him. Do not deny what is of God, for you will be sorely disappointed, chastised and laid down.”

“We do not fear, we are simply waiting and we have been waiting. We will not be crushed, but raise the firmament! I Am proud, so proud of these times. I Am so proud of him who I send and I have made. I Am full of pride, a holy pride that includes the great number of little children who follow him. You need not worry little children, for none can hurt you; I Am who I say I Am. Be delighted!”

“You want more from Me and you shall have more. Changes are coming to the Mass, more changes, changes of old that please Holy God. And as one set down gives his life as a herald of the Church of Christ, no one will deny him, frightened, because he is indefatigable, made so by Eternity. Jesus is not done speaking, I still yet speak: let those with eyes see and ears hear what I Am saying because they hate the dark! Look and see; look and see this stone, great and true, great and ready to break out, who shall be broken out in surprise and there is nothing, nothing to be done as God has brought his means of rescue.”

“Repent, you who know your wrongdoing, you who have complained of time as being too long! You who could not wait a minute more; so see, Jesus controls all time and I have watched and waited, disappointed at the loss of faith. Sad, droopy flowers who reject the goodness of God to search and find your own means; your well is dry and you shall thirst, your place is taken up in this disappointment.”

“Rejoice and be made glad in your patience – in your ready patience; let all those who hope in the Lord come as one under the new Order created, recognised and brought forward in the Church; this is your day of knowledge, do not be tired. Sip from Me, your Well. Little flowers, I know your names, your love, your presence on this mountain soil: rich, deep and good around our oak, our stone, our hope, on the top of this Heavenly Hill.”

“Praise be to Our Father in Heaven!”