Message 662 – 22 February 2012

You will become My Last Vicar under the Name “Peter Abraham II” – Petrus Romanus; My Holy Vicar will soon be removed – Masonic Forces working under hidden dark secrets to bring forth the reign of Satan – Terrible event approaching; Israel to attack Iran; nuclear war; Great Cataclysmic event – Your chains will be broken – I was hidden in the dungeons under the Vatican when the enemy replaced me with a look-a-like – The Church will divide into two camps; the True Church will be driven into modern day catacombs.

LITTLE PEBBLE: It is 4.35pm and the White Cross has been in the sky for some time. My Angel tells me Jesus will come soon.

Jesus comes down and enters my cell on a white beam of Light strewn with red roses. He is dressed in black with a red cape – like a Cardinal – and upon His Head is the triple Tiara of the Papacy. Jesus is standing to my left; He kisses my head and makes the Sign of the Cross and hands me a very royal red rose which enters my heart: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Jesus smiles, but has a sad countenance about Him. He places His right Arm over my shoulder and also His cape, which He places also over my shoulders next to Him. Now coming via the Light I see Saint Peter – a stocky man – and Saint Pope Paul VI, my patron. Both wear the Papal Crowns. Jesus then motions me to listen.

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My blessed son, my pure ‘White Rock’ of the Divine Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Holy Mother and your Pure Spouse. Soon My Rock you will renew My House upon Earth as you will ascend to the Chair of Peter and become My last Vicar under the Name of Peter Abraham II – the Petrus Romanus of the End Times.

My Holy Vicar will soon be removed from the Seat of the Vatican and go into hiding for a short time, leaving the Seat of Peter empty – making way for the Prophet of the Antichrist to take over the Papal Seat. However, know this, My children, for many years the true Pope has been nurtured under the watchful eye of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A great spiritual battle now exists in Rome as the Masonic forces are working under their hidden dark secrets to bring forth the Reign of Satan upon Earth in his full ascended false glory. Watch and pray, My dear children, for this sad period of deception will be over quickly. My Mother and I are now opening the hearts of many children through the Power of God’s Holy Spirit, so all men will truly understand all that has been hidden from men for many, many years.

The Time of Times is now here, sweet children! Keep your hearts clean and holy. Pray, pray as time is short. As a pre-Warning before the Great Warning My Eternal Father will set upon the world great earthquakes to awaken men who have fallen asleep. These many earthquakes will be felt in countries where there have never been such seismic disturbances. All that was unleashed in the time of Moses will once again be placed upon mankind. It is time for Our children to reflect seriously upon their current lives and situations that they have placed themselves in – or allowed themselves to be in. Turn your eyes upon My Merciful Heart, My children; I await you with open Arms.

My children, a terrible event is approaching mankind: the children of Israel will attack Iran shortly bringing on a revolt upon itself from the neighbouring countries. Israel will be surrounded and her allies will not come to its aid. If men do not change their hearts a nuclear war will come and many will die.

Children, once again I call all of you to prepare for the Great Cataclysmic event. Watch the sun and watch the skies, as many signs will be given to you to know when all events will take place. Do not fear, sweet children, because God loves you and cares for you.

Son of My Sacred Heart, I have brought with me today on this Holy Feast Day the Patrons dear to you. Pope Peter I steps forward and Blesses me: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

POPE PETER I: Our Little Pebble, soon to lead Holy Mother Church as the Last Pope: take courage my son. When Jesus chose me to lead the Infant Church I felt inadequate as I was a rough cut simple man, but God, Our Loving Saviour, held my hand and moulded my heart for this mammoth task. Mary Our Holy Mother chose well in choosing you to be the Last Pope, to guide God’s children in the darkest hour of the Church.

Take courage, My son, even though at this time you are in chains, you heart, soul, mind and spirit are not, but shortly your chains will be broken, just as the Angel did for me. Jesus loves you, son, as does all of Heaven. A sign will come your way when you will know your freedom has come. Jesus is sending Holy Claudia to help you. I, with all the Saintly Popes who have come to Heaven, send their Blessings with me in Christ Jesus: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Pope Paul VI, my favourite Pope, comes forward and Blesses me.

POPE PAUL VI: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I wish to give you this gift, my brother – it is a beautiful Crucifix. This was given to me by a very Holy Nun at the time I was hidden in the dungeons under the Vatican, when the enemy replaced me with a false Pope look-a-like. Remember the revelation that was given to the Seer Veronica Lueken (Bayside New York) many years ago? It was at this time the Church changed the Mass – and much more – to take away the true devotion to God and the Blessed Mother.

During these painful hours of my captivity Jesus showed me your face and asked me to offer all for you. I came to Australia to visit God’s children; you came to visit me; you offered a Crucifix to me, but could not hand it to me. I knew of you then, my holy son. We of Heaven love you and pray for you and the whole Mystical Body of Christ on Earth and Purgatory. Take heart, dear son, loved so much by God, as all things given to you by God and His Blessed Mother in Prophetic Word will now unfold. Continue to offer and pray as your time moves forward. God will send you an advocate from Holy Mother Church shortly to take your case of the Order of St Charbel to those in Rome, who will help you.

My beloved children of God, the Church will be divided into two camps after the Great Warning and the short Reign of Peace promised by the Virgin Mary at Fatima (Portugal): one third of the Church will separate from the true Church which will be governed by the false Pope who will follow the Antichrist after Pope Benedict XVI has died. The True Church under you, My son, will be driven into the modern day catacombs, but this will be a short period of the three and a half years.

Children, listen carefully to the words that will come from the mouth of the next [false] Pope. At first he will cater to the desires of the masses, then the major and subtle heresies will come. Pray, dear children – pray the Virgin Mary’s Holy Rosary as this is the greatest weapon you have, and call on the General of the Heavenly Army, Saint Michael the Archangel.

Son, this Crucifix I give you will help you during your Reign as Pope. I love you and send you my Apostolic Blessings with Saint Peter united with all the Holy Popes and Jesus Christ, the Supreme Pontiff: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now moves to my front and places His Triple Crown on my head.

OUR LORD: Soon all will know the truths hidden from man for such a long time as I reveal the Secrets of Heaven through My Prophet of My Sacred Heart of Mercy, Maria Divine Mercy.

Pray, My children, for all the Seers, Prophets, Apostles and Mystics of the Church so that you will be guided by My Word. Pray, My children, for the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, as he is under a heavy heart, as the enemy is trying to force his abdication, or leave Rome.

Son, let not your heart be troubled at this time, as much sadness is in your heart due to so many of our children who have lost their trust and faith in you. This will soon change as all that I have promised you unfolds before their eyes. Remember all that I have told you during the night. I have also been speaking to our Yellow Lily to console you. Trust and continue to be Our humble son, as all is about to come.

I send you and all those souls who love and serve God, My Father’s Blessings on this Great Feast of the Chair of Peter, but know, My children, Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the trials of great suffering upon the world and the Church: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I am Jesus Christ, the Messiah, High Pontiff, the Saviour: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus then kissed me on the forehead; He then whispered that I would reign as Pope in my 63rd year.


(Maria Divine Mercy)

O My Jesus I beg for Mercy for those afflicted by terrible wars. I plead for peace to be instilled in those tortured nations who are blind to the truth of Your existence. Please cover these nations with the Power of the Holy Spirit so that they will stop their pursuit of power over innocent souls. Have mercy on all Your countries that are powerless against evil atrocities which cover the whole world. Amen.


23rd February 2012 – 4pm

Virgin Mary: Pray that Nuclear War can be averted in Iran:

My child it is time for My children to join as one in deference to My Precious Son so that nuclear war can be averted in Iran. This war is very close and you must pray hard to stop it because it will kill millions of God’s children.

Satan and his demons are working to cause terrible destruction. If they kill souls before they are given a chance to redeem themselves in my Son’s eyes, then they are lost. This is the evil one’s plan. He seeks so many souls to prevent them from entering My Father’ Kingdom.

My Holy Rosary can, when recited by saying all the mysteries in one prayer, prevent war children. Unite now for one day and recite my Holy Rosary to stop this nuclear war which is now being planned.

Pray for those poor souls, not just in Iran but in countries who become embroiled unwittingly. Pray also for those poor countries that are being used as pawns in the wicked game of lies being planned by groups, not of God, My Eternal Father. Go now My children and bring all of My children together to pray in order to mitigate this great atrocity against humanity.

Your beloved Mother, Mother of Salvation