Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary – 22 February 2012

RAINBOW ROSE: Placing myself in the presence of Jesus and Mary, I have said my prayers and made promises for this day. I am in my kitchen and I see My Jesus with His Sacred Heart exposed and throbbing. With Him, I see my Guardian Angel. Both Jesus and my Angel are smiling gently and kindly. Jesus wears a simple white tunic that is gathered at the waist, with a thin white belt made with the same material as His tunic. I see that Our Jesus wishes to speak:

Jesus takes steps to be closer to me. I see Our Lord very clearly – beautiful and mighty and so full of love.

JESUS: “My Rainbow Rose, as this humanity continues to step on Me, continues to abuse Me, continues to frighten Me with its debasement – truly there is nothing that this humanity would not do to hurt itself and thereby hurt God who has made it. This humanity that could so easily share in the secrets of the sacred, continues to slide as if covered with grease and mud and slime – all things that wish to kill it! This humanity that continues to rip to shreds the good that surrounds it; this good that as the sand it is (I watch Jesus release sand that is in his right Hand and it spreads, like it is being sown), the sand that only the body is supposed to be – yet more souls are becoming as ash!”

“What a season of Lent this is to be! For those who draw close to Me shall feast upon the fulfilment of My Heart – the very Heart that is the entire containment of the universe – to soar past their own capacities as they snuggle close to Me; poor flowers! And I shall fill them with mysteries that are beyond speaking and noise; a silence and contemplation – as they wish to be drawn in – that will not frighten, only lift man to heights that will allow great contemplation of My Face, and even greater contemplation of My Love for them!”

“For as Satan continues with his noise – continues in the diabolical – as the days pass and quicken and deepen, there will be an even greater distinguishing of the light and the dark. It will be seen in everything: in science, in nature, in the sky and in the land. It will be seen by those who wish to see Me and all these hearts need do is call to Me. Just once, just once, that is all that is necessary – as a drowning man can gasp only out a last final word before he is submerged and overtaken by the waves that threaten to perish him under.”

“My Messages will begin again; I will, in an unprecedented manner, create at my disposal an unprecedented number of voice-boxes throughout the world, in every language, from every corner. My messages, My Words, MY WARNING, will not be avoided. Remain steadfast, as you [are] to become busy again and very public. This Lent Rainbow Rose, the standard of the Cross and suffering is raised as a torn sheet, that flaps in the wind, torn because the wind against it has beat it. Be not afraid.”

“And it is for My Peter Abraham to know, the waiting that he has been doing will become clear, that much he has questioned – even of his own iron-clad mission, his own strongbox of resolve – will be matched in the activity of God.

“Pay attention to your Church. See how tired and weary and grey has become the little white martyr. This is important. For more and more does he in the current seat of Peter rely on God, so his very breath is taken in. Much evil has filled the stair wells, the rooms, the Chapels, of that place; so sacred, so important to God and still important, not because of what it contains but because of what has been brought out from there! The full secrets of the catechism released and upheld in the demonstration of the Sacraments, delivered from the earliest days! Even as the dome sinks into the ground, it is not the edifice of the building but the edifice of the sacred held within men: their orthodoxy of the past and the desperate defence of their future that upholds it, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it! It is this orthodoxy that must be listened to, that must be defended as a people of faith.”

“Do not be fooled: what I have set down as law within the Church, demonstrated and defined in the fullness of men filled with the Holy Ghost and listening with their ears pressed up against the Mouth and Heart of God, cannot be torn away! What a Pope has set down within the Church cannot be abdicated, cannot be dissolved – ever – that would negate the omnipresence, the eternity of God for men. Our rules do not change. What one has set down cannot be erased by another, and there is no excuse, no debasement of character, no feigned disease that would allow for this ever to happen! Pay attention.”

“Canon Law cannot be changed with the wave of a hand, and Canon Law may only be improved, augmented in its purposes of the Church that well and truly and ONLY uphold the Most Blessed Sacrament. Anything that takes away from the walls of men’s hearts, towards its adoration or glorification within the Church is a lie, do you see?”

“Revelation is being fulfilled and played out within your midst. You will see again the coming of the Son of Man and I will carry around Me the littlest children of Heaven. There will be a great ‘bringing together of the whole truth, and those who do not fall under this banner, will simply and quickly and of their own free will, fall to the wayside. All those who have mocked it, shall weep as the rain; all those who have tried to bring about its destruction shall suffer their own, as they have wished it.”

“These are not regular days, even as the minutes still make up the hour and the hours make up the day, I know what fills them. We are on the cusp; this great generation, who shall see and decide for themselves who has told the truth, who has always told the truth and who in short minutes shall destroy those having thought they could stop what comes. I know what makes a fraud; a lie is never survived and I have done what I have done to expose all.”

“This Heart (I watch Jesus point to His Own Heart) has throbbed for men and continues to pulsate for them as a great sun; the Only Son who will pour out again His Blessed Blood for man’s use and cure. I will open My Storehouse, that dark men can’t see or look upon, and men shall know again I speak the truth and what comes is not a fairy tale! I will defeat man’s complacency! The very thing that God uses to give man a greater chance of conversion is the very weapon they use against God in their own boredom!”

“Yes, yes, this is a Lent unlike any other to match its defining year. A page has turned in the march of time and in the regeneration of the truth! Look, as the signs of war advance, surely you can see them. Look at the men of frivolity who care not of man’s worth! Look at these captains of government who only advance the secret agenda that does not involve God. There is an agency that shall ‘spring up’, an agency that has existed for a long time, but will exchange sovereignty for food, a food that shall never reach the poor, but gathered together and disposed of. Do you suppose that when God created the Earth He did not plan for the multiplication of man and what he must eat? For many, food shall become their god.”

“The control of food shall become tantamount; for many this has already happened, but governments will be further complicit in this scheme of world domination and national death. Food will become currency and that is why it is so furiously controlled. Jesus is telling you days in the future so you shall know the Divine Source of these Words, as man always needs proof.”

I Am in advance of man. I anticipate man as Creator. God did not first make the bird without the tree; God did not first make water without the land, so fish knew where they should live, and so too, you, My brothers and sisters, My little ones! I shall make a place where you shall know to go because you will see* him rise up, not of his own might but the might of Jesus that surrounds him. He shall tell you an incredible story and you shall know it is truth because of the light that shines out within him. When shall he tell you this? As the dust settles and as the sceptre and rod are placed within his hands! Be his help.”

“My Love throbs for you. Do you not know you are the very beats of His Heart that sends the blood to His limbs, to His Brain, to His Organs?  I say your name in the silence of your hearts and in saying it, I have anticipated your place beside Me in the safety of the Sacrifices which must be made and in the rebuilding of the Church that will occur when these days of Lent have passed. It is so, I want it! In that rebuilding I will give you every tool and I shall shower you with the means of Myself so that as in the words of Saint John: ‘Of all the things that Jesus did, and which, had they been written, I do not think the world could contain the books that should be written’”.

“Peace to you; Peace to all – a peace these days that signals My Coming. A peace that silences the noise of war. A peace that is fragrant around you, and ever as you love it, so know the depth of this Love I have for you and all men.”

“Praise be to God”


(Referring to the Last Pope or Peter Abraham)