Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary – 26 May 2012

RAINBOW ROSE: After Holy Mass this Morning, praying a Divine Mercy Chaplet and beginning the Joyful Mysteries, I see Our Lord in the usual spot where He appears when He comes in this room.  Our Lord wears a white tunic and looks very solemn. I pray an Act of Contrition and three Saint Michael prayers. Jesus stands watching as I look. Jesus says:

JESUS: “Do you see Me?


JESUS: “I would wish you to write. Please complete your Rosary.”

RAINBOW ROSE: I feel Jesus and see Him as the Rosary is being prayed; His Head is bowed deeply, He stands tall and His Hands are together with interlaced Fingers; Jesus’ Eyes are closed. After it is finished, I present myself to Jesus for His use:

My Jesus, I believe you have called me to write, thank you for this work! I place myself at Your beautiful Feet. Dispose of me, Jesus my love! I await your Words.

JESUS: “My Rainbow Rose, be at peace; It is true I have called you; be not afraid. This that goes out is under your title of Rainbow Rose.

JESUS: My Dearest Little Children; here again is your Jesus come to you on a serious matter.  Serious My dears, because it comes upon the world so quickly but you must not fear. Very soon governments around the world shall reveal who they have been dealing with; they will say these powers are from another world and wish to help you – but they do not. Many governments are over their heads, with entire governments being run through diabolical possession. They will say these ‘aliens’ are ‘our friends’ – your friends, indeed My little ones; this is not true. These ‘aliens’ as we know are demons in the skies and then you can know the Antichrist has come out in full.  These ‘helpers’ are minions – agents – and it will become clear to the children of the Light who these ‘people’ are. PRAY YOUR ROSARY and remain unafraid.”

“My Littlest children, you are with the protection of God and shall not be eaten. These agents shall wish to ‘consume’ human flesh with veracious appetites; I say this now so you know what you are dealing with in plain sight. Be not afraid! It seems far-fetched, it seems unreal; I assure you these things are very real and work to capitulate mankind. Your Jesus is here!”

“My dears, the days of these events are very close. You shall not be harmed – I will not allow it – but you will see a lot that you never thought you would! These are your days, My children, the days that are the envy of the Saints. Prepare!”

“The Warning: the darkness and the Illumination are close at hand, as the shadows grow taller as the sun sets. My foes will be upon the Earth in their full numbers and you will not wish to view it and so we cover our homes and shelter ourselves in protection. God is with you and there is none that you are to fear. Make peace with your brother – all of mine, before this time. Make peace with your neighbours and friends so there is no scratch against your souls; Jesus wants you pristine.”

“I Am with you and will not leave. Prepare your Cenacles, that is all I ask of you. My children, so soon is your Vicar released from his prison; so soon do we cross to the other side in the Plan of God. Amen. I Bless you all + In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen

RAINBOW ROSE: Later, after prayer and again in the presence of Our Blessed Saviour I asked Jesus this question for clarity:  My Jesus, you say make peace with your brother, neighbours and friends, if we are a child of yours shouldn’t peace already exist?

JESUS: “While it is true, My children, love – peace – there are many who have not reached out in ‘fullness’; what does that mean? Ask your conscience; appeal to the Holy Ghost – the answer will be shown; I do not want a blemish remaining. I ask for a heroic forgiveness, an extraordinary temperance: those who have annoyed you, those who have ‘set your teeth’? I ask this: Let Jesus come into your hearts as a throne room that gleams in golden light – bathing in it – so there is a refuge for Him untold! Let your illumination not be littered with one scrap! Ask the Holy Ghost as Pentecost approaches: have you criticized, have you questioned, because YOU THINK you know better? For My children these are tough examinations, made easy in My Arms.  Let Me snuggle you! Has that ‘ego’ got the better of you? Greet all with enthusiasm; come as a babe who cannot do anything by themselves. Be at peace; Jesus only wishes to deepen this pool, so He Himself may swim in it. I love you all. Be aware of your mouths.”