Q & A The Little Pebble and Yellow Lily (2012 Part 3) – 24 July 2012

Questions – 24 July 2012, Little Pebble: 

YELLOW LILY: I approach Our Blessed Lord with William’s letter once again. I come to Jesus after 3 holy Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, a Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3 pm., proclamations to the Sacred Heart, private prayers, the Magnificat at 6 pm, my Act of Contrition, prayer to the Angels and St. Michael for protection and kisses for the Holy Crucifix.

I look up from typing and I see Jesus standing by me in His ‘spot’.  Jesus wears a white tunic, He is tall, smiling and His blue Eyes are shining. Jesus holds a large fish in His left Hand. I say to Jesus, “I am nothing, please help me!”  Jesus smiles.

I ask Jesus what the fish is for?

JESUS: “My Elaine is not to be afraid, this fish is for you. Elaine, things are going to get easier. This, (Jesus extends the fish out to me) is a sign of prosperity.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus says gently:

JESUS: “I will take care of you. I know things have been hard, but this is about to change, wait on the time of the Lord; in His goodness Elaine, does He not work to meet the necessities of those who love Him – more than meet them but surpass them in unwavering generosity?  I promise My help Elaine, do not fear.”

YELLOW LILY: I thank Jesus and touch my lips as a sign of a kiss from my heart; Jesus blows a kiss back with His right Hand. I ask Jesus if I may present more of letter 19 to Him. Jesus nods.

It is revealed that Pope Peter II is part of the Secret of Fatima and it says: “He will have a personal struggle with the Antichrist; this forms part of the Great Chastisement coming to the world – and Pope Peter II will Consecrate Russia!” Is that true?

JESUS: This is indeed so.  The 3rd secret reveals the complete breakdown of the Vatican hierarchy, – this is what frightened many of your predecessors and indeed William, the ‘misinterpretation’ of My Mother’s words to Lucia led to the convening of Vatican II.  You will have a very personal struggle with the Antichrist and his henchmen of course you will because you are set to refute word-for-word, the ‘garble’, the garbage, the sacrilege which will set itself upon the Earth.”

“You will consecrate Russia, but there is a much deeper meaning here William, both concerning the people and the Church of Russia. With Russia united, other rites follow and ecclesiastical communities who have fallen prey to the heresies of Luther, sloughed off in a fullness of truth.  It will not be the ‘rites’ that separate the church, it will be souls themselves: the ill-vigilant, ‘the asleep’ against those who remain awake with oil brimming in their lamps.”

03.03.2010 – Duke Puntalangit:

“The destruction of the Church will be so perfectly executed, that unless Heaven intervenes…. This will be started by the true Antichrist in person and ended by the Celestial Purging. The war – World War III – will end and Rome will prosper – she will be a true prostitute; there will be peace but it will not be of God. After the Celestial Purging, only Saints – the innocent – will survive.”

JESUS: William, we know well what this means, the false peace!  Our enemy will ascend, is ascending, has ascended to the top of his throne of snakes, there is nothing out of his ‘control’, souls only have themselves and their hope – their relationship with God, prayer and the movement of Divine Providence, as nothing – despite the engines of the world – can defeat our inevitable victory.”

“ As he rises, we are already ready, yes, even now ready!  We have planned for it; are not all the warnings of Holy Divinity clearly visible for the world within the word?  We defeated this anti-victory with the creation of Mary, with the Incarnation and every moment after – how is that  far-reaching! And you will say just these words My William, as you shore up souls and their understanding, their protection, the protection being offered to them! The celestial purging, when all the demons are chained in Hell and Jesus and Mary walk again; the coming of the New Jerusalem!  Heaven on Earth and Earth to Heaven!  The realisation of Paradise, defeating death as none of these many centuries has occurred except in the victory of the saints and the great heritage of the church!  Ecstasy for souls!”

Questions – 25 July 2012, Little Pebble:

YELLOW LILY: I approach Heaven after 2 Holy Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary, invocations to the Sacred Heart, my Act of Contrition, honouring the Holy Shoulder, and the Holy Angels, prayers to Saint Michael, Holy reading and prayers to Our Blessed Mother.

18.03.2010 “The Last Pope Peter II will have a personal struggle with the devil himself. The Last Pope will suffer much, because of the failure of previous Popes not Consecrating Russia.”

“America will continue to be plunged into deep economic and political turmoil.”

YELLOW LILY: I see Jesus in His normal spot, wearing a white tunic, looking down at me.  He is tall peaceful and loving.

JESUS: “Their personal struggle will be for the good of souls!  It will be a very personal battle because it will pit personage against personage, their beliefs, what they propose and the very different paths for souls. William, yours will not be popular, his will. His road wide and easy; your road, very narrow and full of roughness, full of sacrifice, danger and unfamiliar ground.  Unfamiliar, despite known history AND despite the advancements your predecessor makes within the Church even now; despite what he will do for you in his support, this will be a hard fight, because so much is against him. Russia’s errors have become so ingrained and far-reaching, she will become deadly for the world as a black scorpion full of venom that waves its tail around crushing nations, poisoning nations and inflicting others with its policies…The third world war will come out of Russia, as she begins now to shred the middle-east in preparation.  The evil that is being committed in the backrooms of the United Nations is unprecedented in its assault, as it tries to bend the world to its will.”

“The economics of the United States, My Mother’s America, will continue to deepen and threaten and weaken (her). She has given herself in full way to become a completely Masonic state, and if it were not for the good of individual souls and efforts from them, she would be lost.  She will have to continue to dig her toes in the sand; she will have to accept a complete reformation! The Church there has much to battle because the Catholic populous has become complacent and complicit in allowing evil to occur. I will save her as the Mass is protected in the hearts of her people – My people!”

25.03.2010 “The war shall erupt in the Middle East – Israel, Syria – 13 days to reach U.S.A. – 13 weeks to reach Italy – Revolution!”

JESUS: “Yes, this is how it will begin, Rosaries can mitigate a count of days, and can ‘widen’ a time line, but with this aggression you will see the economics spill  forward in a great sea of unrest and diplomatic manipulation. Italy is about to be smartly – abruptly affected, as much has been hidden from the people. There will be great unrest and bloodshed. The Vatican will be at the centre of the turmoil and dragged into the middle, poor Papa!”

YELLOW LILY: (Jesus looks very downcast as I look up)

JESUS: “Innocence pays! They will (the enemies of the Church) try and blame the Church for present economic woes – say it was part of a cover-up. This will continue to spread like wildfire around the rest of Europe with absurdity – move to other continents, engulf the world…Single currency will emerge.”

26.03.2010 “When the Pope leaves the devil strikes. The enemy will bring on the war to stop the Pope from declaring the Final Dogma. The Pope must not leave Rome. When violence has erupted he should not go to Russia to resolve a crisis.”

JESUS: “The Pope will be forced to leave Rome, he does not want to leave, but must escape to continue to declare what he must proclaim; he will know he must proclaim it because he will be given an undeniable sign. The Pope will briefly return to Rome before he is removed and hands the ‘keys’ to his rightful Successor. This ‘declaration’ is one of the things the truly faithful must recognise as part of the elect to come. This declaration is My formal declaration of war and defeat to Satan himself. The Pope will be invited to Russia, he will not go there; he will save her Patriarchs. Russia will have many martyrs after, unified in the Church.”

Question – 27 August 2012, Little Pebble

LITTLE PEBBLE: Elaine, I would like to know more about my role as the 7th Trumpet for Jesus?

YELLOW LILY: I present myself to Our Most Blessed Lord and our Most Blessed Mother to answer this for William after assisting at Holy Mass, the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the Presence of the Sacred Eucharist, 4 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary repeated calls to Saint Michael for protection and kisses on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I look to My left and Jesus is beside my chair; He has crouched down beside me. Dressed in a white tunic with a red mantle, Our Most Blessed Lord replies:

JESUS: “What does a trumpet do? Makes noise. You are My Warning, William, to the people of the state of the Church; My Alarm, My Sound, to get the people’s attention – we watch then, who covers their ears. It is a far-reaching sound when steadily blown, with a steady tone. It can be played hard and soft, directly affecting its Message – how it is said and how it is received.”

“A Trumpet is a ‘Herald’, the ‘Announcer’, who readies the room for the grand entrance!  A trumpet is light to carry; it is not cumbersome, but has great strength that is not easily bent or broken; the trumpet is moulded, it is bright and can be polished to gleaming! Jesus can place this directly against My Lips and it will repeat exactly as it is played through its tip. The trumpet is a friend to the ear!”

“It is small, making a big noise and it is deafening in its persistence! It is a single body with little parts that respect their base, while the body remembers as these little parts are used, it can make different notes and widen its scale. There is much to think about here, William. The trumpet signals joy and the trumpet announces doom. Its music shall reach all those who want to hear it, and respect its notes. The trumpet can silence talking in a moment and punctuate a message with its sound. The trumpet can pierce its notes up over any din, rising to be heard clear and true. It is admired and respected because of its consistent sound, held and played in the hands of its master, giving it the notes to be made and the music to be played. The trumpet has a specific sound, a singular message that does not change. It is the sound of hope; it is the signal of promise and unwavering as the wind blows through it.”

YELLOW LILY: I look up and I see Jesus smile, He says:

JESUS: “William will like this. I Am the God of many clues, ever allowing those I use – curious as they are – to remain My ‘mysteries of faith’.  Moses did not know as much as I reveal to My Pebble!”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus is smiling deeply, (enjoying an internal thought).  Jesus tells me:

JESUS: “Thank you”.

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, can I ask about the significance of 7th?

JESUS: “Be not afraid, My Elaine, this is My number. It has to do with the past, the present and the future combining into one. Seven is significant to God; it is a number known to God as a prime. It is unequalled, divisible unto itself as to encompass the entire globe.”

“Significant as the ‘Head’ of the trumpets. “7” is specific to timing in revelation as how revelation is to unfold, is unfurling and as a role with the other ‘trumpets’ around it. It is prophesy revealed for those who truly study the Word of God and events as they are now taking place. More ‘trumpets’ are to be revealed.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus, what do you mean, “Has to do with past, present and future combining into one”?

JESUS: “This ‘Trumpet is where all these meet in prophesy; reveals the omnipresence and timelessness of God as knowing all things and as this time plays out.

YELLOW LILY: Thank you my Jesus!

Question – 3 September 2012, Little Pebble

YELLOW LILY: I approach our Most Blessed Lord after reading this wonderful Message with all the excerpts and clues provided by Jesus as to what we are to be facing, asking, as requested, if there is anything He would like to add.

JESUS: “Understand the many clues that God has provided to those WHO WILL LISTEN, and still more will He provide. People pray, please pray! Dedicate yourselves to seeking the silence and the solitude that is necessary to hear My Voice and respond to Me! God is about to affect the whole world, all inhabitants; that does not stop Jesus from helping each individual in their readiness for what is to come – each soul, but you must seek Me out in the density of noise and ill-will that surrounds you. You cannot afford to be indifferent to Me and what is about to quickly overtake the world!”

“You, you,have a responsibility to seek Me out, just as a child must seek out their parent as they feel hunger or the cold, as a need presses against their senses. You, you, in grown conscience: you are responsible for your preparations, just as – and more so – those preparations of internal things. Have you been neglectful in the Sacraments, in charity?  Have you, even of those who know Me and especially them: have you been prejudicial, judgemental, have you hindered another in their faith through this judgement?”

“Beg My Sacred Heart! Squeeze It out, so that as drops, as floods, you can know that I Am truly with you in those terrifying and chaotic moments, so you are not terrified and chaotic, rather, accepting and rejoicing, anticipating and welcoming, despite what may surround you outside; there is nothing to fear! You have done all you can do; you have taken others under your wings and you can know with all assurance: Jesus is with you as God and there is nothing to fear, nothing shall over-take you wherever you are.”

“Am I not every warning, every preparedness? Am I not the vigilant one? Take advantage then of this next clue: as the stars line up, as the Planets do, those old markers used in the sky for thousands of years will change, people will say: where is the Big Dipper? Where is the Northern Star? Where is the Southern Cross? Where are those known constellations that have marked the skies, have guided ships and men? Where are the tides as they once were? Nothing is as it is. Indeed: nothing will be as it is.”

“Know, My People, as the comets come into your skies, as quickly as these move, those who know Me, who may even know little of the time, can know this: even before the comets collide; even before everything is made to rattle and made to look as to fall, those with My Eyes who turn themselves to the Heavens will see the on-coming crash and there too is time in that; use it!”.

“Be warned: him who is My enemy, who hates Me but must submit to Me, will say in certain time this sign was indeed his ‘rising’ – not so; untrue, liar! This sign My Cross, is Mine alone, a sign of his demise. Be brave as these times come upon us! Do not listen to the Media who with the help of false science will declare this in the sky as simply an ‘amazing phenomenon’, a ‘curious event’, as nothing to be worried about except to call it a ‘near miss’! This is no coincidence that does not exist with us: all is God’s, all for you.”

“I Bless you My Dear Ones; I Bless you ‘My Intrepids’, My true Followers and Brave Believers. Mark also these words I say, in union with Peter II as the choice of Almighty God. Watch the truth in these events as they unfold. Mark the richness of My advice as you follow it, remaining at peace, in silence, as I speak beforehand: In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  Amen.”  Your Jesus.

Question – 4 October 2012 – Little Pebble

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, I come to You on behalf of Your poor Little Pebble. Maria Divine Mercy indicated to Fr. [name withheld], that your Little Pebble is a ‘Chosen Soul’. A certain soul says this means little as we are all called chosen souls. Your Little Pebble believes there is a greater distinction to be made than what this soul applies to this term. My Love, can you please define what you mean by ‘Chosen Soul’.

I decide to sing to Jesus, to make a tiny song, so His Heart will melt! As I finish my tune Jesus comes, He is very close on my right, in His spot. He is crouched down to my level and I can tell Jesus loves my ditty to Him – He smiles and I tease Him that He is a “big softie” and He bows His Head down and smiles shyly, eyes closed, nodding in agreement with me. His left Forearm – Elbow to Hand rests on the edge of my kitchen table where I am typing. Jesus wears a white tunic and is BEAUTIFUL, all love and kindness shines out from Him.

JESUS: “We are all predicted by God as being from in His mind to be beings of love and light for the whole world. We are called to take God, our Creator, Our Father, to all we meet by our goodness and our charity – a charity that does not disparage another even in disagreement, even when we are angry. Yes, all are called ‘chosen’, as born of God, by God and through God, but there is more: ‘chosen’ as meaning, to discover and take up one’s mission through prayer and discernment.”

“Yes we are called, all, ‘chosen’ but one cannot deny that for some there is a greater consequential acceptance when we say ‘Yes’ to what God has in store for the people of God, in the Kingdom of God. Mary is a Chosen Soul, Peter is a Chosen Soul, every Saint is a Chosen Soul – yet would you deny that some Saints have been called to the fore, to be remembered unto this age and recognised by the Church, as being known for their heroism and the completion of what God has asked them to do. ‘Chosen’ as being: God’s choice.”

“There are some who have been made and brought forth, while remaining vigilant to ‘the voice within’ who, in an ‘agreement of will’ take up their Cross for the share of others who do not have a mind to – who are their brother’s keeper. There are Chosen Souls unto which there has been heaped the lion’s share and with that responsibility, more is brought to them.”

“Yes, we are all, ‘chosen souls’ but when God uses that as a description, when, of all the expressions He can use, He uses that one, you can know there is a larger meaning behind it – as to be one of particular connotation. Jesus could have easily said to Maria Divine Mercy, “He is a good soul…He is a kind soul…He is a loving soul…”, all of these are just as easily applied to one who believes they have a Father in Heaven, as to have nothing escape His Heavenly Eye and protection. But Jesus did not say these things, Jesus told His Maria-Prophet in such a way as for her to know: this Chosen Soul, means something to Me and has a job under Me, as to be particular and with meaning. There is a ‘gravitas’ with these words to her, “He is a Chosen Soul”; there is a Mystery to these Words for those who hear it spoken and to whom this is referred. There is a seriousness in these Words, so others can know he bears the Cross of Christ; we are intimates and inseparable, his faith in Me constant and his love, immoveable, living My Words: “Be not afraid!”

“I Bless this Message and all who believe it; it is true and from Me as to carry with its opening and comprehension, a great wisdom to unfold within the heart.”  Amen.+ Jesus