Message 668 – 5 October 2012

Men will be gripped in fear to witness the world at the brink of the Third World War – Prominent Statesman in Middle East assassinated; Illumination where men will see Me Face to Face – I will send mankind the Great Miracle fortified by My Spirit – Final persecution where Antichrist will avenge all that was lost; Mark of the Beast; many martyred – Sign of the Cross seen in Jerusalem to show beginning of the Tribulation; Israel surrounded by enemies and laid waste – God would nurture the Last Pope, Petrus Romanus to lead the Remnant Church – A true Chosen soul will never contradict their own revelations.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I have been preparing all morning for the arrival of the Eternal Father and as I say my Rosary, the White Cross, which is very bright, appears in the sky. There are many Angels coming and the Eternal Father, looking very majestic, comes forward. He is wearing a long white gown and over this He has a very beautiful purple robe. From around His Neck – fanning outwards – the Angels from very small to very large, millions of them, dressed in pastel colours – form a type of robe like a long wedding veil, which stretches for miles. The Eternal Father has beautiful, very wavy, white long Hair down to His Shoulders and a long white beard. He does not look old, and He looks like Jesus. He is not wearing a Crown, only a Triangle of Light. He holds a sceptre of gold with a cross on top. His Eyes are like fire, but deep blue like Jesus’ Eyes. He smiles and makes the Sign of the Cross. +

Behind Him, and behind the White Cross, I see a rainbow and blue sky, yet I see stars twinkle. The Eternal Father smiles and tells me to be attentive and write what He dictates. I see my Guardian Angel, Saint Menoloutis to my left watching me write and I see Saint Petrosia, my Papal Angel to my right, and the Messenger Angel, Saint Sacramessugus now next to the Eternal Father. Little Amor-Dei, the Heart of God Angel, is standing above me; I see the Archangels, Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, to the right of the Eternal Father and now I see Saint Enoch and Saint Elijah, the Prophets of Old, come into my cell.

ETERNAL FATHER: “I Bless you, My little son, Prophet of the Threefold Covenant of the End Time, known by Heaven and Earth as the Little Pebble of Divine Love – a title given to you by My Holy Daughter, Mary the Immaculate your Mystical Spouse – A Divine Mystery yet to be revealed in its entirety. I greet all My sweet children of the Earth. I, as your Creator, come to Earth at this time to Herald the arrival of My Divine Son, Jesus, the only true Messiah, who was sent to the world two thousand years ago to save, rescue and redeem mankind from the enslavement of Satan, through the Sacrifice of His Life on the Living Cross, purchasing your souls with His Blood, and Co-Redeeming men with the Pure Tears and Immolation of His Holy Mother.”

“It is now time for My Divine Son, Jesus, to claim His rightful Inheritance as King of Kings over all humanity, and return to Earth once again to this time – Rule the Earth as He does in Heaven, so that Satan’s rule over men will be vanquished for a very long Earthly time; where he and his Fallen Angels will be chained in the Underworld with his Antichrist and False Prophet Pope, who will be cast into Hell just before the arrival of My Divine Son, Jesus, in the clouds with the Army of Angels and Saints.” 

“My children, the battle-lines are drawn and the war of the Spirits begins where the Angel Exterminateus will go throughout the world and cut down many souls who will be lost to Heaven. This is the fight to the end, My children, but it will be won by the Heavenly Army united with the Saints on Earth. All that was revealed by the Prophets of God – Daniel [and] John of the Apocalypse, of New and the Modern day Prophets, will now unfold swiftly.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: While the Eternal Father was saying this I saw two Great Angels holding what seemed to me two fiery balls, like Comets; they were ready to throw them towards each other.

ETERNAL FATHER: “Son, what you now see is the event which will mark the beginning of the Great Tribulation, and just before this the War will escalate in the Middle East with Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Iran – and Israel in heavy conflict; men will be gripped in fear as they witness the world at the brink of the Third World War.” 

“Time is now truly very short for mankind and I tell you this, My children: men must reconcile with God and turn their lives completely around and prepare, not only in material matters like food, water, medicine, heat, clothing and such, but spiritually – forgiving each other; uniting with each other; spending time in prayer and family time; mending broken hearts. Children of all faiths and creeds who believe in Me as their Creator: unite, My children, and fight the common enemy of your souls – Satan! Even though his time is short he will continue to destroy as many families, souls and Kingdoms – dividing all to take God’s children from Eternal Life to Eternal Damnation. United you will stand – divided you will fall!”

Children, the Sign I will give you that the Third World War is at hand is when a prominent Statesman in the Middle East is assassinated; watch and pray. Those who are Catholic, take up the Rosary and go to Confession and Mass; those of other faiths, pray to Me, your Eternal Father Who Loves all mankind.”

“Children, within a few months the great sorrows will begin, but as I am a God of Mercy I will send you the Great Illumination where all men will see and hear Me Face-to-Face. I will send the Purifying Fires within your souls: children who are in Grace have nothing to fear, but all children will know the state as they currently will be if they were to die at that moment. Then all children will know of the Truth of God and His Messiah Who was sent by God to save men.”

“All men will be shown a path they must travel to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which will descend upon Earth after the Second Coming of My Divine Son Jesus, where all men will live in total bliss and happiness where no sin shall be. For those children who reject God’s Mercy, they will be shown another path should they persist in sin – their King will be Satan and Eternal Damnation and Hell fire will be that path.”

“After the world has recovered from the Great Warning, I will send mankind the Great Miracle so that men will be fortified by My Spirit, and this Miracle will be seen in all Holy Places on Earth so that men will recognise the truth of My Word. Many cures, conversions and miracles will be given at these Holy Shrines and through all My Prophets, Seers and Visionaries. This is to show men all those whom I have chosen over these many years, so that no man can say these are false chosen souls of God.”

“God will restore families, loved ones, friends and even souls who were torn apart through envy, jealousy, hatred and betrayal – and for a short time peace will be given to man until the Antichrist and his prophet and his disciples recover from the shocks of My Manifested Power of the Warning and Miracle. Then will come the final persecutions and wars where the Antichrist will avenge all that was lost, and attack the Saints on Earth by introducing the One World Order Government, currency, world vaccination and the Mark of the Beast, to control all humanity. He will send out his false prophets and disciples to tempt the world and enslave the human race far worse than the time of Hitler and the other dictators. Many will be martyred in those days as the blood of the lambs will flow to complete the number of the martyred Saints who will be washed by the Blood of the Lamb.”

“After this time, My children, when all Seals have been opened by the Lamb of God and the Scrolls read out – and the Trumpets have sounded when the Prophets Enoch and Elijah have completed their Mission in the Holy Land of My Divine Son – Saint Michael will come down and cast the Antichrist and his false prophet pope, his many prophets and disciples, into Hell and chain them until the given time. I will then send the Final Chastisement to the Earth of fire, and the final Three Days of Darkness, and all those marked with the Sign of My Divine Son Jesus, will be raptured to Me, Jesus, Face-to-Face in His Second Coming.”

“Shortly, My children, the Sign of My Son’s Cross will be seen in Jerusalem – this will show mankind the beginning of the Tribulation. Israel will be surrounded by its enemies and laid waste, for its Allies will withdraw as their own homeland will be at the brink of invasion. All that I have told you today has been revealed to many Prophets and Seers around the world, and My children ask why! It is because, like a good Father Who Loves His children, He does not wish any of His children lost. It is for this reason the Words of God are repeated many times. Oh, My beautiful children, if only you knew how much your Heavenly Father Loves you! One day soon you will know.”

“Pray, My children, for your Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, for his time now is very short – only in the months – as he will soon leave Rome once the revolution in Italy begins and the Red Forces move upon the Vatican. The powerful Secret Societies of the “Freemasons” and the “Illuminatarians” – Arms of the Octopus of the “Club of Rome” – and the “League of Nations” will force the Pope to leave, giving way for the false prophet pope to take over the Seat of Rome.”

 “Now, My children, I will explain a Mystery to you which has been hidden from mankind for many, many years; within the Secrets of Fatima My Holy Daughter revealed to Lucia that while the Last Pope, who would reign before the false pope reigned, hidden from the multitude, God would nurture the Last Pope, Petrus Romanus. He would be the Mystic Pope – one who would head the Mystic Church upon Earth – the Last Prince of the Apostles who will lead the Remnant Church during the Great Tribulation, as a Bishop united with the Last Apostles during the Great Tribulation until Jesus Returns. This Mystic Pope is the Prophet of the Threefold Covenant. With time I will reveal more of the Mystery when the final Seals are broken.”

“Today, My children, I have given you a long discourse because soon many of the Prophets, Visionaries and Seers will no longer receive public Messages – only private ones – as the Church will go into hiding. However, I, with My Divine Son Jesus, and Our Holy Spirit, with the Virgin Mary and the Heavenly Choir, will continue to direct and guide Our children on Earth until the Second Coming of the Messiah.”

“And finally, My precious holy son, I wish to address you: soon, My Divine Son Jesus will speak to all the Public Seers, Prophets and Visionaries about all the true Chosen Souls on Earth, revealing those of the past one hundred years, and those currently, so that God’s children will not be confused by the false Seers, Visionaries and Prophets, as the evil one has caused much confusion amongst Our children. However, as a sign of authenticity, true Chosen Souls who can be Prophets Visionaries, Seers, Voice-boxes and victim souls who are directed from Heaven, will never contradict their own revelations, nor contradict another Chosen Soul. However, many receive Divine Revelations to enhance another Chosen Soul’s revelations to uphold the full Teachings of the Holy Spirit. The Gospels of Saints Luke, Matthew, Mark and John repeat the Words of God, but differently as it was given to them by the Holy Spirit, yet say and mean the same things – likewise, dear children, God does the same with the modern day Chosen Souls.”

“Do not attack God’s chosen Instruments; test the spirits as taught by the Saints and Holy Mother Church; Judge no one – if you doubt or question a revelation given by one of the Chosen Souls, pray and seek guidance. Never judge, My children, for as you judge so shall you be Judged. Never attack a Chosen Soul, even if you do not understand, because My Justice is swift and severe against all those who calumniate a Chosen Soul. Do men know the Mind of God?”

My son, many children, even Chosen Souls, have maligned and attacked your credibility; fear not, I am your defender and soon the truth will be known, as their souls and minds will be illuminated. There are only a very few Chosen Souls and Prophets who have received the gift of supernatural discernment – one is you, and the other is Maria Divine Mercy. There are a few others as well and some Priests, but these are in the few; it depends upon the Mission given by Heaven.”

“Over these last days the Angels have been speaking to you about many things, My holy son. All will now turn to your favour, My child, as your time is approaching, so that you can fulfil the Mission the Virgin Mary has given you. The operation of recent times has caused you much suffering I know, but it had a purpose and all will turn to good, even though all seems impossible for men. Your scalp and natural hair will regrow as a small Miracle from Me. Yes, they have scarred you, but fear not. The Angel Saint Amor-Dei, whom I gave you as a reward for your fidelity and faithfulness to Me, has always remained with you during this time of suffering. Remain at peace for all that you have asked for and prayed for will be given to you shortly.”

“Those who once loved you but now are betraying you – even trying to stop you from leaving from where you are – will be awakened very abruptly, as I am a God of Justice and Truth. I will Speak through many to show the truth of souls.”

“Shortly, My Divine Son, Jesus, will open up another Seal and men will be astounded. Locked within the Seals are the names of all true Chosen Souls of God.”

“I Love you, My son, My little White Rock of the Apocalypse. Do not be troubled in heart, for those whom I have collected to help you to be set free will come your way shortly. Remember the Angels sent by Me in human form as revealed to My daughter, Maria Divine Mercy, are of this category. Take courage son, because I have chosen you as I did others, before you were conceived – My predilected son. I Bless you and Kiss your sorrowful heart: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: It was 10.45am when I wrote this last line – at that very moment I was called away to the Clinic. It amazed me, but as I went the Vision I had remained, and the Eternal father said He will remain with me until I return to my cell, as He wishes to speak to me privately. I see the Eternal Father as clearly as I see my hand.

I return to my cell and I see the Angels which formed God’s Cloak as they disperse around the world. Each Angel held a golden chain which had attached to it a triangular medal and written on the edge was the Father, Son Jesus and the Holy Ghost, and in the middle the Blessed Virgin Mary as a figure crowned with 12 stars, standing on a half-moon with Her foot on the snake’s head. One of the Angels turns the medal around and I can read the Seal of God written on it – very small. The Eternal Father said this will be made after the Warning.

The Eternal Father comes closer to me, Kisses my head and places golden oil liquid on my head; He places it on Himself.

ETERNAL FATHER: “This oil has great meaning, son, which I will tell you later.”

“Enoch and Elijah will come to you soon.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Eternal Father explained that Enoch and Elijah are to be on Earth as persons, as they were before they left Earth, but their spirit is also within the Two Olive Trees, the Jews and Christians as the two witnesses.

My Guardian Angel reminded me, after the Eternal Father left, to repeat an item they told me during the week that Heaven told me many years ago – also to Thornbush, Yellow Lily and [name withheld] – that during the Warning, I would go to Heaven; I would be in a coma. Once in Heaven God would teach me what I had to do back on Earth to lead His children through the Tribulation. I would then be placed into my preternatural state, physically, and returned to Earth, and I would become a sign to the people. I was also told all innocent people, even children, would fall into a deep sleep during the three days of darkness of the Great Warning.

The Eternal Father Blessed me, and every soul in the world: in the Name or the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. He left a golden ring with a green emerald stone – and embedded in the stone was a white cross. The Eternal Father said I would be told about it later, and left. He was so wonderful.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then the Eternal Father spoke to me about private matters.