Message 670 – 8 December 2012

Once Benedict has proclaimed the New Dogma he will die as the Martyr of the End Times – Assassination of the Syrian President; miracles of great deception by manifesting aliens who are Satan and his fallen angels – When you see strong lights in the Heavens, thunders of destruction will descend upon man – Israel plans to attack Iran; Islamic Kingdoms desire to annihilate Jewish State – Place the Seal of the Living God upon you and your household.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Today I was much interrupted. Early this morning close to 5.45 am my Guardian Angel came and told me the Virgin Mary was going to come today, even if my day will be complicated to receive Her visitation – that the world was in danger, and an assassination was imminent to bring forth the Great War and the manifestation of supernatural Beings as Angels of Light. These were the fallen angels, and the world will believe these are Aliens from other worlds.

The day progressed very unsettled. I tried to say my Rosary but could only just start it, as I was preparing all day for Our Holy Mother’s visitation. My Angel kept coming to me all day, reassuring me that the Virgin Mary was coming. It is now 4.45 pm and I can see the White Cross in the sky, and beneath the Cross going outward and upward is a Vee-shape made up of Angels.  These Angels came straight into my cell, and I see the Blessed Virgin Mary glide gently towards me. She is so beautiful. Our Holy Mother comes under Her Title as the Immaculate Conception. She has Her Arms crossed over Her Chest and Her Eyes raised to Heaven and within Her crossed Arms is a White Cross and a bouquet of roses. Mary now says:

OUR LADY: I am the Immaculate Conception; be it done to Me according to the Divine Word and Will of God.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Bernadette now appears next to Our Lady; she is so beautiful. First she kneels and Our Lady opens Her Eyes fully, gazing down to Bernadette, then to me. Our Lady gives Bernadette the White Cross and asks her to give it to me.

OUR LADY: My beloved Mystical Spouse of My Heart, My Little Pebble of Divine Love: I greet you and all Our children of the Earth in the Name of the Eternal King – God the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit +.”

Pray, My precious children, for Our Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, for his crucifixion is near and that of the whole Mystical Body of Christ. Pope Benedict must now bring forth the Final Dogma of the Church so that the enemy of God and his Cohort of Demons, with the Antichrist and his Prophet, will be crushed under My Heel.”   

This Marian Dogma – Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces – will crush Satan. Pope Benedict must not lose courage but take up the Sword of Truth and defend all that is Holy and Sacred, for his time is so short. All My children must pray and ask My Son’s Priests to petition the Holy Father to bring this forward now, as soon he will be removed, and it is My Divine Son Jesus’ Will that this be done as his final act for the Church, before it capitulates to the Antichrist and his Prophet. Once Pope Benedict has proclaimed this new Dogma he will die and come to Us as the Martyr of the End Times.”

My child and children, these are most difficult times for humanity. The great revelation of the Man of Iniquity is about to come to herald the Great Tribulation; the assassination of the Syrian President will bring all things forward. Pray and be vigilant, My children, for Satan will perform his false miracles of great deception by manifesting Aliens whom the world will believe come from other Planets. These so-called human Aliens are none other than Satan and his Fallen Angels who will come as Angels of Light and who will perform many miracles – which are false, delusional miracles – sent to deceive Our children. It is for this reason you must pray My Holy Rosary and say the words so dear to the Hearts of My Divine Son Jesus and I, your Heavenly Mother: ‘O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us now and at the hour of our death’.”

My Immaculate Conception crushed the Serpent and will bring the final Victory of My Divine Son, Jesus, through the salvation of My children during the Great Warning, which is now imminent.”

The peace that you have witnessed in Palestine will last only a very short time, for while men speak of peace the enemy of God and His Church prepares for a major conflict, which will erupt imminently once the assassination has occurred. The Super Powers will be drawn into this very serious conflict and many unprepared children will die. The day of the Tribulation has arrived, sweet children – prepare your households. Know when strong lights are manifesting themselves in the sky and Heavens, the thunders of destruction will descend upon man.”

Prepare now, urgently, your households. Go now to Confession and Holy Mass. Pray My Holy Rosary as a family together and trust in God’s Mercy and Love. Remember this, My children, through the Three Days of Darkness, many souls who have rejected God’s Mercy and Love and remained obstinate in their sinful ways, will be removed by God’s Justice.”

Watch Turkey now – how it will mobilize itself, and at the other end of the layout of the Middle East, Egypt as the country goes into chaos. Israel is planning to attack Iran, My children, as the Islamic Kingdoms desire to annihilate the Jewish State. Pray, My children, so that the assassination does not occur. The major Earthly Chastisements of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic upheavals will continue to escalate. These are the times spoken of in the Book of Daniel and in many parts of the Old and New Testament, and modern day Prophets.” 

Remember many years ago, I spoke to you about the horrible holocaust of the Jewish people orchestrated by Hitler and many others not mentioned. Our Son, Schindler helped many of Our children; study these times and what happened, then you will know what is in store for the Remnant Church after the Great Warning. It is for this reason Heaven has asked you to prepare now and place the Seal of the Living God upon you and your household, for Satan and his army cannot penetrate Heaven’s protection. Faith, hope, trust, love and prayers are your shields.”

This is all for now, My holy son. Needless to say I am well pleased with you and Our children who listen to Heaven’s direction. All Prophets, Seers and Visionaries and their close followers and workers must unite as one Mighty Army of Heaven.”

The roses I have with me are for Our faithful children as they contain Graces. Son, your time is now! 

Private Message given: ——————

I Bless you, son of My Immaculate Heart, My Mystical spouse: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I Bless all My children in this time of Advent – make this Christmas a spiritual one, for much sorrow will be witnessed. I am the Immaculate Conception – Mary. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 


JESUS: My Dearest Little Children; here again is your Jesus come to you on a serious matter.  Serious My dears, because it comes upon the world so quickly but you must not fear. Very soon governments around the world shall reveal who they have been dealing with; they will say these powers are from another world and wish to help you – but they do not. Many governments are over their heads, with entire governments being run through diabolical possession. They will say these ‘Aliens’ are ‘our friends’ – your friends, indeed My little ones; this is not true. These ‘Aliens’ as we know are demons in the skies and then you can know the Antichrist has come out in full.  These ‘helpers’ are minions – agents – and it will become clear to the children of the Light who these ‘people’ are. PRAY YOUR ROSARY and remain unafraid.”

My Littlest children, you are with the protection of God and shall not be eaten. These agents shall wish to ‘consume’ human flesh with veracious appetites; I say this now so you know what you are dealing with in plain sight. Be not afraid! It seems far-fetched, it seems unreal; I assure you these things are very real and work to capitulate mankind. Your Jesus is here!” 

My dears, the days of these events are very close. You shall not be harmed – I will not allow it – but you will see a lot that you never thought you would! These are your days, My children, the days that are the envy of the Saints. Prepare!”

The Warning: the darkness and the Illumination are close at hand, as the shadows grow taller as the sun sets. My foes will be upon the Earth in their full numbers and you will not wish to view it and so we cover our homes and shelter ourselves in protection. God is with you and there is none that you are to fear. Make peace with your brother – all of mine, before this time. Make peace with your neighbours and friends so there is no scratch against your souls; Jesus wants you pristine.”

I Am with you and will not leave. Prepare for your cenacles, that is all I ask of you. My children, so soon is your Vicar released from his prison; so soon do we cross to the other side in the Plan of God. Amen. I Bless you all + In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen

RAINBOW ROSE: Later, after prayer and again in the presence of Our Blessed Saviour I asked Jesus this question for clarity:  My Jesus, you say make peace with your brother, neighbours and friends, if we are a child of yours shouldn’t peace already exist?

JESUS: While it is true, My children, love – peace – there are many who have not reached out in ‘fullness’; what does that mean? Ask your conscience; appeal to the Holy Ghost – the answer will be shown; I do not want a blemish remaining. I ask for an heroic forgiveness, an extra-ordinary temperance: those who have annoyed you, those who have ‘set your teeth’? I ask this: Let Jesus come into your hearts as a throne room that gleams in golden light – bathing in it – so there is a refuge for Him untold! Let your illumination not be littered with one scrap! Ask the Holy Ghost as Pentecost approaches: have you criticized, have you questioned, because YOU THINK you know better? For My children these are tough examinations, made easy in My Arms.  Let Me snuggle you! Has that ‘ego’ got the better of you? Greet all with enthusiasm; come as a babe who cannot do anything by themselves. Be at peace; Jesus only wishes to deepen this pool, so He Himself may swim in it. I love you all. Be aware of your mouths.” Jesus


My little children, 

Let the peace of God be with you. My adversary is ready to begin his public life, the great counterfeiter will be accompanied by disciples and will preach to the nations that he is the messiah expected by humanity. Be as little children, attentive and vigilant, for when my incarnate adversary makes his appearance, your walk through the desert of tribulation will have begun.”

My Father’s creation shall mourn for as long as my opponent walks on land. The Fallen Angels – so called aliens by humanity – will manifest themselves and speak of the return of the Messiah. You the people of God listen not, remember that everything is part of the plan that My adversary has assembled to fool the vast majority of this ungodly and sinful generation. Millions of souls will be lost, for they will pay attention and abide the false doctrines of My adversary, the false miracles will dazzle many, this deception will be that which will lose more souls.”

The kings of this world will worship him and bow before him and will consecrate their nations to the god of lies. In the midst of this tribulation and deception, My Father will send the Warning so as not to lose more souls. My adversary will say that the awakening of consciousness is his work and that everything is part of his plan to save humanity. But ye seed of my Father you know well that the Warning will be God’s last call to all men to convert.”

Little children, nations are preparing for war, the kings of this world speak of peace only in words, but their actions say otherwise. Wars between nations are imminent, it is written in the Holy Word of God: And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be pestilences, and famines, and earthquakes in places.” (Matthew 24. 6, 7).

My opponent will take advantage of all this tribulation to show himself as the great peacemaker and many will believe and follow him. Poor humanity which will allow themselves to be fooled, for when they wake up from the deception it will be too late for them! The wars will kick-start the plans of mass destruction with which the kings of the world plan to exterminate part of humanity. But not everything will be sadness and despair for God’s people, for behold, Enoch and Elijah, they will make their appearance and collapse the doctrines and heresies of the false messiah. Enoch and Elijah will be light in the mist of darkness; they will be comfort to the people of God who walk through the desert of tribulation toward the Promised Land, the Heavenly Jerusalem.”

Forward My Marian army, the power of chain prayer is your strength and your victory! Courage, it is almost done, falter not, trust and pray and everything will be according to the will of My Father!” 

Mary Mystical Rose, Your Mother.