Message 673 – 14 January 2013

Many times men interfere with God’s Plan through their free will – Public Message concerning my role will come through MDM; turning point for those who left my side – True Bishop will elect me as the Last Pope halfway through the reign of the Antichrist – True Prophets refer every prophetic utterance as coming from God – False Prophets are those who draw people to themselves – Prophets always persecuted in their own land – This is like the time before the resurrection of Lazarus

LITTLE PEBBLE: Vision – Message (I was awake)

Around 5am Jesus came and began to speak to me. I asked Him to forgive me for being so cynical and upset with Him, because nothing of what He had said has happened, even to Maria Divine Mercy; only sorrow and sadness. Jesus forgave me and said I was not blameworthy, but was lamenting, as the cross was overwhelming me – and told me to remain at peace for He understood very well how I was feeling, and said how much He Loved me. He said I would be released very, very soon; it will be a sudden act coming from the Attorney General.

Our Lord said that Geoffrey Robertson will respond positively – and my case would be overturned and a Mistrial given. Then I would be released by the Mistrial, and a Miscarriage of Justice declared.

Jesus then explained to me that I was not to be so upset that dates have come and gone, as all is part of God’s Plan, because each time indicated was given in God’s Eye. I was not to try to work it out, but to continue to walk in faith and trust because all will be fulfilled. To understand a little how God works when events do not comply with God’s Word, it is because men have free will and many times men interfere with God’s Plan – like Adam and Eve; even the Crucifixion. But when God says “enough is enough”, then He will intervene as He did when Jesus was nailed to the Cross – and before it was placed securely in the ground, the Cross with Christ fell forward with the Face of Jesus first, but the Blessed Virgin Mary saw what evil men were doing to Her Son and She prayed that He would be spared that suffering. The Angels held up the Saviour, some centimetres from the ground.

It was because of the powerful prayers of the Mother of God – as the humble Maiden, who had given Her ‘Fiat’ at the Annunciation – so shall it be for me. God will say “it is enough” – it is now time for God’s intervention to release me, and I was not to continue to be troubled in heart about the Revelation given to Maria Divine Mercy regarding Peter Romanus and the Keys, for the Plan of God had not changed, but these Revelations were purposely given this way to protect the Last Pope.

Jesus has revealed a great deal to Maria Divine Mercy, but it is not yet time for her to reveal about God’s Plan for me. I was to remember that Mary was my Mystical Spouse, and that I was in Her Immaculate Heart. Just as Mary was the Woman chosen to crush the head of the serpent – and I was Her Mystical spouse – I would lead the Remnant Church to place the Heel with Our Holy Mother – as Saint Michael leads the Heavenly Army. The public Message concerning my role will come through Maria Divine Mercy, and this will be the turning point of all those who had left my side.

Half way through the Reign of the Antichrist the true Bishops faithful to Christ will elect me as the Last Pope. During the Warning I will be in a deep sleep and my spirit will be taken to Heaven and given full instructions of what I must do to lead God’s people until the Second Coming. I would draw close to Maria Divine Mercy.

Jesus asked me to continue to pray and offer all as His victim soul, knowing that I will be released very soon – unexpected by all.

Jesus explained a lot more, and in depth, about Mysteries – but I cannot remember them. He Blessed me and all the children, and everyone connected with me: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I was overwhelmed with God’s Presence.

20 January 2013

LITTLE PEBBLE: This early morning Jesus came to me and began to explain about a question I had in my mind yesterday: How can you tell a true Prophet of God from a false Prophet? When Jesus told me He said:

JESUS: “In the morning when you wake up, your Guardian Angel will remind you of what I have told you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: At 5.45am I woke up, and my Guardian Angel reminded me of all that Jesus had told me.

JESUS: “A True Prophet will always refer every prophetic utterance as coming from God for the Glory of God, and men will be drawn to a True Prophet by his words and the fruit of good works, always showing men the way to God through humility, self-sacrifice, and self-giving – giving Glory to God in all he does and possesses.”

“The False Prophets of our time are those who draw people to themselves solely to prove how wonderful they are through their achievements: e.g. those in sport, entertainment, music, theatre or intellectual achievement and those False Prophets who claim great powers simulating those of the Saints, do so to draw men to themselves, never acknowledging God as the main Source of these powers or miracles, which in themselves are false miracles, given by Satan. All is based on self-glorification, idolatry – idolisation of oneself; even great leaders who can speak eloquently, but give no Glory to God; only to themselves.”

“God’s Prophets suffer much as “Victim Souls”, offering themselves as “tools” of God for all the talents and gifts they receive. Only a few of those in the world of music, entertainment, the arts or movie industry and sport, give Glory to God for their gifts.”

 “God’s Prophets are always persecuted in their own land and home – and in some cases, hated, not only by God’s enemies, but by their family, friends and Church Leaders. They are branded by the world as doomsday Prophets, Cult leaders and mentally insane.”

“God’s Prophets can range from Church Leaders, Government Leaders, or a housewife; a family man, Priest or Religious Sister or a little child. But in every case they love and serve God with an unconditional love for God and for man, to save the human race.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: These are the things Jesus told me.

31 January 2013 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Early this morning Jesus came to me and spoke more Words; He came to me about 6am and continued on the same theme He had spoken of previously. He said I was not to lose heart, as events were delayed – even with words spoken to Maria Divine Mercy leading men to expect major events at the end of 2012. He told me that a Prophet is not only a chosen soul who gives Prophecies for the future, but a person who admonishes and upholds God’s Word, encouraging God’s children to lead holy and good lives, and to turn away from sin.

God sees all in the mind’s eye of the past, present and future, in one moment. God’s children are being purified and tested, and He desires all of humanity to be converted now before the Great Warning, because if they wait to be converted at the Warning they will do a hard penance during and after the Warning – in this life or the next.

Jesus explained how He understands our frustration, because we are human; but we must understand that God is Omnipotent; He is all Loving and Merciful, therefore He cares for all our needs, but He allows delays for one purpose only: to save souls and test His Prophets. Jesus cited Noah, who had to wait one hundred years to complete the task given to him to build the Ark. Noah became weary, and stopped building the Ark several times.

Jesus then explained that Abraham was promised a son through Sarah – Isaac – but God waited until both were very old before the Promise was fulfilled. Both Abraham and Sarah became frustrated too, so Jesus understands His Prophets who give out His Divine Prophetic Words and are criticised by man, when these Words are delayed in action. Jesus said to always remember: God is God and man is man.

Jesus then explained a most profound matter. He said the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries represent persons who gathered around Our Lord from the time He started His Public Ministry. And every chosen soul will participate in the path of the Mystical Body of Christ to Calvary, which they represent in a unique way. All the Missions God gave to them will unite under the same Spirit; namely God’s Spirit; that Maria Divine Mercy would work closely with me as she is Mary under the Cross, and I am Saint John under the Cross of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Jesus explained that I was to write to all the Churches of the world, even those who yet do not believe in Him; that Jesus will send His Holy Spirit to me to proceed in this New Mission He has given me to prepare all of mankind – of all faiths – for Christ’s Second Coming.

This is the time before the resurrection of Lazarus; Lazarus represents mankind. People throughout the world were like Saint Martha and Saint Mary Magdalena, and those waiting in expectation. The Great Warning will be the Resurrection of the Spirit of men, and the Great Miracle after the Great Warning (Garabandal) will be the resurrection of many sick bodies, with countless cures and miracles.

Jesus encouraged me as I was very down in spirit at the time, but said to trust, as all will come to pass soon. He then told me He would come tomorrow to continue this discourse for mankind. Jesus Blessed me: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I felt His Presence all day.