Q & A The Little Pebble and Yellow Lily (2013) – 30 March 2013

Message – 30 March 2013

YELLOW LILY: I lift my head from typing on the side of the bed and Jesus sits on my left, and shows me my sign, with a smile. I have been working very hard in my housework and I’m taking a little break.

JESUS: “Greetings!.

YELLOW LILY: Jesus says gently with His beautiful smile.

JESUS: “No one should be confused, this ‘pope’ is not My Choice. The Holy See, has been usurped and now the faithful with the rest of the world is being catapulted forward into these dark days, when the Light will seem so obscured by confusing message after confusing message.  How is this done? By taking what is known and understood within the Church, it’s traditions, its festivals, its seasons and its prescribed procedure and slowly but (Jesus raises His left Hand and points with His forefinger) surely twisting them – so the truth of what was, is left as a shadow, and what is brought forth to be called, ‘innovation’ – to ‘move the Church forward into the time of man, in essence: that God and what He has designed, is to be made contemporary and more ‘suitable’, ‘realistic’ for this era you now live.”

“My children, know: what God has designed, what God has put forth is never out of date. He is unchanging, so the things He creates are – should be – unchanging for man. Let this rule be your judge and with eyes wide open, see: when an article of faith, a  protocol, a prayer is re-made so the Holy Name of God is lowered in the Church, this is not of God. And while it is true God did lower Himself to join man’s condition and unite with him as a brother, this unity never ‘lowered’ God, but glorified Him in His Goodness and Mercy; raising man to the true knowledge he is not as dirt, but is destined higher than the Angels through the use of prayer, Communion and by putting the body in strict conformity within ‘the mind of the soul’: your conscience.”

It is not for God to conform to men. Do not be confused, when God forgives, He does not excuse sin – He forgives it! These are two VERY different things! To excuse something is often to make allowance for it, broaden the rules that are broken — as to ‘re-write’ them. To forgive is not to excuse a sin, it is to expunge it – a much greater thing! More than allow, to forgive is to spread one’s heart wide, regard the offence and to forget it as a hurt, while the rules remain the same.  My rules remain the same. The laws that have been set down in the Church for men are not to be lessened, greatness must be fought for!”

“Beware of these days of subtlety as they move their evil program forward. ‘They’ the evil one and his cohorts, (almost the entirety of the Vatican college) move cautiously now, aware that the eyes of the world’s faithful remain alert, in light of Prophetic Messages from long ago. Yet still see, they will take their liberties, in over-confidence and as this ‘father’ is more embraced by the rest of the world.”

“Pay attention to what Jesus says next:”

“It is not for My Church to unite with Muslims, I Am a jealous groom; it is not for My Church to unite with any other religion, it is for them to discover Our Truth: the Truth that is in the Body and Blood of the Only Begotten Son of God and Mary, Immaculately conceived. The Redeemer-Messiah, not of this world; the King of Heaven, ahead of all and raised in love in the hearts of My Brothers and Sisters, My Lambs!”

Your Jesus

Message – 21 July 2013

YELLOW LILY: Beginning with the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of Holy Mass, the Glorious and Joyful Mysteries, the Divine Mercy at 3 pm, the Magnificat, the litany and prayers to the Holy Face, Chaplet to the Holy Father; kisses to the Holy Crucifix with prayer to St. Michael (multiple times) and the Angels. I called upon my Saint Patrons and St. Joseph.

Note: During the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3 pm Jesus spoke and showed me aspects of a secret suffering at the hands of Caiaphas’ henchmen, and it looks to be one or two Roman guards…in the cellar. (A terrible place!)

I see men gathered around Our Blessed Lord, helpless, yet so dignified! His tunic is dirty and ripped, as  a rag; Our Most Blessed Lord is being pushed, cruelly spun, from man to man, with a red blindfold over His Eyes. Each man exacts whatever punishment he likes. Our Blessed Lord is punched, slapped, pinched and kicked at will. At one point Our Blessed Lord tells me two men would repeatedly attack together, one holding our Lord’s injured nose, the other covering His Holy mouth – that never uttered a mean word – so our Jesus could not breathe, and would collapse. Jesus says, this was repeated, as men laughed.

Next image (very distressing even though it is not completely shown or clear, I see rather, ‘snapshots’ of it.)

I am shown Jesus tied against a great pile of hay? – Jesus allows me to know and partially see, they have secured Him spread out; still blind-folded and without clothes. Jesus is then used as a human target! Men hurl and shoot arrows, short knives and daggers at Him, sending these things close to His Holy Head, but careful to miss. A few arrows and knives pierce His Sacred Flesh, and other things, causing deep cuts.

Our Blessed Jesus gave me to understand His nakedness was only covered by a thin loin cloth.  A few men would take pleasure at violently removing and replacing this piece – to inflict painfully upon our Blessed Lord’s modesty, because Our Lord would so obviously wince at these acts. Jesus was repeatedly kicked there, as to cause Him to become herniated, vomit repeatedly and pass-out; to be slapped awake and hit by freezing cold water, again and again.

This was very difficult for me to take in, crying heavily for a long time; thinking and seeing repeatedly these scenes and crying again, taking it as my responsibility to say sorry for sins.

I finish my prayers and I ask Jesus to please come and help me. Jesus comes!  He is smiling and radiant and beautiful! Looking down at me Jesus asks me to say my Act of Contrition for some very recent grumbling in my heart – offering this for Missionary Priests. Then I am interrupted by visitors.

Message – 27 July 2013

YELLOW LILY: I approach Our Blessed Lord with a question after assisting at Holy Mass, receiving Holy Confession, prayers to the Holy Face, 3 decades of the Holy Rosary, prayers to the Angels and to St. Michael.

My Jesus, what happened previous to the Holy Cenacle and the descent of the Holy Ghost? Where was Mommy as she waited for your Resurrection. Do you have any Words for William, for August 1st?

I see Jesus; He stands directly in front of me, smiling gently, He is happy and beautiful in a white tunic.

JESUS: “My Peace! This is a good question. Let all things be explained as My Enemy prepares to write his own story that has nothing to do with the Gospels, with the Christ and with the re-making of the world as God wishes to see it. Let them be confounded in their pride – those who serve this bureaucracy and who commit to the re-writing of Church history.”

“My Mother remained where I told her, to stay in the Upper Room – the Church of the Upper Room for 3 days, greeting Me prostrate in prayer and calling to her Jesus, how could I not answer? Know: after the death and burial of Christ, Mary submitted to her own passion as no words of God entered her heart; she remained alone, unanswered and yes, weeping.”

“As the dawn of the day rose, as the first white light of the morning and the carpet of the dark made way to lightning, there was a flash that filled the people with fear as they guarded My rock, cowering and scattered at the ‘Explosion of Life’ which was Christ returned, triumphant! So shall it be again! Do not imagine a placid entrance – a placid return, all of God’s Power and Nature shall resound – exalted, triumphant! There shall be no fear, only rejoicing as faith is rewarded.”

“From My Greeting and Mary Magdalene seeing Me, the Mother of God was made welcome and resting at the home – the holy palace of Lazarus – where all his resources were placed at the feet of the Mother of God.”

“Mary’s little home at Nazareth was not spared some of the wrath existing on the day Jesus died; truly devils roamed and ruled that day. While the Angels remained present to protect My First Church (just as many of My edifices in the world today), this place was struck and remained largely ignored and maligned from days forward, being removed to Loreto; but first before this, the Angels had taken it to another place and it will again be made accessible on Earth, in a chosen location.”

YELLOW LILY: I ask our Lord, “People can see it now?”

JESUS: “I shall move it again.”

“Lazarus’ work was to gather the Apostles; his was the safe place, far away from the Jewish-Parasitical curia and untouchable by Rome: a quiet paradise. Until, once again, with Mary at their lead, the Apostles were gathered together and waiting for My Breath, Presence and Fire.”

“Lazarus would have happily had Mary stay forever; this was not the plan. So provided, Lazarus arranged for a tiny home to be built within the Garden as Mary requested, Lazarus’ property – again, quiet and away from the bustle of Nazareth. Know: from the death of Jesus and being taken into John’s tender care, Mary withdrew; She aided in silent work the formation of the ‘Church’: silent as unknown. This little house taken to Heaven and one day returned.”

“Prepare O faithful people, the Impostor has gathered his strength and will not be shy and reserved henceforth, to do as he must. Let those with ears hear; very soon he will present himself in the United Nations and align publicly with the ‘World Teacher’ proclaiming, “Bread for All”.

“As for the 1st: Hope, hope, hope; it will be well.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus remains smiling and gives His Blessing. I see deep pink roses tumble out from Him as He Blesses, making the Sign of the Holy Cross with two raised fingers of His Right Hand +