Message 683 – 31 May 2013

Mankind progresses deeper into depravity, vile acts of iniquity and violence – Assassination will be your sign of the destructions of many nations and entrance of false Messiah – All that was promised will be fulfilled; expect wonderful interventions from My Most Holy Mother – Mystery with MDM’s Message which does not negate all revelations given to you.  The Spirit of Benedict is within yourself; one overlaps the other; the Last Pope is within your spirit.

LITTLE PEBBLE: This morning I was told by the Angel to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, to prepare myself for the coming of Jesus. It began at 10am. I noticed the White Cross in the sky, with the huge White Dove covering most of the Cross. Then I noticed thousands of Angels placing their wings over themselves and forming a path that comes from the Cross to me, and the Holy Spirit, in the form of the White Dove, folds His Wings inwards as Jesus comes through Him and He wraps Jesus up and floats towards me. The White Dove opens His Wings and Jesus stands in front of me with the White Dove still behind Him. Jesus is all in white and has beautiful golden-ginger hair. Around the edge of his garments is a golden border. Jesus smiles and makes the Sign of the Cross + and this white Light comes from His Hand and from the Holy Dove, and the  Angels stand. Behind the Cross there is a fan of different colours. I see the Sign on Jesus’ Chest, and He greets me.

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My precious Son of Light, Our Little White Counter and Son of Predilection! In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue to go forward in all that you do for Me, your Divine Saviour and My Most Holy Mother, and bring Our Words to mankind at this time, just as Heaven continues to direct many of Our Prophets, Seers and Visionaries at this time.”

“My children throughout the world, men are becoming increasingly anxious, as mankind progresses deeper and deeper into depravity and vile acts of iniquity and violence, preparing the way towards a serious conflict in the Middle East, not caring that innocent children are being slaughtered, abused and misplaced in various kingdoms on Earth, because many do not practise their true beliefs but preach them strongly as ideologies. My Father’s Hand can no longer be held back while men turn their backs on Him.”

“My children, do not get discouraged and become complacent as the Words from Heaven seem to take time to be fulfilled. You must understand, My Father Who loves you very much, is doing everything possible to put into place every small detail, so that when His Hand falls upon the nations, as many souls as possible will be saved.”

“Know this, My children, that when the assassination occurs, this will be your sign. The destruction of many nations will occur, so that the false messiah can make his entrance. Even now, you see and hear that the false prophet is healing the sick and soon will seem to bring forth miracles, but these are not from Me, My children. Be prayerful and pray to My Spirit, so that you can discern what is from God.”

“You, My son, have gone under heavy trial this week, but the enemy of God is trying to unsettle your spirit, as he knows your time has arrived. However, be assured, he has no power over you or over those who remain faithful to My Word and praying the Holy Rosary – and many other prayers – makes the fallen angels go into flight. Events in your life will now escalate, and that what was promised you will be fulfilled. Expect wonderful intervention from My Most Holy Mother, likewise I say this to all of My children: major events are at your door, so be prepared at all times.”

“Son, the directions My Holy Spirit gave you, place these with this Message from My daughter, Maria Divine Mercy. She has been obedient to Me and has told you to ask Me directly, confirming to you that I direct you personally, as I do all Prophets, Seers and Visionaries. My beloved children, I call on all My children to pray often to the Holy Spirit Who proceeds from the Eternal Father and I, Jesus Christ, because with His Holy Gifts He will strengthen and fortify you for the coming days and years. Say often: Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the Fire of Thy Love.”

“Today, I send to you once again Our Spirit, to Bless you and strengthen the Army of Mary, Mother of God. I Bless you, My Apostle, William John Baptist Costellia: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I Bless all Our children of the world: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Spirit now goes through Jesus, and little candle-light fires float throughout the world. Jesus then speaks privately to me.


My Dear Little Sister, Maria,

The Peace of Jesus be with you always! Once again, thank you for all the answers Jesus has given to you for me, and the many prayers you are offering for me as a fellow Prophet of God.

I know, Maria, your road has been very difficult, but know that many little souls love you and pray for you. Maria, I am fully aware of the burdens you have and I do not wish to add to them, but I need your help please. Would you read my letter to Jesus please. He knows the need.

Thank you and God Bless you and your family,

William +

My Precious Loving Jesus,

You know all hearts. I need Your help, please, to understand, as we are getting confused – not only me as Your Prophet, but other Seers and faithful children. I believe 100% in Your Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, and support her Mission as You know, but some Messages You have given to her, seem to negate some of the revelations given to me and many of the Seers who have been working together with me for thirty years. Please help me to understand.

This year, we celebrate thirty years of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’ Apparitions to me, since 1984. You revealed to me and all those public Seers, many of whom have been approved by the Church, starting with Pope John Paul II, who I met personally, Bishop Gruber of Germany, a close friend of Pope Benedict, the Stigmatists of London, England; the Stigmatist, Sister Symons of Poland, the Stigmatist Bolan of Poland, the Priestly brother known as Don Bosco of Hungary, the famous Visionary Anna of Hungary of the Flame of Love Rosary; the famous Prophets of Poland, Domanski, Bernacki and Brother Paul – all supported by their Bishops, even the Pope. Then there was the Stigmatist, Hedgerose of Germany, the famous Seer of Heede Germany – approved; the Seer of Rome, supported by the Pope, Stigmatist; Brother Joseph, Stigmatist of Canada, famous for the Weeping Madonna of Fatima; the Seer of Mwanza, Sylvia, supported by the Church; Sr. Agnes, seer of Akita Japan – approved; Seer Theresa of Japan, supported by the Bishops; Seer Bete of Uganda, supported by the Cardinal; Grandma Theresa of Croatia, supported by many clergy; the famous Seer, Julia of Yugoslavia; the Seers of Kibeho, approved by the Church in Rwanda, who told the Bishops during the Inquiry they needed to support the revelations of the Little Pebble, as he will be the Last Pope. Seer of Our Lady of America, Nun – approved by the Church. The famous Seer, Thornbush of Canada; and I received the support of the Cardinal of Cologne, Germany and many others.

All of these, My Dearest Jesus, received the same revelations as I did, that I was to become the Last Pope for the Church, to lead Her during the time of the Great Persecution. I was to be Peter the Roman, Peter Abraham II; I was given a Covenant You made with me – The Threefold Covenant. I was to lead Your children into the New Holy Era and do battle with the Antichrist. 

You also revealed about the Dogma of Our Lady splitting the Church in two camps. Just as Maria Divine Mercy is a Mystical spouse of Yours, I am a Mystical spouse of Our Holy Mother. That there would be a French Monarch who would work with me to rescue the Church, and I, with the New Twelve Apostles, would lead the Church from Germany during the Reign of the Antichrist. 

Many of the Messages given to me and the other Prophets and Seers and Visionaries of the past thirty to sixty years are also received by Maria Divine Mercy now. So, what has changed, My Darling Jesus? 

Because I have remained faithful to Your Mission given to me I was placed in prison, an innocent man. I am awaiting Your rescue so that I can complete the Mission You gave me. Please, my Jesus, help me and others to understand. You have asked me to support Maria Divine Mercy through My Mission – this I have done, and am doing and will be able to do more once I am released from these chains.

Please give Your Prophets, Visionaries and Seers a Crusade Prayer to strengthen them, to unite them and for their perseverance – and especially a greater understanding of Your Plans and their own revelations; that they do not conflict with the Messages of Your Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy.

Jesus, please Bless Maria and give her a flower from Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart. I once again give You my heart and that of my Mystical Spouse, Mary Our Most Holy Mother. I love You,

William Costellia, The Little Pebble.


Feast of the Holy Trinity

LITTLE PEBBLE: A few days ago I asked Maria Divine Mercy through one of our Priests if she would ask Jesus a question for me. – as above. Within a short time MDM replied and said: “I do not have the authority to respond to this question. I will keep William in my prayers. He needs to speak with Jesus to get a response to this query.”

As I was contemplating the question and response, I asked Our Lord during my Rosary. Suddenly the Holy Spirit came and said:

HOLY SPIRIT: “She is being obedient to My Direction, however, you have the answer clearly by her response to ask Me, your God, but you know well, My son, you already have this answer given to you many times over. There is a Mystery within the Message given to My daughter last year which does not negate all the revelations given to you since some thirty years ago, nor to the many Prophets, Visionaries, Seers and Apostles over these many years, until this day, because there is a Mystery contained within the Words given to Maria Divine Mercy and yours.”

“Listen carefully, My precious son: in the 1970’s and 80’s, I and My Purest Spouse, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, gave countless Messages throughout the world about the arrival of the Antipope after the reign of My Holy Pontiff, Pope Paul VI, to prepare the way of the Antichrist, whose spirit had already flooded the Earth and the Church. It was for this reason Pope Paul VI profoundly stated: ‘The smoke of Satan has entered the Church’. During My beloved son’s reign as Pope. there were three disciples surrounding him who yielded to Satan’s venom, who tried to remove him, so that the Evil One could reign as predicted many years before. Had the false prophet come then, and the Great Warning, the majority of humanity would have been lost.” 

“However, through the generous offering and prayers of My Immaculate Spouse, Mary, mankind was given a reprieve, bringing forth Her Chosen Pontiff, Pope John Paul II, with the sacrifice of John Paul I, therefore giving mankind the necessary time to learn of Her many Messages given throughout the world, which included yourself, Her final choice as Last Vicar. And this is where the Mystery lies, My son – within the three Popes that followed, namely John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict – you have the same teaching. The spirit of Benedict is within yourself, where one spirit overlaps the other. Thus, the Antipope – false prophet – who was supposed to come one generation ago, is now sitting upon the Throne of Peter, and the last Pope is within your spirit, thus fulfilling all prophecies, as your spirit is that of all previous Pontiffs. It is for this reason your Pontificate is known as Peter II.”

“Once the Great Warning comes this Mystery will become very clear because, as you will reign as Bishop-Apostle of the Remnant Church, Christ the Messiah will speak through you, as Benedict will teach, in and through your person. My daughter, Maria Divine Mercy, will receive directions from Heaven about these matters, so as not to confuse God’s children.”

You may include the Messages of My daughter, Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary, and the Visions of My daughter, Matija, to help My children understand. Remain at peace, My son. Continue to unite with Our daughter, MDM, and other Prophets and Seers, for all of you form the Hierarchy of the Mystical Church upon Earth, to guide the Remnant Church until the New Era comes, and each one of the Chosen Children will be placed in the Hierarchy with the Saints and Angels, to govern God’s Kingdom on Earth.”

“I Bless you, My son, on this Holy Feast Day of the Holy and Blessed Trinity: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I Am Who Am, the Spirit that comes from the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ.” 


RAINBOW ROSE: I present this letter to our Blessed Lord, after assisting at Holy Mass and after the luminous and Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, kisses to Jesus and internal meditation in stillness and quiet. I look up after typing and I see Jesus stepping towards me from His ‘spot’ in this room. Jesus wears a white tunic, smiling gently down at me:

JESUS: “My Peace to you! Tell William not to be afraid! 

William, My Plans for you as you know them to be have not changed, indeed as time advances so do these things. Be careful as you interpret; I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Maria Divine Mercy and of William the Little Pebble of Divine Love, the Three-fold Prophet, The New Abraham, Peter II and the Final End Time Prophet. William you are still all these things for the Church. Your role has not changed, has not diminished and does not wrinkle.”

“All that has been told to you will come to pass, why else would God say these things so long ago; any changes would reveal inconsistency, and that cannot be – God is order.”

“Heaven has never been specific on month, day or year; the same as the Father does not reveal the day when Christ will return, because man would not prepare; this is man’s inconsistent nature.  The French Monarch comes; the Dogma of Mary is to be declared – as long as Benedict remains he stays the Head. William, you will see how this is to go – pay attention, I have said you are brothers. All that I have said will come to pass.”

“I have said that all will be brought together quickly, and you are about to see how quickly!  God works with great agility with NOTHING left to chance. What has been spoken, stays. It is man who must remain in the readiness of prayer in the presence of God, for in all events of the Heavens, man knows not the hour and man knows not the order, because order does not exist with man.” 

“Worry not My son, in all things! Does not God above you arrange all things well? Has He not perfectly prepared the reparation of the Priesthood and the Royal House with the indignities and abuse that has been inflicted on you? Things have been pushed back out of mercy for man, because of the faithful voices that call to God and [which] He cannot ignore, and yes, Heaven has raised for you more fruitful help in the Seers that come forward, but this does not change WHO YOU ARE AND ARE CALLED TO BE.”  

“While there is no one greater than another in the Kingdom of God, there is authority and there is a Head. Maria Divine Mercy is not called to be the Pope – you are her Pope of the End Times. She does not know what you know and Jesus has brought her up gently, understanding perfectly who she is and what she knows; she will come to know more as she takes courage in the coming days and will reveal her allegiance with you. Just as I have revealed privately that she needs to unite and support you, I am bringing her forward to say more, but I first must carefully ’till the ground’ which are her public Messages from Me so that those who follow her, understand and (with prayer) recognize her truth in the language they have come to know as Mine, within the writings I give her.”


MATIJA:  We pray for the Little Pebble and I see the sunrise and a golden ray, or stream of light that goes to him and slides over his head, circling around him. Now I can see the Holy Ghost in the form of a Dove stretching His Golden Wings, covering the field, and then He goes to the Little Pebble.

We pray for the Little Pebble and I see him in a habit which is white at the top and green on the bottom half. There is a town with a green forest all around, and in amongst the forest there are silver rocks that are sparkling. It is very beautiful.

We pray for the Little Pebble and I see a boat right out to sea, and all around is a green forest. The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and the Little Pebble are together talking on a hill.

5 March 2013 

MATIJA: We pray a Novena for the Little Pebble, and I see him sitting on a white bed, and four little children come around him; Angels come with the children. I can see a Chapel and inside is Pope Benedict, praying. Now the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II comes, and then the Little Pebble. Above them are two golden Cherub Angels.

We pray the exorcism prayer, and the Blessed Mother shows me the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI in a small room, sitting and eating something, but I don’t know what it is. Now I can see Saint Charbel shining in white, and then all three Popes are together – Pope Benedict, Pope John Paul and Peter Abraham II (The Little Pebble) – around Saint Charbel. There is a light around them like a sunrise. Above them is a white, yellow-gold, purple and blue cloud. I can see some gold stars and small birds, or maybe they are Angels – it was hard to see.


My dearly beloved daughter, the pain of the Prophets who came before you has never truly been known. But their load was heavy – unlike Visionaries, they worked alone and were denied any form of acceptance.

The Prophets were hated because they prophesied in the Name of God and because they told of future tragedies, which were to befall humanity because of the stain of sin. They led lonely and frightening lives and fell down many times because of the difficulty of their Mission. They found it hard to understand the prophecies and many of them were ignorant of the meaning of the Words, which were dictated to them. Many were unsure whether they were, in fact, Prophets at all, but by the fruits of their Mission, when they could see the spread of the Word of God and how quickly conversions were witnessed, they understood. Most of God’s prophets were despised, mocked and considered to be heretics. Many were cast into the wilderness and tormented, all because they were messengers sent by God.

Prophets are sent into the world, only because of the Love of God, to prepare His children for events, which will have an impact on the salvation of their souls. Prophets have been given different Missions. In some cases, they were sent to warn humanity of the danger of disobeying the Father. Others were sent to warn of the consequences, which would befall man, were man to fall into grave sin. In other cases, it was to warn humanity of those who would cause them persecution and try to prevent the Word of God from nourishing His children. And then there was John the Baptist, sent to prepare God’s children for the coming of the Messiah, the only Son of God, sent to redeem them in the Eyes of God. But, they would not listen to him. The lowliest amongst the Jews did listen and accepted Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of man, but the holiest and most senior servants, within the Church at that time, refused to accept the Truth.

And now you, My daughter, have been sent to prepare the way for My Second Coming, so that I can bring salvation to the world and so that My New Paradise can be realized. This has been foretold, but will they listen? Sadly, no. They refuse to believe that My Father could possibly send into the world, in their time, His final Prophet. By doing so, they are denying the Holy Gospel of God.  They believe that My Second Coming will not take place until far into the future. This error is not caused by their knowledge of Holy Scripture, but because of their flawed human reasoning, through which no part of My Promise to come again can be understood.