Message 684 – 1 July 2013

You have drunk the Chalice of suffering; shortly this will turn into joy; Maria still has to drink – The Angels will read to every person, the Decree of God; merits and demerits – All time and motion will stop for 15 minutes at the Great Warning – A Visible Sign given at each true Apparition Site – Antichrist and his false prophet will persuade many of the converted that all was an illusion – New Ecumenical Council to change Laws in the guise of a Church of poverty.

LITTLE PEBBLE: My Angel told at me at to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet to prepare for Jesus’ coming. Since 7pm I noticed the sky was very dark; however slowly the darkness faded, the sky became red and the White Cross shone through it. It started to come through the blackness first, then the red sky took over. The Cross is very large and bright, and coming from within the Cross is a huge Beam of silvery Light with a pinkish Beam of Light through it – similar to the Divine Mercy picture. Two great Angels appear next to the Cross – one on each side – holding a Chalice.

Jesus now comes through the White Cross, gliding towards me. Jesus looks like the Divine Mercy picture, but all of His Wounds are visible, except for the Wounds on His Head. The two Angels are next to Him now. He smiles and Blesses me:

JESUS: “Greetings, My precious victim son of My Sacred Heart! How I have longed to come to you today to console your painful heart that truly has been scourged in the past months, but very soon son, all will be healed by My Most Holy Mother, your Pure and Immaculate Spouse. These two Chalices of My Most Precious Blood have been poured out upon you – My little Vicar Rock – and your sister Prophet of the End Times, Maria Divine Mercy. Even though you both have individual and distinct Missions, they complement each other to save humanity through these very dark days which will yet become even darker as mankind walks towards the time of the Great Deluge of Divine Fire. You, My son, have already drunk this Chalice I gave you since I called you on this path of great suffering – and [which] shortly will turn into joy. The Chalice of My victim, Maria, [she] will still have to drink. You, My son, will be her strong support once your chains have been removed, as your trials will then be over and your voice will resound throughout the world, so all men will believe and listen to My Voice through the Last Prophet for mankind.”

“See how the sky turned red – this is how it will be when the thunder claps are heard as the rocks of great magnitude collide, bringing forth My Sign of Redemption. The Angels will open the Great Books of each soul on Earth and will read to every person the Decree of God – the merits and demerits – and show mankind the path that will lead them to Paradise, and the one that will lead them to Hell. My Voice will resound deep into their innermost being, and God will say: ‘You have free will to choose. You are either with Me or without Me. I show you now My Infinite Mercy’”.

“This, My children, is the Great Warning to men. Earth’s time will stop at that moment; 15 minutes. All human-created power and energy to stop motion; even aeroplanes and other machinery will stop in that moment. The hour when this strikes the world, is the very hour I gave My Life for the world, shedding My Most Precious Blood. This will be the moment when this Great Spectacle will happen. Check your hours around the world; then you will know.” 

“I will also give a visible Sign at that moment at every true Apparition Site, and a visible Sign will be given to each Prophet, Seer, Visionary and Mystic, so that you, My children, will recognise those whom I have sent in the past, and now. All the little ones under the age of reason and those of a pure spirit, will be covered by My Holy Angels’ wings, so that – like a deep sleeping dream – they will be protected, and after the third day will recover to await the new dawn – like the Son of God did at the Resurrection – and the world will be awakened and changed forever, as billions of souls will come to realise that I, Jesus Christ – Truly God – became Man to live with men and gave His Life for their redemption.”

“All the Chosen Souls will then receive the recognition from the world’s children, and all faiths will turn to Christianity – but this will not last for long, as the Antichrist would have recovered from this shock. Then He and his False Prophet will persuade many of the converted children that all was an illusion, and men will fall away and go even deeper into sin than before in a more refined manner, due to their intellect being filled with the spirit of intellectual spiritual pride, which the Fallen Angels received once they accepted the words of Satan, rather than [the Words of] God My Father.”

“The False Prophet, Pope Francis, will call a new Ecumenical Council to change all the Laws in the guise of a Church of Poverty – a Church of the People.”

“Many of the Fallen Angels will parade themselves in human appearances as the comic heroes manifested through your current cinemas, and all types of false prophets and magicians will appear, to mislead the people of the world and bring men into a false peace and security – a human utopia of many pleasures with false promises given by the Antichrist – until all men enslaved under the Mark of the Beast is accomplished.”

“Fear not, My children, for this period is but for a very short time, and always remember God is in control and He will allow Satan only so much before God’s Divine Wrath comes down. Pray, My children, call on My Most Precious Blood to pour over you like a shield, and pray often My Chaplet of Divine Mercy and My Precious Blood. Pray My Mother’s Holy Rosary as often as you can for all of My children, especially at this time. Forget not Our Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict – the event is near.”

“I love you all so very much, and Bless you all: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then Jesus sent His Blessings to Maria Divine Mercy, and many souls whom He mentioned. Then Jesus returned to the Cross and vanished.

[see YouTube video comparison of MDM and Pope Francis]