Message 686 – 21 July 2013

Man will see an angry God as they puff themselves up with the pride of human intelligence and ignore the Ten Commandments – The world will quake as the Bear and the Dragon make plans to invade the free nations – Earth itself will change and move its axis; rivers will flood inner towns – Great War coming; a star will be seen soon in the Heavens – Pray for Pope Benedict, as an announcement will be made

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the White Cross as I start saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. At 3.10pm I see glittering little stars come out of the White Cross and form a pathway to me. Jesus comes through the Cross dressed all in white. As He glides he picks up some of these stars, and I see the world beneath him. Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross + and throws these stars onto the Earth, which causes an explosion wherever they land.

I now see the outline of the Countries where these star lights fall. I see Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Central America, then the U.S.A. – Arkansas, Washington and Mexico; then the world slowly turns, and Jesus is gathering these stars and throwing them again. I now see the Middle East, Golan Heights where there is Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus and to South Africa I see Morocco, The Congo and Nigeria. Then it turns to Europe: I see England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Portugal and Spain; Iceland, then Norway. Then we move to Asia: I see Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea and China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Northern Australia. I see Bali, New Zealand South, some Pacific Islands and Hawaii.

Jesus looks exhausted and says:

JESUS: “See, My son and children, where these stars have fallen. Great events will occur and from these places other events will occur to awaken mankind, as they witness great natural disasters which have been brought to mankind due to their grave sins against God and humanity.”

“My Holy son William and all My children, man will soon witness an angry God because men continue to reject the Divine Mercy of My Father by having sent to the world My chosen children who bear witness to the Word of God. The Ten Commandments of God and its implications are completely ignored, yet men puff themselves up with the pride of human intelligence, claiming they are above God and His Teachings, changing the very heart of God’s Laws. Sadly even with all the Gifts and Blessings sent to the world at this time – of the end of this time – many men will not change but continue in pride, to reject what has been offered.”

“This, My children, is the last hour for man. Be not like Adam and Eve who were filled with Divine Gifts, but lost all for the sake of the sin of pride and the flesh. You now, My children, are offered what Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Paradise. Do not reject this Gift for your reward; should you reject what is offered now, is eternal darkness.”

“The time of Mercy is now. I am your Holy Redeemer – I await your return to My forgiving Heart as children of My Father. To all men captive by sin and human chains – fear not, dear children, for God is a Loving and caring God who knows all your weaknesses but still invites you to His Banquet. Come then, as I thirst for your salvation. You only need to ask for My Mercy and I will forgive all of your sins. Your rescue is near and the Divine Table is set to bring you to the Great Wedding Feast. I am waiting still. Will you answer My invitation?”

“Listen attentively, My wandering children, to the words coming from Francis when he visits the lands of the South Americas. Watch the actions – this will reveal much. Watch and listen what will occur in the Middle East, and the world will quake as the Bear and the Dragon make plans to invade the free Nations.” 

“The revolution in Europe will soon erupt as Turkey flexes its muscles over a small island. Australia too, will suffer many quakes as it tries to shift its responsibilities of the poor who seek refuge, to other nations. Because of the people of this Nation who are rich in goods of human value, but are poor in charity it once had for the less privileged, and because of this selfishness and pride, God will strike where it hurts, as the once so powerful economy will crumble as the natural disasters will crush its economy.”

 “So many nations will now feel the ecological changes which will be dramatic, as the Earth itself will change and move on its axis, bringing the seas into the coastline cities, where rivers will flood inner towns – food, crops and farming; where once there was rain it will be dry; where there is desert, it will flood; where there is ice, the land will appear. The animals will lose their bearings and migrate to areas unknown to them, and many will perish. The oceans will change, the currents will flow into different regions, causing the death of many mammals and ocean life.”

“The Great War is coming, My children, because mankind forgot their heritage and their God. A star will be witnessed soon in the Heavens which will cause amazement and fear. This is to show man that God is in control of the universe. So pray, My sweet children – call on Me, your Redeemer. Call on My Most Holy Mother, Whose hour has arrived – the Co-Redeemer of men, Co-Redemptrix and Universal Mother of Divine Grace – the Mediatrix of men.”

“Pray, My children, for Pope Benedict, for an announcement will be made to the surprise of all men. I Bless you all, My children, at this Feast of the Redeemer of men. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

“The next half of this year will see many changes in Holy Mother Church, so all men will know the one who sits on the Throne of Peter does not come from Me.”

“Pray for all the Chosen Souls who are attacked very heavily at this time, as you are, My son. But take courage, as My Holy Mother and I are watching over you and the unity of powerful identity will be made manifest, very shortly. Trust and pray, dear children, as extraordinary times approach. I will instruct you [Little Pebble] interiorly as to what needs to be done.”