Message 690 – 8 September 2013

Antichrist plans major attack on Pope Benedict and MDM; unite with Our Lady in prayer – Prophets, Seers, Visionaries, Disciples and Apostles are all equal, but each has a special Mission – MDM main Chosen Prophet, the Last Prophet for the End Times; mysteries surrounding the Seven Seals. You were given a complex Mission to uphold and unite Missions. Your communication with MDM and her communication with you is Willed by God. If the U.S. attacks Syria, World War III will be ignited.

LITTLE PEBBLE: It is now noon and I am praying my Rosary, waiting for Our Holy Mother. I see Our Holy Mother coming down slowly; the White Cross appears high in the sky, which is pinkish, and over the Cross is a rainbow. I have never seen Our Lady like this. She is wearing a beautiful pale yellow gown and a pure white cloak, with a high collar around Her Shoulders. Her cloak is trimmed with gold and Her gown is embroidered. Our Lady wears a three-point Crown with a small cross on the front tip of it. She holds a sceptre in Her right Hand and a Rosary in Her left.

On the rainbow is the old Ark of the Covenant that was carried by the Israelites during the time of King David and Solomon. Words appear on the rainbow: “Ark of the Covenant – Mediatrix of All Grace – Co-Redemptrix for men to Jesus Christ.”

Our Holy Mother smiles, hands Her sceptre to an Angel and takes up the Rosary. She kisses the Crucifix and motions me to take up my Rosary. Mary asks me to pray one decade of the Rosary with Her.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My precious son, Our Little Pebble of Divine Love: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. The prayers We just recited together are to help Our Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, and Our Last Prophet for these times, Maria Divine Mercy, as the enemies of God – the Antichrist and his false prophet – are planning a major attack upon them. I now call on all of My children, Chosen Souls, Disciples and Apostles to unite in prayer with Me, your Heavenly Mother, offering one special decade of the Holy Rosary, to reduce the power of the Beast and his Prophet at this time, so that the Mission of Our Holy Vicar and Our Last Prophet, can gain strength to deliver God’s Wishes to humanity as the world now will head towards the great cataclysm.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: At that moment I was interrupted. Our Holy Mother said She would return. It is now 2.45pm. I began my Rosary and the Vision I had, returned. I forgot to mention before that I saw little Flames bursting out of the White Cross going through Our Holy Mother’s Chest, towards the world. Our Holy Mother makes the Sign of the Cross with Her Rosary in Her Hand:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace, My son, Peace! It is I, your Heavenly Spouse. I will never leave your side nor the side of My children who call on Me, because it is My Maternal Mission, as Mother, to gather all God’s children and bring them into the Promised New Golden Age, the New World prepared for mankind at the end of these times, which are now upon you.”

“The time of the desert is near, when all those faithful to the truth, will be nurtured by My Maternal Milk, so that all My children will be delivered safely into My Divine Son’s Arms.”

 “My son, listen to Me carefully – also all My Chosen Souls: God, Who has called all of you from various countries around the world, over many years, to deliver God’s Words, each one of you is unique and individual; each one of you has been given a different Mission in different ways. No Prophet, Seer, Visionary, Disciple or Apostle is greater than another, but are equal. However, each has a specific role to play – each with a specialised Mission. Every Mission, though very different, is yet the same, for all are called to save souls and bring the knowledge of the Will of God to all children, to prepare them for Eternal Life, and the life to come in the New Era of Peace, Love and Harmony, living in total union with God’s Divine Will.”

“Having said this, each Chosen Soul was chosen for a particular task at a particular time. Now the main Chosen Prophet for the End Times is Maria Divine Mercy. Her Mission as the Last Prophet for the end times is to open up the Mysteries surrounding the Seven Seals of God, and the two Divine Books, namely Daniel of Old and John of New. However, let it be understood the revelations given now to Maria Divine Mercy, which is the final Book of Truth, do not negate the revelations given to all previous Chosen Souls who My Divine Son, Jesus and I, are still communicating with. So My children, do not place aside all those thousands of Messages and Visions given to so many Chosen Souls of the past, and even currently, for these Messages given to these souls, were to prepare you for the final Messages given to the world through the 7th Angel Messenger, Maria Divine Mercy.”

 “The Messages of current Chosen Instruments are there to support and uphold the Messages given now to Maria Divine Mercy. They must not be thought of as a challenge to the Word of God – and if they do challenge the Words given to My daughter, Maria, then know they do not come from Heaven. My Divine Son Jesus, made it very clear to you, My children, the Messages given to a true Prophet, Seer or Visionary, are either true or false – they cannot be grey or in-between, for the Spirit of the Living God, My Divine Spouse cannot, and does not lie.”

“It is to be understood My children, at times even very holy and faithful Chosen Souls can receive a momentary lapse within a true Vision or Message given, due to a temptation or interruption of the Spiritual union taking place at the time of the Heavenly Communication – even a human influence, which in turn brings forth a contradiction in the Heavenly Messages given – this in turn does not mean the Chosen Soul is, in fact, a fallen soul, or a false Prophet.”

“The Teachings of Holy Mother Church through the Fathers of the Church will help you to understand these great Mysteries, but as most of Our children are simple souls, I, your Heavenly Mother, will teach you in simple terms, and a language you will understand. Do not judge your brothers and sisters who claim to be Prophets, Seers and Visionaries. Read and re-read the many Messages given to you over many years. Pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for discernment, then you will know what is from God and what is not.”

“My holy son, you and all of My Chosen Souls have different Missions. You need never to rely on each other for support. Remember this always. You are the Messenger only, God is the Giver of the Word. In your case, My son, you were given a very difficult and complex Mission, more than any Prophet, and part of this Mission is and was, to uphold, unite and support all Missions of the world. I have given you permission to write in support of other Missions and as a consolation to many who were called to deliver God’s Word. Other Prophets in general were not given this role and only communicate to other Chosen Souls if God allowed it, and this was to protect all souls concerned.”

“Your communication with Maria Divine Mercy and her communication with you is Willed by God. This has been a consolation to you both. Though MDM is autonomous in her Mission as the Last Prophet, God has given you a Mission to support her and uphold her, even though knowing very well that God is her Protection and Guide. However, God in His Mercy and Care also knows the needs of His Chosen Souls, to have that human support. So I call on all children of God to pray for the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries who are suffering very much at this time.” 

“But know this: as Saint John the Baptist is symbolic to the preparation of the Coming of Jesus in the First Coming, but as Christ became more prominent, the Baptist became less. Now, as God sent His Last Prophet to herald the Second Coming of Jesus, the Prophets of the last forty years will slowly be in retreat, so that the Word of God will be heard strongly, through the Last Messenger of God. However, this is not to say that Chosen Souls will no longer receive Messages or Visions – they will, for their Missions are not completed until the Second Coming of My Divine Son Jesus.”

 “Children, much of what has been revealed in the Book of Truth has not been revealed to mankind until now, as Jesus did not allow this. However, you will find parts of these revelations have similarities to Messages given to the world’s Chosen Souls. But know this, My children: they are not of the Seven Seals, so do not be confused. If a True Prophet receives a Message that flatly contradicts another True Prophet’s Message, especially if they contradict the Book of Truth given to MDM – place that Message aside, but do not place the Prophet aside. Pray and discern.”

“I wish all My children to pray the Saint Michael prayer after each decade of the Rosary, so as to weaken the grip of Satan over souls. Pray, My sweet children, for God’s Wrath will soon be felt in many countries of the world, more than any time since the foundation of the world. 

Pray, My children, so that the United States of America does not attack Syria because, should it do so, World War III will be ignited and the U.S.A. will receive a huge repercussion upon its own shores. It is the plan of the World Power Group to draw the U.S.A. into conflict, so that it becomes vulnerable in its weakest moments, as war will then begin in Asia, China and Japan. Pray, My sweet children, for the events to the collapse of the many nations in Europe will soon follow.”

“My child, continue to go forward and trust as you have always done. Pray and be assured that God knows all and sees all. I Love you, My son, and all My dear children throughout the world. Do not forget Pope Benedict, for he is under heavy duress.”

“The little flames you saw, My son, were the Flames of Divine Love and Mercy, coming from the Divine Paraclete, Whose Spirit overshadows the whole world through My Immaculate Heart, for soon the world will awaken from its deep slumber.”

“I Bless you, My little spouse, and all My children, and remember to pray with Me each day, the one decade of the Most Holy Rosary for MDM, all Prophets and Our Holy Vicar. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.