Message 691 – 12 September 2013

Extract of recent Message given to the Little Pebble: The New World will have 12 Nations of the 12 Tribes of Israel, of the Old Testament – but the New Holy Jerusalem will have the 7 New Tribes and 5 Clans of the Royal House of David, and in these New Kingdoms there will be 12 Queens who govern – and in the 12 Nations the Apostles and Prophets will govern under the Last Vicar.

Dear People of God,

I know that many of you are confused by the reported Prophets, Seers and Visionaries. These are called the Chosen Souls. There are also False Prophets, Seers, Visionaries and Cults – but who are they? Jesus and Mary have given us many Messages to know the truth and it is in this article that I wish to show you.

The Guardian Angel Azariah to the Great Prophet Maria Valtorta on 28 April 1946 – quoted the Words of the Epistle – “What comes from God is testified to by its duration. False phenomena soon fall, either because they cease, or because they degenerate into acts and words of error. Therefore, if something lasts, and lasts with decorous seriousness and holy virtue, it comes from God, and it is preferable to accept it and say: Glory be to You, O Lord, for this manifestation of Yours, instead of saying: ‘I cannot believe that God can do this.’”

The Angel continues: “Two sins against charity – regarding both the Lord God, Whom you offend by placing limitations upon Him and His Instruments, whom you unjustly blame. If you do not understand, keep silent. In Heaven you will understand. But do not judge, so as not to be judged. Leave to God the task of making Truth and Mercy shine forth.”

Let us now look at the Messages given to the Last Prophet for the world, Maria Divine Mercy, who started to receive Public Revelations late in 2010. Jesus and Mary have made it very clear how one must discern regarding the Messages given to the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries of the 20th and 21st Centuries, which echo the Words given to Maria Valtorta.

25 May 2013 – MDM – Our Lord: “The Prophets were hated because they prophesied in the Name of God, and because they told of future tragedies which were to befall humanity because of the stain of sin. They led lonely and frightening lives and fell down many times because of the difficulty of their Mission. They found it hard to understand the Prophecies and many of them were ignorant of the meaning of the Words which were dictated to them. Many were unsure whether they were, in fact, Prophets at all, but by the fruits of their Mission – when they could see the spread of the Word of God and how quickly conversions were witnessed – they understood. Most of God’s Prophets were despised, mocked and considered to be heretics. Many were tormented and cast into the wilderness, all because they were Messengers sent by God.”

“Prophets are sent into the world – only because of the Love of God – to prepare His children for events which will have an impact on the salvation of their souls. Prophets have been given different Missions. In some cases, they were sent to warn humanity of the danger of disobeying the Father. Others were sent to warn of the consequences which would befall man, were they to fall into grave sin. In other cases, it was to warn humanity of those who would cause them persecution and try to prevent the Word of God from nourishing His children. And then there was John the Baptist, sent to prepare God’s children for the coming of the Messiah, the only Son of God, sent to redeem them in the Eyes of God. But, they would not listen to him. The lowliest amongst the Jews did listen and accepted Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, but the holiest and most senior servants, within the Church at that time refused to accept the Truth.”

8 September 2013 – LP – Our Lady: “Each Chosen Soul was chosen for a particular task at a particular time. Now the main Chosen Prophet for the End Times is Maria Divine Mercy. Her Mission as the Last Prophet for the end times, is to open up the Mysteries surrounding the Seven Seals of God, and the two Divine Books, namely Daniel of Old and John of New. My Divine Son Jesus, made it very clear to you, My children: the Messages given to a true Prophet, Seer or Visionary, are either true or false – they cannot be grey or in-between, for the Spirit of the Living God, My Divine Spouse cannot, and does not lie. If a True Prophet receives a Message that flatly contradicts another True Prophet’s Message, especially if they contradict the Book of Truth given to MDM – place that Message aside, but do not place the Prophet aside. Pray and discern.”

“Saint John the Baptist is symbolic to the preparation of the Coming of Jesus in the First Coming, but as Christ became more prominent, the Baptist became less. Now, as God sent His Last Prophet to herald the Second Coming of Jesus, the Prophets of the last forty years will slowly be in retreat, so that the Word of God will be heard strongly through the Last Messenger of God.”

The Glorious Inheritance of your future which awaits you, is yours. It is for every single one of you, no matter how blackened or pure your souls are, but you must prepare and be alert, for every demon from Hell roams the Earth at this time, and through others will try to stop you.

But I wish to say to you now: there is no need to be troubled or confused, because all that you need to know is that God has sent the Last Prophet for this world, and all the questions you may be asking about the world you live in – the end of the time of Satan, the Coming of the Antichrist, the False Prophet, the Book of Daniel and Saint John’s Revelation – are now being revealed. And the Second Coming of Jesus, the New Heaven and the New Earth, the New Holy Era, the Resurrection of the dead, a new life of no pain, no death, the unity of all humanity, the Reign of Jesus and Mary, the Age of the Holy Spirit – are God’s Holy Will.

All of these Revelations are now available through Maria Divine Mercy’s Messages. However, for those who wish to know the Chosen Souls who are true and still receiving Messages at this time, I have listed some of them. Since the 19th Century there have been well over four hundred Chosen Souls; many of them I have not placed here, as I currently don’t have the information available. However, you can Google the rest yourselves under various Catholic and Non-Catholic websites. I will also mark those Chosen Souls who were united with me from 1984 but one thing is certain, once the Great Warning comes, all men will know the Truth.

Remember this: if a Chosen Soul is  not listed it is because I have overlooked the name due to a lapse of memory, since my imprisonment. I have also listed Cults or False Prophets. The same label the Media placed upon me in the same category.

1916-1953 Maria Valtorta – Poem of the Man God  ==>True

1937 Marpingen, Germany  ==>True

1937 Heede, Germany  ==>True

1937 Tre Fontane, Rome, Italy  ==>True

1940 Marienfried, Germany  ==>True

1948 Montichiari, Italy (Gave me a statue that cried)  ==>True

1949 Heroldsbach, Germany  ==>True

1950-1975 Necedah, Wisconsin, USA  ==>True

1953 Syracuse, Sicily  ==>True

1961 San-Damiano, Italy  ==>True

1961 Garabandal, Spain  ==>True

1966 Port San-Stefano, Italy  ==>True

1968 Carmela Carabelli, Italy  ==>True

1968 Palmar de Troya (White Cross), Spain (but only Pepe-Rosario)  ==>True

1970 Bayside, New York, USA  ==>True

1970 Julia, Yugoslavia (united)  ==>True

1970 Sr. Mildred, USA (united)  ==>True

1972 Fr. Gobbi, Italy  ==>True

1972 Madeline, Dolzule, France (united)  ==>True

1973 Sister Agnes, Akita, Japan (united)  ==>True

1974 Ninh Loi, Stephen, Vietnam (united)  ==>True

1976 Betania, Venezuela  ==>True

1977 Le Fréchou, France  ==>True

1980 Cuapa, Nicaragua  ==>True

1980 El Escorial, Spain  ==>True

1981 Medjudorje (Bosnia-Herzegovinia)  ==>True

1981 Kibého, Rwanda  ==>True

1982 Myrna Nazzour, Damascus, Syria  ==>True

1983 OIawa, Poland (united)  ==>True

1985 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia  ==>True

1987 Anguera, Pedro Regis, Brazil  ==>True

1988 Achill, Christina Gallagher, Ireland  ==>True

1990 Lincoln USA, Dr. Mary Jane Even (united)  ==>True

1992 L’Avenir, Quebeck, Canada – Thornbush  ==>True

1996 Sr. Natalie, Hungary (united)  ==>True

1996 Mother Leonardi, Rome (united)  ==>True

2010 Maria Divine Mercy, Ireland (united)  ==>True

2011 Enoc, Spain  ==>True

? Marie-Agnes, France  ==>True

Many years ago I put out a list of Chosen Souls – many of these that I have currently listed are not on that list.

I have given God’s children a short list of True Chosen Souls – many with whom I was personally involved – and a clear indication of what a Cult or Sect is in the 21st Century; do not confuse them with True Visionaries, or label them Chosen Instruments of God.

When Heaven speaks about False Prophets this may not necessarily mean non-Catholic or Non-Christian persons, or false visionaries, but can also refer to one who teaches within the mainstream Christianity – e.g. Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious Sisters, Christian Lay Preachers and Leaders – even from other establishments. People who preach unorthodox words against Truth in the Christian world; Paganism in the real world – practises which defile mankind. Faiths which only speak about oneself, rather than loving your neighbour.

Over the years the world Media has distorted the truth surrounding Prophets and Seers, labelling them Sects or Cults, simply because their revelations speak about the end of this era of time and the Second Coming of Jesus. They put them into the same category as the infamous Cults and Sects which will be explained in this work.

There were many Cults and Sects from the very beginning – even Christianity was regarded as a Cult. In the 21st Century you have Cult followings of movie stars, singers, sportsmen and women. But in the last fifty years the Media has branded God’s Chosen Souls as Cult Leaders, making the world believe they are the same as the most notorious Cult leaders who, in many cases, led their believers to mass suicide: Supreme Truth, Japan; The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; the Morrison family and son of Sam; the People’s Temple; WACO; the Solar Temple and Heaven’s Gate. These leaders are extreme False Prophets.

What does it say in the dictionary about Cults: Extreme beliefs which are not orthodox. In our time there are countless forms of False Prophets, clairvoyants, spiritualists and divinators – but the greatest False Prophet is now on Earth, the Beast, the Antichrist, who also has his Prophet – the Last Pope. Be attentive, as with them are many False Prophets, magicians – like Dynamo, David Copperfield, and others who will lead you to believe in the false messiah, he will soon appear in Jerusalem.

Dear souls, pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment. I hope these words will help you.

God Bless

Rev. William John Costellia

The Little Pebble