Message 695 – 14 December 2013

Souls led astray through self-worship, egoism and self adulation – Pray Mysteries of Light with Our Holy Mother – Youth of this generation and those involved in industries have the power to mislead billions of young children.

JESUS: “My beloved son of Light, I have been speaking to your heart about many things. I wish to give mankind, especially the youth of this generation who are engrossed in the worship of false idols, and who are leading many souls astray through self-worship, egoism and self adulation, adorning them and themselves, bringing great mortal sins of sexuality, drug and alcohol and many abuses of the flesh, taking My children away from God and their faith in God – which will in the end bring them and the persons they worship as their god – to the chambers of Hell  and Purgatory. The children I speak of are those in the music and cinema industries – and in many cases, sport.”

“My children, listening to music, watching movies or doing various sports in themselves is good. However, everything in moderation, to be used as a form of entertainment and for the development of the good art, health and for human enjoyment. However, mankind driven by Satan and the Fallen Angels, drive mankind to abuse these gifts where mankind, especially the young, idolize men and women as gods. Remember, My children, you cannot serve two Masters.”

“Due to the seriousness of these grave sins and the destruction of souls, I call on My young children to pray one Rosary with My Most Holy Mother – the Rosary called the Mysteries of Light – honouring My Holy Mother under Her invocation as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces, one of the most powerful titles given to Her for the End Times.”

“As you offer the Rosary, mention the names of the human “stars” you wish My Holy Mother to save during the Great Act of Mercy – the Great Warning and Illumination – which  I will grant mankind in a short while; for through this powerful prayer, united with My Most Holy Mother’s Immaculate heart, She will place My Precious Blood and Her Pure Tears over these souls, and I Promise these souls will be torn away from the power of Satan and his army of the Illuminati, and the many Secret Societies that control the lives of many of those in the Entertainment Industries and organised sport.”

 “Trust, My children, in the power of prayer, especially the Holy Rosary of My Mother and Her Powerful Intercession under Her End Time Title. It is the desire of My Heart to save all the youth of this generation and those involved in the Industries, who have the power to mislead billions of young precious children.” 

“I, your Divine Saviour Jesus, Bless all of My children Created by My Eternal Father through Our Divine Spirit: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Son, you are to know NASA is keeping mankind in the dark about the movement if ISON and other comets and asteroids. This will have an impact upon Earth.

“Peace, My son! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


YELLOW LILY: In the Presence of Jesus:  my Jesus He says to me as a gift:

What do tears do?

JESUS:  “[Name], your Jesus’ Heart is so tenderly moved by the gift of tears, tears that fall in remembrance of the Presence of their God; that remember God’s Presence when the whole world has forgotten He exists, to witness the wickedness of men.”

“Tears that display and feel the love that God has placed around them and for the whole world to feel! Your Jesus is so ‘gotten around ‘ by this fearless display! That show both the eternal presence and the infernal ones where a soul wishes to remain and who a soul fights for!”  

“I tell you truly, tears to God place a great mist around a soul, a fog the evil ones cannot penetrate; so that soul remains as part of God’s centre and His complete and perfect attention, not because God does not stay perfect around souls – more, souls co-operate with the Perfection God is”.

“Contrite tears promise God’s forgiveness;

Tears of love perfect a soul’s love of God and grow their soul to overtake the worldly call;

Tears bring patience, security and hope because they hope in God’s patience and safety;

Tears rinse sin as God forgets this memory between confessions;

Tears are a sign of God’s relationship with a soul, because souls feel My Call and are moved to implore Me. How can I ignore them?

What is requested with tears is like a blanket that covers Jesus in great warmth, because Jesus wishes to be asked and put to use in the trust He offers to men;

Tears bring the modesty souls long for and need in imitation of Me, as princes and princesses of God;

Nothing that is requested through tears in righteousness is refused; the timing of deliverance is My own, but souls may be assured I will answer and I will fulfil;

Tears are the proof of the light within you, My Light;

Tears to Me bring reason and relief;

Tears bring further, welcome and release; tears allow for deeper groves in the mind and the heart, where your Jesus resides, infiltrates and perfects;

Tears remind souls of their littleness in order they may enter Heaven as a child”