Message 699 – 25 March 2014

Time of your resurrection is near – Russia to invade rest of Ukraine, Poland and the Scandinavian countries – When Russia places its hammer and sickle over the Dome of Peter, the Warning is near

LITTLE PEBBLE: I was told during the week that Our Holy Mother would come on this day and enter my body to give this Message. I was asked to pray and wait, which I did.

I see a White Cross above me coming down into me and there are two very large Angels accompanying the Cross. They open their wings and place me in a cocoon. I feel Our Holy Mother inside me and I feel Her Pure Presence and the Light that comes from God within Her. She kisses my heart. I do not know how to explain it.

OUR LADY: “Peace, My son, My pure spouse of My Immaculate Heart! 

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Mother’s Eyes are raised to Heaven.

OUR LADY: I am the Handmaiden of the Lord, do unto Me as You Will!

“I Bless you, My Little White Rock: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I come this evening on my Great Feast Day of the Incarnation of My Precious Divine Son, Jesus. Know, My child, the time for your resurrection is near. I will remain always with you as your Holy Mother, Queen and Mystical Spouse – a gift given to you by My Divine Son, Jesus. This Holy Predilected Gift will one day be understood by Holy Mother Church once My Divine Son, Jesus, returns to the Earth to claim His Throne.”

“Son, the Church and the world are heading towards the great abyss, for many souls fall into the fires of Hell because not enough devoted people pray enough for them. It is for this reason, I and all of Heaven continue to come to Earth to proclaim the Hour of salvation for mankind. You have undergone many trials, My child, as a Chosen Victim Soul, delivering God’s Messages to redeem the sinners of the world.” 

 “The events in Europe at this time are a sign to the world that the Third World War is near; this too is prevalent in the Middle East. Men believe this will not occur and that Russia, Syria, Iran and Israel will not proceed beyond the boundaries, but men are drawn into a false peace. Know this, My sweet children, the hour of trial has arrived and Russia will move to overthrow the free nations and invade the rest of the Ukraine, and will march into Poland. The people of the Scandinavian countries must prepare themselves because when they least expect it, the Bear will move against them. Son, you are to write to them to prepare for war. Russia wishes to control the European Continent of the United Union, to force the concept of Atheistic Communism. You will notice the Roman Curia will say little.”

“Once again, My children, remember My Words of La Salette and Fatima, and the many places where I have Appeared over the past 100 years – all these Messages refer to the evil of Communistic Russia, which does not have pure and good intentions. Do not forget, when Russia moves to take over Italy by force, and places its hammer and sickle over the Dome of Saint Peter, the Warning promised by My Divine Son, Jesus, is near. Read, in particular, My Words given to Our daughter, Mother Leonardi, for all the moves made by the Bear were similar movements made by Hitler as he invaded the free world. But fear not, sweet children, for God has His many Angels around the world to help His suffering Church upon Earth. Continue to watch the sun, My children and the events in Rome.”

“Pray My Holy Rosary for this prayer is very powerful. I Love you all, My beloved children, and within a few months you will hear of many of My Appearances throughout the world, as I prepare My children for the Great Wars and the entrance of the Man of Peace, who does not come from Us, and for the Warning, to separate the flock into two camps. Know then, victory is God’s.”

“As for you, My son, prepare yourself now, as you venture upon a new path, until all is made clear with the intervention of God with His Illumination to mankind. All that has been Promised will now come to pass swiftly.”

(Private Message given)

“I Bless all My children around the world: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. The Chosen Souls: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. The Remnant Hierarchy: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” 

“Remain at Peace, My son, for happy days are coming.”

“I Love you, William John Baptist Costellia, Our Little Pebble.”