Message 703 – 11 July 2014

Maria as last Prophet similar to St John delivering the last Book of the Deposit of Faith – Great conflict where millions of souls removed from the Earth in a moment of time – Demolition continues until the Beast sits upon the Throne proclaiming himself as the Christ – Hidden meaning in the name Peter Abraham, which is reflected in the Words given to Maria

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see My Divine Lord Jesus standing behind me. He was whispering to me last night and has been whispering to me this morning that He wishes to speak to me. OUR LORD: Peace, My son! Peace! Let not your heart be troubled but know that I, your Saviour Jesus, Loves you and humanity so very much. Do you remember My Words to you yesterday about My Holy Mother’s Apparition at Knock, Ireland? It was not by accident My Blessed Mother chose to appear in Knock, My holy child, but it was Divine providence as a stepping stone for My daughter, Maria of Divine Mercy. Men should study this Apparition carefully. Saint John the Evangelist came as John of the Apocalypse, with My Holy Step-Father, Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church. Maria, being the Last Prophet for the world, is symbolic of Saint John’s role of delivering the last book of the Deposit of Faith for Holy Mother Church – the Book of Revelation. Now that the Seals are being opened, Maria is a Little John giving the world the completion of the Book of Revelation – the Book of Truth – to finalize the Last Covenant, and as Saint Joseph protected the Divine Family, so does He now protect the Remnant Church upon Earth, a Divine Institution of the Treasures of God.” “The Church and the world continue on a downhill slope towards the Abyss; man must come to its rescue through the Divine Gifts of the Holy Sacraments and the prayers given over many centuries to help mankind to battle the eternal enemy of humanity.” “Children, you must now listen carefully to the dictates of Heaven, for you are approaching a Great Conflict where millions of souls will be removed from the Earth in a moment of time. Should Israel invade the Palestinian State know, My children, the Middle East will explode and Israel will become enslaved, as much destruction will occur.” “Read My Book of Truth given to My daughter, Maria of the Divine Mercy, and My Eternal Father’s Book of Divine Life, the Bible, as many Truths of teachings are contained in them, which will help you to follow My Footsteps to Eternal Salvation.”  “I Love you, My sweet children, as I have said many times. I have prepared a place for you in My Father’s House and for the new world to come. The demolition of My House upon Earth continues, until the Beast himself sits upon the Throne in My House proclaiming himself as the Christ and God.” “Know, My children, I will understand why you are asking many questions as to why this or that is happening on Earth – even horrifying yourselves, asking yourself how can this be: murders, violence, hatred, crimes unimaginable, people wrongly convicted, innocents destroyed. This, My children, is caused by the release of Satan and his Fallen Angels upon the Earth, so that the Antichrist of History can be introduced into the world. This is his time, but fear not, as God is in control of all and will only allow evil to proceed to a certain limit before God intervenes. This intervention is near. Trust and live in hope and faith. Love, My children, love conquers evil.” “My precious son, the one whom I have indicated in the Words given to Maria – the one whom I will raise to lead the Remnant Church and humanity in the final hours before the end comes. There is a very hidden meaning in the name Peter Abraham, which is reflected in the Words given to Maria: the time for this to come is when the False Prophet forces the servants of God to live and proclaim untruths as truths. This is not far away, My son and children.” “All My children must live for the Divine Will of God, for this then gives God the power to overthrow the plans of the enemies of God. Victim Souls of God are those souls who restore the balance in the world. Study the Messages I have given to saintly souls about the Kingdom of the Divine Will.” “Son, I wish you to place here some of the writings of Maria Valtorta from her Guardian Angel,. Saint Azariah – you know the ones I am referring to – this will help My children very much.” Part of Maria Valtorta – December 8th, 1946 ANGEL AZARIAH:  (Mary) Queen and teacher of men, but also of Angels. There are Mysteries which you do not know, which we are not permitted to disclose completely. When Lucifer’s sin upset the order of Paradise and swept the less faithful spirits into disorder, a great horror struck all, almost as if something had been lacerated – destroyed – and without hope of seeing it rise again. The complete charity which alone had existed up above before, had been destroyed, and it had collapsed into an abyss from which there emerged the stench of Hell. The absolute charity of the Angels had been destroyed, and hatred had arisen. Bewildered, as it is possible to be in Heaven, we – the ones faithful to the Lord – wept over God’s pain and His indignation. We no longer felt sure about being flawless because we were made of pure spirit. Lucifer and those like him had proven to us that even the Angel can sin and become a demon. We feared that no one except for God could resist it if Lucifer had yielded to it. We trembled at those dark forces which we had thought could not invade us. Discouraged, we wondered, with throbs of light, who then can ever give God the Love He demands. It was then that uplifting our contemplation from the abyss and desolation to the Divinity, and gazing fixedly at His Splendour, we saw Mary in the Eternal Thought. Seeing Her and possessing that wisdom which is comfort, security and peace, was one and the same thing. We saluted our future Queen with the song of our light and contemplated Her in gratuitous and voluntary perfections. Oh the beauty of that moment in which, for the comfort of His Angels, the Eternal presented to them the Jewel of His Love and Power. From then on She was our Teacher. From ages and ages we worked in the sweetness of that radiant revelation. Do you gauge what Mary’s fall would have been if having received the Immaculate Conception, Justice and every other Divine Jewel, She had trampled upon everything to follow the voice of the Eternal Corrupter? There would no longer have been Redemption for man – no longer Heaven for man; no longer possession of God for man. Mary has given you all this because, with the true joy of the humble, She wore Her robes as the Dearly Beloved. The exulted – what a profound word – Magnifying Her Lord with Her Spirit – Co-Redemptrix. Mary Most Holy says: I exalt You (God) because You have protected Me. She credited God. Through Mary one goes to life. Whoever enters Her finds God. The Angels greets Her AVE! This is the reversal of Eve. Mary: Heaven is delirious with love in contemplating Mary. OUR LORD: “Continue to have hope, My son. All is developing as I Promised. Pray and wait. Son. Some days ago you had asked a question” If God should ask you a certain thing to do, would you do it. You answered correctly, God’s Will be done as He knows best. Son, if men obeyed God in all things there would be little or no sin in the world. Look at the ‘Fiat’ of My Most Holy Mother and the Great Faith of Her Husband, Saint Joseph – and the many Great Saints of Old! The Divine Will is Perfect.” “Thank you, My child. Continue to offer and pray. I send My Fatherly Blessing to all My beloved children. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. MESSAGE GIVEN BY OUR LORD – 20TH JULY 2014 LITTLE PEBBLE On the 20th July, 2014, I was expressing to a friend of mine that I was upset that God allows so much pain and suffering, especially with little children, and if I had the power I would stop Him. But I did not mean it as an insult towards God, Whom I love above all things, but I cannot understand it, and that is why so many people lose faith in God – yet God controls everything. After this I went back to my place and during the night I was tormented by the Devil who began to accuse me mentally, saying I was accusing God. I challenged him saying this was not so, God knows why I say this. Then I had dreams, and before I fell asleep I asked Jesus to forgive me as I did not mean it in that way, but wanted to understand. Jesus came then and spoke to me, and said to remain at peace; that God was not offended, but I should not think that way because God is a God of Love and you – the Little Pebble – and mankind, cannot understand the Mysteries of why God permits and allows so much suffering in the world. Did not God allow His Divine Son, Jesus, to be Sacrificed because God Loved? It was not God’s direct Will to allow Jesus to be Crucified, for God could have saved the world in another way, But He allowed man’s free will, human decisions and choices to bring the Christ to the Cross. But has not the symbol of the Cross become the Sign of God’s Victory and total Love for His children? God uses even evil to bring forth good. So never think that it is God who brings such pain, sorrow and suffering upon man. God is a Caring and Loving God and seeks only the good for souls. So be at peace. Jesus said He was not offended as He understood my reasons and pain, but everything God allows in my life is for the good of my soul. After all that Jesus had said during the night, I decided to read the Book of Saint Azariah from the Prophet of the mid-twentieth century, Maria Valtorta – 15th December 1946. I was spellbound by what Jesus said. Jesus told me to include it with His Words to me. MARIA VALTORTA: I find my affliction on my sickbed and load it upon myself like a Cross. But at the same time there is the dear, Divine Voice: ‘Jesus is coming to give His Kiss (the Eucharist) to His little bride’. I respond, ‘Oh, my Lord, give me light. Tell me if it’s really You! Everything the Priests say make me suffer, leads me to believe I am deluded, mentally ill, and obsessed. Is it You that speaks or is it my brain, which has become ill and raves? Is it You or Satan? My greatest pain is this, and You know it. The fear of listening to voices which are not Yours and Your holy ones’ or erring in calling what is really just my thought ‘Your word.’ Jesus answers me: JESUS: “And even if it were? Didn’t I tell you that from the heart there emerges the thoughts of men and that from the fruit one knows if the plant is good? Isn’t it stated in Scripture and in Wisdom that whoever makes Me known, already has eternal life and that whoever works for Me will not sin? How often is it stated openly or covertly that whoever is full of Wisdom is full of Me, that whoever speaks supernatural words is a voice of the Spirit of God, Who dwells in His Heart? For it is the Spirit of God, beloved soul of mine.” “If you hear Me speaking, then, it is a sign that I am in you with My Love. Even if it were really your heart which suggested these thoughts which you later write .. it is a sign that your heart is holy.” “Blessed are those who are like you! Remain in peace, My beloved, My faithful one, My sweetheart. You do what I want. Proceed. You make the Lord, Mary, and the Heavenly Populace of the Holy Ones loved. For this alone – for this alone – you would have eternal life! And then there is all your long-time, ever-growing love. There is your suffering. There is your immolation. There is everything for you. Oh, fear not! You cannot err because you are immersed in heroic love.” “Who are you? Do they ask and do you ask yourself who you are? I shall tell you with the words of Isaiah what your name is: ‘I, the Lord, give and shall give them a better name than that of sons and daughters: I shall give them an eternal name which will never perish.’ I shall tell you with the words of John the Beloved: ‘To the victor I shall give hidden manna and a white stone with a new name written on it which no one knows except the one who receives it.’