Message 704 – 15 August 2014

Deplorable acts of Sacrilegious manifestation in My House – Antichrist will emerge when Russia flexes its muscles upon the Ukraine – Great Signs, Miracles and Wonders at Apparition Places – Shooting of the place accidental, there was grave negligence – Major increase in war, disease, violence and crime

LITTLE PEBBLE: It is the great Feast Day of Our Holy Mother, and it is close to 3pm. I was prepared this week for the Visitation of Jesus and Mary. I am praying the Rosary and see high up in the sky the White Cross with all coloured rays emanating from it and shooting out. I see saint Sacramessugus, the Archangel of Messages, come to me. I see the stars on his chest and this deep white ray come out of the centre of the middle star. He Blessed me: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” He says to wait for Jesus and Mary. He now steps aside so that I can see beyond him.

Jesus and Mary are hand-in-hand gliding towards me on this fan of many colours forming a road towards me. They both stand just outside the window. They are smiling and Jesus and Mary make the Sign of the Cross:

JESUS AND MARY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: They take up the Rosary and motion me to pray. Jesus speaks and says:

JESUS: “My beloved son of predilection, and My sweet children: the decade we prayed together was for the benefit of Our Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, who now languishes under his heavy cross, for his time is near when he will come to Us. The Church will soon capitulate under the crucible yoke of iniquity brought into the Church by the Evil One, who waits to take full control of My children by introducing false and erroneous teachings. To seduce the unwary children of Mine.”

“Soon you will hear of deplorable acts of sacrilegious manifestation in My House upon Earth. Please pray, My children, that My children will wake up from their slumber. Know this, My children, once the news comes that My Vicar has been removed from this Earth, then will come the greatest abomination in the Temple of God.”

“Children, I know these times of the Purification are very difficult, but pray to persevere, because it is only by prayers that you will survive the onslaught of the Evil Spirits now fully entrenched in the Church and the world.”

“The events in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the Ukraine, are signs to you that the Great Powers will be drawn into these conflicts to bring forth the Great War. Watch Iran, My children, and know when Tehran is attacked, the whole of the Middle East will succumb. When Russia flexes its muscles upon the Ukraine and draws in other Nations, you will then know the enemy of God will emerge in the person of the Antichrist – and not long after, when all seems lost, I will intervene with the Great Warning. It is for this reason, My children, I have asked you to prepare and remain ready at all times, so that you will not be caught unaware.”

“The many Apparition Places around the world will show Great Signs, Miracles and Wonders as the chastisements fall upon mankind. But know this, My children, this also means My Return is near as I bring to you the New Earth, the New Heaven – the time when Satan will be cast into the Bottomless Pit for one-thousand years. As for you, My child, Little White Counter, you are now being prepared for your major role for these times. Remain at peace as you emerge from the chains that have kept you from fulfilling My Plans.”

“I have brought with me today My Pure and Immaculate Mother, Mary – your Holy Spouse – to console you and strengthen you. I Love you, William! I Love all My precious children. Take courage for time is moving swiftly and the events of the end of this era are unfolding.”

“The shooting of the plane was accidental, My children, but could have been avoided. There was grave negligence. Many more such events will continue, to show men that My children have lost all sense of respect and love for their neighbour, but hatred has now become a way of life, and My Father’s Laws and Commandments have been violated and placed aside.”

“My children, you will now see a major increase in war, disease, violence and crime, in such volume, that men will believe the world has gone insane. Look to Me, My children, and be not afraid, as I will protect you and draw you to Myself. Greater Chastisements of nature will now occur so that men will turn to God. Trust in My Love and Mercy, My children. I send you My Father’s Blessing: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I now wish My Holy Mother to speak to you.”

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My blessed son, William, spouse of My Heart, and all My beloved children. Come under My protective Mantle; say the Holy Rosary., as I wish to take you to My Divine Son, Jesus, for He has the Words of Eternal Life.”

“My Divine Son, Jesus, has asked Me now to once again appear at all the Holy Places on Earth where I once Appeared, and in many cases, still Appear. Jesus will cure you, My children. Come, drink the many waters Heaven has given you. I will manifest Myself with the Angels and Saints, and millions of My children will see Me and witness the Heavenly interventions. Miracles will abound during these great tribulations so that when My Divine Son, Jesus, intervenes with His Great Warning, many billions of souls will respond, positively, to His Voice.”

“Heaven is waiting for your hearts, your prayers, your love, your offerings and sacrifices that you need to make for your brothers and sisters. I Love you, sweet children, and send you many Blessings from the Sacred Heart of Jesus through My Immaculate Heart.”

“You, My son, have My Immaculate Heart, as My little sacrificial spouse. Trust and proceed in all that Heaven has inspired you. All will now unfold as promised. I will now show you something.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has told me some private things.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, son, and all My children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Both Jesus and Mary Bless us together:

JESUS & MARY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Take courage, My children, for Heaven watches over you. Pray, pray, pray, pray to Saint Michael and the many Angels to help you.”