Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen – YouTube

Here is a collection of talks given by Archbishop Sheen. They are viewable on YouTube. This list of themes are very appropriate to people of our day. Please take time to relax and enjoy watching them. The Grace of God will inspire all of good-will to live a more virtuous life. Enjoy!

YouTube Videos: (Wasting your Life) (The Woman I Love – the Blessed Virgin Mary) (Selfishness – Part 1) (Selfishness – Part 2) (Selfishness – Part 3) (Good and Evil) (Youth and Sex) (The Anti-Pope) (Signs of Our Times – Part 1) (Signs of our Times – Part 2) (Signs of our Times – Part 3) (Temptation – Part 1) (Temptation – Part 2) (Temptation – Part 3)