Unity of the Seers – Charism of the Little Pebble

Dear Readers,

The Most Holy Ghost grants many charisms (special graces) to souls at all times in the History of the Salvation of God’s People. The Patriarchs and Prophets of Old Testament times are a good example. In Christian times and since the very beginning — particularly at the first Pentecost in Jerusalem the young Church of Christ burst out into the world to begin the evangelisation of all people. The Church flourished under the strong influence of special graces of all kinds meant to build up the Body of Christ with many conversions. This is easy to understand.

The Seers and Prophets in the Christian Age were also given special graces which were for the common good of a region, or a Country or for the world. There are many examples: Saint Catherine of Siena is just one example in the Middle Ages. Mother Teresa of Calcutta would be a typical example among many in our current age.

The Little Pebble has also been graced by God with a rather unique charism — a special grace to unite the Seers around the world. Our Lord and Our Lady do not lie or confuse or speak in such different words — that the messages cannot be understood. They would contradict other Messages or even the Deposit of Faith entrusted to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. God is Truth and Love.

Since 1983 this has been a major part of the Mission of the Little Pebble. It is his charism, and nowhere else in the world is this “Call for Unity” among the Seers so much in evidence. Over many years, some of the Seers in union with the Little Pebble have received Messages from Heaven showing this support publicly. For example, the Little Pebble, Thornbush, Yellow Lily and others — were permitted by God to ask questions and to receive answers from Heaven. Oftentimes, Our Lord and/or Our Lady answered the questions posed by the Seers. This Q & A correspondence is very edifying and serves as a teaching for God’s children. In the history of the Saints, you will read how they supported each other in their trials. A good example among many is Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina (Martyrs). Their story is truly beautiful. You can read this in the Notebooks of Maria Valtorta.

At the Last Supper Our Lord prayed to His Father for the unity of the Flock: “That they may be one …” The principle of unity is “one” not “many” — one Flock and one Shepherd. This especially holds true for the Seers around the world. Consequently, the truth or “Rule of Faith” as explained by St. Irenaeus really begins to shine in relation to the unity of the Seers at this time:

“The Church, having received this preaching and this faith, although scattered throughout the whole world, yet, as if occupying but one house, carefully preserves it. She also believes these points just as if She had but one soul and one and the same heart; and She proclaims them, and teaches them, and hands them down with perfect harmony, as if She possessed only one mouth.” [Saint Irenaeus, Against the Heresies]

Although this passage clearly refers to the Deposit of Faith — yet it shines it’s light on that portion of the Mystical Body of Christ who are the Chosen Souls. The “Unity of the Seers” comes under this Christian principle explained by Saint Irenaeus. They powerfully re-evangelises the world because through the Seers — the Mother of God can instruct and guide the faithful of good-will — in every age — with perfect harmony through Her Seers as if She had but one Mouth — though it is many Seers who speak for Her. Through Her Immaculate Heart — though it is many Seers who are under Her Mantle; and lastly the Holy Ghost, the Principle of Unity, as the Soul of Her Soul — binds the Seers together in a bond of Charity so strong, that the Mother of God will crush the head of the ancient serpent with Her “Heel” — the little Seers and all of Her children united within Her Immaculate Heart! Thanks be to God.

Consequently, so that you do not get confused — the Messages from other Seers on this website — are to demonstrate the “Call for Unity” among all of God’s Seers, Prophets and mystics. It is the reality that God desires, that His children be united in the Truth of His Word and in the “Obedience of Faith” which shows in a powerful way how God is among His People.

We hope that God’s Words from Heaven through these Q & A’s will help you understand how wonderfully God works with His little sheep. Pray for the unity of the Seers.