Official Website of the Little Pebble

This is the Official Website of the Little Pebble. Migration from the old website is in progress.

Who is the Little Pebble?

He is a man now in his mid-60’s. A Catholic Seer/Visionary who has been receiving revelations from Jesus and Mary and other Heavenly persons since he was 18. He got married in his 30’s and has had many children. His Mission, like all Seers is to bring God’s Word to the world to save souls. However, his Mission is also different because God made a special Covenant with him. His Mission is also to unite the Seers/Visionaries in order to guide the Church for the Second Coming of Jesus. Finally he is to build a new form of Religious life — a family Order.

The Public Messages began in 1983. Subsequently there began a huge persecution against him coming from the Church. He saw Pope John Paul II in a private audience. The Mission spread to almost every Country in the world with hundreds of thousands of followers. God supported the Little Pebble through many public miracles.

In 2002 he was charged and convicted of a crime and went to Prison. However, the Messages continue even to this day. He continues to fight to overturn his charges.

The public Messages now number over 700 to date. Jesus has called him “The Little Pebble” based upon the Book of Revelation.

He is now free. His only desire is that people listen to God’s Word and turn to Him.