Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary – 17 February 2015

Jesus: Rainbow Rose we will speak to men; tell them again and again how much the son of man loves them and desires in time to live with them, not a far time, so near!  so near!

How quickly passes the days one to the other – a count of souls!

What of the injustice borne of Him who must account not only for the living but of the lost, yes the lost too — was, and is this not for Christ His most pitiable lament? I say so.

Lost in folly, lost in amusement, lost in lack of service, lost in selfishness and self interest.  Do not be lost poor sheep says the Poor Shepherd!  For, I Am to send one as on the doorsteps of the Church, the pens are ready – the pastures too, I Am to send the stout heart with others, to lead stout hearts!  Let us be clear: there is a direction to be followed, right is right. The catechism from the early Fathers does not need to be rewritten, it is unchanged in the Heart of God as from His Heart. The Mass as the height, breadth and reach of the Catechism does. Nor need to be changed yet, more shall it be as to not recognise it. Souls, I say to you, pray for those who persecute you! Pray for those who, in their heart, do not love and think only of their own worldly advantage – these men who are rewriting My Work are accountable, not little men. Woe to those who lead the little flock of God astray.

Woe to them who with their efforts feel the Church needs change!  Not so says I —  as it’s Head and Hero.  You shall die for this you do, as one who approaches the Holy of the Holies uninvited; you shall die and Christ as Jealous Defender will not hear your argument, as you refuse Me now.  You do not believe in the Real Presence, or if you do, woe more to those who know Me as really present yet effect these changes that are designed to degrade, dishonour and confuse the Mass. The flock is not scattered under Mary’s Mantle, say your Rosary, where your Scapular and medals with pride, as a sword!

Woe to him, my usurper who is on the seat of Peter as a knave, dressed as one of authority, he shall know the one he works for and it is not Me. He knows him.

Listen carefully little ones led here and rest in these Words of Truth: Christ has said, “worry not what you shall eat and drink, seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and all will be added unto thee”. These words are the arrow for your heart. A campaign for the poor is not necessary when the man who leads it – the one who is black and dressed as white is as proud as a rooster.  He denies Me, he knows I Am — and acts as he does — he is not the true Peter, and just as he usurps I shall usurp in answer. I bring forward one, little and small, unafraid; whose only campaign is to defend the Real Bread of Heaven, Food for souls and the One, True Church, Catholic, where the elect will be brought and held in care. The one I bring does not speak in circles and does not say, “what is truth?”  He does not say, “who am I to question another man’s truth?” Under the guise of humility and poverty as a philosophical question.

The one who knows Me, understands the need to represent and lead to discipline and real investigation, who says to men, not, “what is truth – let each man be accountable to themselves who seek” but says, “come this way to this God and what He says and examine”.   Truth does not exist in — whether a heart depends on its own devices as right, or, who more, should be allowed to go its own way – that is free Will, a vast difference from the Saving Truth in any man!  A man of truth, the man interested in truth does not rewrite laws to suit the fickle minds of men, but stands on the promise and care provided by God through earnest approach, and conversation and prayer.  The man of God, chosen by God, will speak of the fire of Hell, will  speak of Satan and his campaign as man’s destroyer – the wrath of souls.

The usurper looks to always accommodate, to lower and make easy, when sin is made easier to feel this does not free souls, it strangulates and ties to worsening sin. Once the Church begins to direct souls to an easy and free compass, where do all these “yes’s” and allowances of moral turpitude stop?

Listen man, as God, I cannot, I will not defend whatever you want as right – what I do, what I have done in union with the Father and our Spirit, forgive men and love them without condition; come to Me for I love you! This is My constant echo from the Father; seek truth in discipline of self, in hunger, in fasting; seek truth in charity, which is highest as you put yourself last.

Come to Me by visiting Mary. We wait.

Listen to the Words of Good; listen to the Words of One who loves you so much — for you alone He died and was Raised. This is truth. My rules remain unchanged from the words of the last supper on down.  My words on the Cross remain unchanged on down.

Seek truth and the truth that has led you here shall – does – hold you entirely to Himself.

Do not judge other men, examine only yourself. I shall lead you further and your hungry spirit shall be fed.  Remember, right is right, it remain forever unchanged, your guarantee however, seeking truth: you are led to Jesus and His undying Forgiveness, blessed by The Lord.

I. Thank you Father for the little ones You send Me.  I shall defend them Father, with My Life forever and We shall feed them Father, so they are never hungry, AMEN.