Rainbow Rose of the Ark of Mary – 6 April 2015

OUR LORD: “My children, on this Good Friday let Jesus talk about the genius that exists in charity and circumstance. If we remember that charity, selflessness – is a perfect good, and with God all these acts are judged the same as good and pleasing to God, from opening a door for another; to a smile at a stranger, you can change your circumstance through kindness.”

“Not only your soul, but events! With charity, you cannot take a misstep! Indeed, in your charity, you move with God so all roads lead to your good and your temporal benefit. To get, give; to receive, lose. Keep nothing for yourself.”

“Be happy, My people, it is only My infernal enemy who needs you sad. Do not let him win.”

“My tools are joy and patience and peace. This is its definition. If we believe all minutes belong to God and we have offered our lives to goodness, we shall never be without and Divine Providence has the means it needs in this agreement, to fill your basket to overflowing – just as Jesus emptied Himself to fill the Kingdom of God!”

“Does this mean we never face misfortune or feel sadness? No, Jesus did. Let perfect charity tell you: for those who love Me I treat you better than I did Myself – expiation required I must submit for those who are not charitable and reject its fruit.”

“There is no poverty for you. Remember the world’s poor – especially those given to the effects of the world and pray for them. Remembering them, My Death is not in vain. Any struggles are sent by God to teach, welcome them, pray and let go – leaving everything to God Our Father; just as Jesus and Mary did.”

“Know this, everything is in passing. Be victorious in circumstance knowing God has a Plan; He hears your voice and it is His Will to please in service and in answer to prayer – your speech in faith.”

“Do you ever make a bad choice, a bad decision when trying to be good, when being your best good? No. Fear not.”

“Pray also for those who do not understand the truth of prosperity and worry of money. I give you your resources, the challenge is to manage as a steward. Do not be afraid to empty yourself as Christ on the Cross; I shall not leave you without. I am your constant help.”

“Any death of self is brief, holding for you untold riches in sacrifice and quick to follow, victory.”

Jesus on the Cross