How do you know when a person is a Prophet of God, or a False Prophet – 8 April 2015

Learn how to know who are True Prophets – Seers – Visionaries

To illustrate about the times we live in and why Prophets are persecuted – for the times are now leading to what is well described in Revelation 1:13-17, written by St. John the Apostle in 65AD. In particular, note that he indicates: “The beast forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to have a mark placed on their right hands or on their foreheads – the number of the beast”. This number – 666 – represents a name.

Let us consider this, firstly:

There is an anomaly in our present calendar. The Birth of Jesus did not take place in the year 6BC! The calculations that were made from the original Calandaria were found to be wrong by six years (Good News Bible, 1994), thus the current year, 2005, is actually 1999, making 2006 actually 2000, so all the events prophesied for 2000 have yet to come to pass! However, the essential point I wish to make here is this: The Mark of the Beast; the time of the Antichrist! Have we entered that time now? The answer is, most definitely, “Yes”!

In 1982, when God called me to be His public Prophet, I was joined together with some one thousand other Prophets around the world, all of whom were proclaiming God’s Word and preparing the Church and the world for the emergence of the Antichrist, whose code is 666 and goes by the name of the Maitreya. He is the false “Messiah” who will be acclaimed, accepted and feted by the world. He has chosen – and will continue to choose – many people who will follow his scheme to destroy all levels of civilised existence – followers who will manipulate systems so as to break-down any resistance, whether it be from a nation, an organisation or a sole individual. At this present time, his most powerful and effective means of doing these things is through the media, in general – but, in particular, television. Targeted most frequently are those souls who are deemed to be a threat to the achievement by the Beast of a smooth transition to total control of all humanity.

Leaders of nations who – and organizations that – have any influence for good in the world, are brought down and discredited. Also, although on a lesser scale of impact to world events, many innocent people end up in jail for a crime, or crimes, they did not commit. Australian examples would be Lindy Chamberlain, Pauline Hanson and Schapelle Corby, to illustrate recent and diverse cases. The media were able – and worked hard – to discredit these souls, using intense sensationalism, thus placing tangible pressures upon the Justice System, which resulted in souls being convicted and placed in systematic de-programming circumstances, so that they could no longer be an influence in a society that is being programmed to accept the teachings of the Beast. Frequently, the corrupted authorities and world power groups utilise an effective means to discredit, and thus remove, an organization: they label them with taxation fraud. With individuals, an alleged sex offence is a relatively simple way to destroy their reputation, for it comes down to one person’s word against the other – and it is often difficult to prove or disprove such a charge.

If you are a well-known public figure, and you have strongly rabid media spotlighting the case before you enter the Courtroom you will be found guilty, no matter what evidence you produce to prove otherwise.

The Law is quite clear on a particular point: you are presumed to be innocent until found guilty by a Judge or, in most instances, by a Judge and Jury. But I ask: what Jury would find a man “not guilty” when they have been bombarded by biased and sensationalist media reports and conjecture regarding the matter over the weeks, months and years prior to the trial?

With the power of visual effects and biased comment upon the mind of the public, no man would have a chance. It is a well-known fact that if an advertisement is placed frequently on television or any other media outlet, it would influence any person to accept what has been portrayed.

Some years ago a test was made to see how powerful the medium or television was on the public minds in a certain town. In between programme they placed an advertisement for a well-known soft drink, putting it in a subliminal way to the sub-conscious. That night the product was sold-out in that location.

Trial by Media has been part of our lives since the mid forties, but more so in the last twenty years because of globalisation. The power and constancy of the Media coverage has reduced the world to a global citizenship through satellite and cable television. Consequently no mere mortal has the power to challenge such power and succeed. Thus the power of the “Mark of the Beast” is well established in our society.

We are not called to be mediocre Catholics and Christians – God needs “heroes” – those, who like the Blessed Virgin Mary and the great Saints of Old – even in the last century like St. Therese, the Little Flower, St. Padre Pió, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Maria Valtorta – and thousands from the past centuries: St. Thomas á Beckett , St. John Fisher, St. Thomas More, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Joan of Arc, Fr. Popieluszko, Theresa Newman – and so many more. Cardinal Mindszenty, Pope Pius XII, etc – and what about the heroes of our time since this Mission began like: the Krinners of Germany; Fr. Steinbach, Fr. Blais, Bishop David Ottmann, the Sabalaskeys of Canada; Grant Duffy, Mother Maria Goretti, Maria of Croatia, and even Veronica Lueken of Bayside – and so many more – a list that would fill many pages.

These were the heroes of this age. They stood out a mile before men, letting their light shine in the world of dense darkness.

The Christians in early centuries were martyred in the Blood of the Lamb; the Christians of today are martyred in the “spirit and morality”. God’s Call remains the same: Become My heroes against all odds! Do not allow yourselves to become “compromised Christians” or simply Sunday Christians – ones who live the “letter of the law” but not the “heart of the law”. How many times while Jesus preached in the synagogues – He preached how one must live the “Law of Heroes” – the Virtues – against all odds.

Those who have followed this Mission, and all Missions, are called to heroic lives of virtue – not the everyday run of the mill Catholics. Yes, it means defying the everyday rule; it means obeying Jesus in faith, in trust and in hope.

We are entering the final stages of the cleansing of God before the world enters the New Holy Era of Peace. The chessboard is set upon Earth! Do not let the evil one weaken your cause. Do not seek Purgatory as your reward – seek Heaven as God’s heroes. The Antichrist is awaiting his move into the arena of a dead world of souls who have heard his call. Let not the enticements of the world draw you away into the clutches of the enemy of God and your souls. Hold on to the faith God gave you.

What are heroes of God? Read the lives of the Saints then you will know. They always stand against the odds – against the grain – and remain firmly on the course God gave them, always persecuted and hated. Are you one of them? Don’t give up now, my friends!

Jesus: “Those who are not with Me are against Me, and those who do not gather with Me, scatter!”

The truth is clear – undeniable – and God’s Spirit cannot be misled. Those who wish to go into error do so out of their own free will. Every tree bears its own fruit; a tree is known by its fruit.

It is not what goes into the person that makes him unclean, but what comes out of his mouth A good man takes from the treasure that is in his heart, and acts according to what is stored in his heart. An evil man does the same – he acts out his designs of that what he has stored within him.

Jesus: “Beware of false Prophets – study them before you follow them!”

All men have eyes and tongues and hearts – so look clearly at his deeds. Does he pray openly, but then behind his back he deceives; he kills the reputation of others; he slanders! But if he truly is of God how does he behave in business, in his home, his surrounds and towards his neighbour.

Holy deeds are the fruit of a good tree – a true Prophet. God may reveal matters to the Prophet that make little sense, like God did to Abraham, Hosea and many others – and may even look foolish to man. But does that make the Prophet wrong?

It is very clear in God’s Teaching that a false Prophet can easily be seen as he is a man of little charity, and it is a grave sin to bear false witness – to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Whatever passes your lips you must keep to.

Jesus: “Let your “yes” be yes, and your “no” be no – and a false Prophet is one who lives and speaks untruths!”

Ask yourself: was the Prophet sincere – was he truthful, charitable? Did he forgive? Were you touched by his word, and was he an example of his word?


11th October 2012: My followers have been given exhaustive warnings – but it is of no use, the problem is that those who accept the truth mingle with those who do not accept the truth, and this influences them. You must keep away from those who are Pagans and pray for them. If you do not keep away you will be seduced by lies and unclean spirits.

13th October 2012: My Fountain of Love and Mercy is to be showered upon the whole of humanity through My Son, Jesus Christ. After this will come the great divide, when the souls who respond to His Mercy will be taken aside; the remaining souls will be given every opportunity to hear My Call from Heaven. I, their Father, will make Myself known by the power of the (climates) those souls will be shown My Love through My Prophets. The skies will unfold and be pulled back, like a scroll. They will roll over until the signs of the Heavens are revealed; the sounds of My angels will entice these poor souls.

21st October 2012: Those who die in mortal sin are destined for the fires of Hell. They will say that they had no choice, because sin was necessary in order to benefit others: sin of murder to avenge the death of another; sin of prostitution, to help family put food on the table; sin of abortion, to benefit the life of the mother; in sex deviation, it is just natural. When they practise the occult, it is harmless fun, yet they honour the Beast. When they persecute others and destroy not only their name but their livelihood, they will say that this was a necessary punishment for the sins of others. When they destroy another person in mind, body and soul through dictatorship, they will say it was for their own good. These sinners are the lost souls I speak of.

25th October 2012: Because of the fruits of these Messages the faith of God’s children will be witnessed – the swell of My Son’s Remnant Church will continue because of these and other Holy Messages given to genuine Visionaries all over the world.

6th November 2012: Centres organized by My Prophets over the years will spring up – each like an oasis in the desert – here you can gather to pray for souls. Know this, while you are being prepared through this and other Missions, that it will be announced suddenly (Second Coming).

23rd November 2012: The persecution against My Prophets and Visionaries intensifies now as opposition to the Messages increases.

25th November 2012: I have joined all of you together through this and other Missions; all those who follow the instructions I give through all genuine Prophets and Visionaries will help salvage the souls of billions.

10th December 2012: Oh how I yearn for those souls to open their eyes to the truth in time – My pain and anguish is now – this is why the Victim Souls, Chosen Souls and those who are close to My Sacred Heart, feel such pain right now. I suffer through them as the time approaches.

12th December 2012: These souls along with the Prophet I chose to impart My Word, will have to accept My Cup of Suffering. When the voices of My True Prophets are ridiculed and declared not from God, do not dignify such attacks with a response of any kind. Remain silent in your suffering. Remember it is not My Prophets you hurt, it is I you offend.

17th December 2012: During this time the Saints in Heaven, and all those who died in My favour, will be raised with the righteous, who will survive the Tribulation. All will be resurrected and be given perfect bodies; they will enjoy peace and prosperity under My Spiritual reign, until My Kingdom is handed over to My Father. This will be the first resurrection and will be followed by a One Thousand Year Reign. The second resurrection is not known to mankind. These secrets will be revealed in time, for they are not for your knowing now.

13th December 2012: The world must know the era of Peace will be the culmination of My Promise, where I will Reign over the New Heavens and the New Earth – a Spiritual reign, My Church, the New Jerusalem – the Tree of Life will breathe Love and Peace – will not suffer death, even when Satan will be released at the end of this period.

23rd December 2012: A new type of ceremony which will replace the Mass and the Presence of My Holy Eucharist – an all-inclusive move to join all Christians and other Religions as one – the beginning of the end; the day the daily Masses are cut will be the beginning of all events to unfold – the rise of the Beast.

1st January 2013: My Plans are being manifested and those among you chosen by Me to lead the Remnant Church will swiftly build bases throughout the world. These places will be where you will go to honour Me.

3rd January 2013: When My Glorious Second Coming is witnessed by over seven billion people, no one will then deny I exist.

6th January 2013: You will know immediately when a Mission from God is authentic, by the numbers who are called and unite as one in My Holy Name. No questions are raised, no monies sought, no arguments.

18th January 2013: The abolition of all signs of My Son will mean the beginning of the end. Once this happens you will know that the time for the Second Coming is close.

18th January 2013: While so many voices from the mouths of false prophets command the attention of many, My True Voice is cast aside. There are chosen Souls through whom I have communicated for decades – I still communicate with them. Since the start of this Mission I have not given one more single soul permission to proclaim My Word in public at this time, with the exception of those beloved Chosen Souls who have worked for Me for years.

3rd November 2013: When you witness calumny, false accusations and slander against you, this does not come from Me. When you judge another in My Holy Name with hatred in your heart, you too will be judged by Me according to your works: an eye for an eye – this will be your punishment. You may feel justified when you defame another soul in My Name, but instead you are an enemy in My Eyes.

8th November 2013: When God is present in a Mission which is sanctioned by Him on Earth, in order to save souls, Satan will always attack it. You will know God’s True Prophets by the persecution and hatred which is shown to them. You will know them by the public rejection of their Missions and the wicked actions inflicted by others against them.

10th November 2013: No scientific evaluation will make sense when two suns are seen. I desire to gather all of My children, very soon to witness My Promise. My Gift will come in the middle of the terrible spiritual persecution.

Soon the stars will no longer shine with their great intensity; soon there will be a new unexpected sign, as the beginning of My Intervention is revealed – two suns. To prepare you I will present to the world many Miracles in the sky, in the Universe and Planetary system.

12th November 2013: The first sign will be that the Earth will spin faster; the second sign concerns the sun, which will loom larger, brighter, and begin to spin, and you will see a second sun. The weather will cause the world to shake and the changes mean that many parts of the Earth will be destroyed, wars will spread, earthquakes will shake the four corners of the Earth; famine will grip mankind.

The deceit of the Beast will be exposed – on that day when the world sees the Imposter, the Antichrist, rise with My Crown on his head, dressed in the robes of red, fire will envelop him and he and all his followers will be cast into Hell. Then I will come.

15th November 2013: All those who are suffering – the time is close for the Warning. My day will dawn unexpectedly. Through the signs which will be shown to you in advance, I have spent three years to open your eyes.

16th November 2013: The enemies of God will deny the Warning, believing it was the sun and the movement of the Earth on its axis.

29th November 2013: Pain, persecution, suffering, ridicule and mockery will always be the lot of those Chosen Souls of God. I am present in every single soul who has to endure pain and anguish. It is the Will of God that certain souls suffer more than others, because it will be through such victims that other souls, who are less deserving of My Mercy, can be saved. Such souls are closest to Me, and I will use this sacrifice of theirs to draw those other souls.

3rd December 2013: A number of carefully staged miraculous cures will be presented to the world by those enemies of God, who will say that they are of Me.

4th December 2013: Hundreds of False Prophets will rise among you and they will never tell you the truth. Their visions and their words spring from their own imagination.

Dear Souls,

Now that you know who are true – pray for them and judge God’s Chosen Souls no longer. Listen to what Jesus and Mary are telling you and let us help them save the Human Race.

God Bless.

The Little Pebble