Message 712 – 8 April 2015

Pope Francis will state that the Little Pebble is the Anti-Pope of History and MDM is the False Prophet — Russia to be the scourge of Europe — Islamic Nations will cause much suffering to the Free World — The hour glass is empty, but have hope and trust in God’s Mercy — A great disaster will come very soon …

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus told me today, there will come a time when Pope Francis will state that I am the Anti-Pope of History and Maria Divine Mercy is the False Prophet.

Then as I was praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Jesus said:

JESUS: “Watch the movements of Russia, as it mobilizes at the border of Poland and near Germany. Remember Russia will be the scourge of Europe; and keep an eye on the “Dragon” who will interfere in States close to the Red Sea that also is adjacent to the Indian Ocean. The Islamic Nations will cause much suffering to the Free World because Satan wishes to cause great fear and division between good people, using extremist persons to draw all nations into conflict.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus wishes us to remember the Messages given at La Salette (France), Fatima (Portugal) and Garabandal (Spain) because all that has been prophesied there — and the countless apparition places in the world. Jesus said that the hour glass is now empty, but to have hope and trust in God’s Love and Mercy. Jesus reminded me to tell everyone that they must pray very much and to keep their souls clean from sin. That we must live each day for itself as the days counted that are left are in the few.

Jesus explained a very great disaster will come to the world very soon and all men’s hearts will be shocked and in fear.

Then Jesus explained that the Miracle promised at Garabandal will be an event that will occur after God’s Illumination. These events will occur within 24 months — but always to remember the power of prayers that can change the events coming to the World.

Jesus said to pray very hard as Pope Francis has a Plan in motion at the next Bishops Meeting in Rome — to make way for all faiths to enter the “communion of faiths” in the Christian world as “one communion”. The unity of all the Sacraments — “equal” to one another as a sign of ecumenical union.

Jesus then said that each moment currently unfolding in His Mystical Body, the Church — is a part of the re-enactment of His Passion-Calvary-Crucifixion and Death. Then will come the Resurrection of the Church.

Jesus said that he would return later in this week to tell me more, but said that He loves His children very much, pray, pray. Then Jesus Blessed us.

The Little Pebble