To those detracting against the Little Pebble on Facebook

LITTLE PEBBLE: To those detractors on FaceBook who are attacking me and others, simply because they defend the Little Pebble, I say this to you:

“He who has no sin, let him cast the first stone …”

Jesus said to Maria Valtorta that he who slanders another person and destroys a mans name is the same as a double murderer.

See what happened to the persons who attacked Moses? Read and see for yourself. You claim to support the words given to MDM, but you are hypocrites. Did Jesus not say to MDM — do not speak against or judge a prophet whether true or false, but pray for them [paraphrase]. See MDM Message dated 5 April 2013 for the exact words.

You have become like the Pharisees who paraded around like the righteous and condemned Christ, when in fact Jesus was only doing good. If you truly believe that MDM is from Jesus then do as Jesus would want you to do and don’t become like the pharisees of old. Pray, forgive and speak words that reflect the love of Christ. Do not add to the work of the enemy who desires the destruction of God’s Kingdom.

I thank those who defend the truth.

God Bless,

The Little Pebble