Message 714 – 17 April 2015

Document of Alliance for all Priests to sign – Crash in Monetary System – Sydney hit by tidal wave after major earthquake – Holy Souls in Purgatory will all be released to meet Our Lord in His Second Coming.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady spoke to me last night, as she often does, with no set time. If you have ever seen the movie “The Thirteenth Day” – about Fatima – that is how Our Lady comes to me, but sometimes only in locutions.

Our Lady told me:

• That the state of the Church and the world was very bad, and She was very sorrowful. There is an evil plan by the Bishops to have a “Document of Alliance” for all Priests to sign, forcing the clergy to give their allegiance to Pope Francis – not to the Church.

• That war would break out soon in the Pacific Region, which will affect the world economy and cause a crash in the Monetary System in Asia, so that Babylon (Europe) would be able to introduce the new currency and the New World Order.

• That Russia and China are not to be trusted, as their Regimes are the Free World’s enemies.

That the visionary dream I had, regarding the City of Sydney being hit by a tidal wave after a major earthquake, was true. God sent it to me.

• That the Kingdom of God is already on Earth in souls, who live and do the Will of God and in the Kingdom of the Cross, where Saints like Padre Pió, Theresa Newman and St Therese are, and who are united with those souls on Earth, who are the Chosen Souls – the Prophets, Seers, Visionaries and Victim Souls.

• Our Lady then told me that when Her Divine Son Jesus returns to the world in His Triumphant Second Coming, all the Holy Souls in Purgatory will be released to meet Him and Purgatory will be no more.

Jesus and Mary are asking God’s children to pray for these souls to be released more quickly, so that they can help the Militant Church on Earth.

These are just some of the many things Our Lady has revealed to me since last night.