Message 714B – 19 April 2015


LITTLE PEBBLE: Today at Mass, as the Priest Consecrated the Host and Wine, Jesus appeared on the Cross above the Altar. Then, when the Priest raised the Sacred Host, Jesus lifted from the Cross into the Risen Lord, all in dazzling white, holding the White Cross. Then, not long after, Jesus rose higher in the Church above the Altar – all ablaze – with His Arms outstretched. Our Holy Mother was kneeling beneath the Cross all this time. Jesus then spoke to me.

JESUS: “Blessings to you, My blessed son, and all My children!”

“Son, please tell My people this – what I reveal to you: The seven years of the Apocalypse began in December 2012, and the seven parts to the Apocalypse. I want My children to pray for the Feast of My Ascension, as it is near. Then pray for Pentecost as it is near – for on this day I, by My Spirit, will release ten billion souls out of Purgatory.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: As Jesus was saying this, the Holy Spirit, as the Dove, hovered over Jesus — then higher up the Eternal Father appeared with myriads of Angels. Beneath the Altar I saw the Holy Souls in prayer, as the flames engulfed them. Then Jesus and the vision vanished as quickly as it came, with the Essence of Our Lordā€™s Blessings descending upon us, like a dew.

My interior perceived that an attack was planned upon the Dogma of the Holy Trinity.

The Little Pebble