To the People of God – 23 April 2015

LITTLE PEBBLE: On the 6th March 2010, I wrote a letter addressed to you. However, since then much has changed in my perception of the same events. The first part of my previous letter will remain the same, but it is clear much has changed – especially the events.

LITTLE PEBBLE: When you read in paragraph three: Our Holy Mother’s Last Dogma as Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix of All Graces, will be proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI – I now feel this will not come, as prophesied for the last 70 years – even the Consecration of Russia, as requested at Fatima. One of the reasons for the division in Holy Mother Church was to be the Dogma. It seems to me highly unlikely, but you never know as it may be disputed within the Hierarchy, thus the division occurs. As for the Consecration of Russia: I personally see no purpose now as time has run out. Yet only God knows. I cannot see Pope Francis doing either.

It seems to me that part of God’s Plan has shifted in a time frame and sequence. Jesus explained the time frame being dependent upon man’s response – and sequences change, due to that response.

It was believed and understood that after the Warning, the Short Reign of Peace mentioned at Fatima, would come, lasting 20-40 years, then would come the Antichrist. This has now changed. The Reign of Peace now becomes the New Holy Era, which will last one thousand years. So the sequence now is:

▪ War in the Middle East, Europe, Asia;

▪ New instructions from Pope causing the Church to split;

▪ Appearance of the Antichrist as the Peacemaker;

▪ The Warning follows;

▪ All the world is converted – even the Jews;

▪ The Great Miracle at all Apparition Sites;

▪ The world will be in a lull – shocked;

▪ The world will have a short human Reign of Peace where all those who have followed the Apparitions in the world go out to re-evangelize humanity, explaining the Warning and world events. This could last six months – maybe longer.

▪ Once the Antichrist has recovered he will assume power as a Leader with Pope Francis, and begin to explain the Warning and form the One World Church and One World Government. From that moment the Great Persecution begins from the Antichrist against the Remnant Church.

▪ Until the Three Days of Darkness with the coming of the Comet, which will hit the world and part of it will hit the sun – moon, the Remnant Church will be Raptured.

▪ Saint Michael will cast the Antichrist and his Prophet into the Abyss and all evil people.

▪ Jesus will then return.

TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD – 6 March 2010

The Antichrist – The Next Era – The New Era – The End of Time

As you can read there is much that has changed, and much has been due to the Messages of MDM, which places time, events and space in a very different situation – although the overall picture remains the same in God’s Plan. Maybe with time coming closer to the events it will become very clear to us all – and I am certain the Great Warning Will clarify much.

God Bless

The Little Pebble

LITTLE PEBBLE: I wish now to explain about the time of the Antichrist, the ‟Next Era”, the ‟New Era”, the ‟End of Time”. Also the ‟signs before the Warning” – after ‟The Warning” – the ‟Final Chastisement”. What is the meaning of the ‟Spiritual Coming of Jesus” with His ‟Sign in the Sky”, also His ‟Second Coming” and His ‟Third Coming”. Many ask – when will this be? I tell you, brothers and sisters – it has begun.

In the writings of Maria Valtorta (Notebook 1944, pages 105-110) Our Lord explains about the Book of Daniel (Chapter 12):

“The last time of three years and six months, the most tremendous time ever known by man, will be when Satan, by way of his son, burning with supreme hatred (for the split between the two branches of the people of God will be over and, with it, the cause of so many material, moral and spiritual evils), uses his perfect and ultimate acts of craftiness to harm, ruin, and slay Christ in hearts and hearts for Christ.”

In Daniel Chapter 7 – Jesus explains about the four (4) Great Beasts of the Apocalypse. The four Errors which precede the End. Atheism; Power; Revolution: and the Demi-god. From these comes the Antichrist. His numberless weapons are symbolised by the Ten (10) Horns. Jesus says: ‟O My Saints of the Last Times – if the early ones were heroic during their persecutions from the Pagans – three x seven x seven times [eg three times seven times seven times] as holy will be the life of My Last Saints. The Reign of the Antichrist will come after the ‟Sign of Illumination” of Christ to His children – the first part of the Warning to come. It is part of the Second Coming of Jesus. His Sign will be seen in the Heavens – this will be to strengthen His Remnant Church. It will be a time of Miracles. The Pope – His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will declare the last Dogma of the Church for this Era. He will then die. Miracles will occur at all the Apparition places.

Many chastisements will then fall. The Anti-Pope will be elected. The Illumination will bring the Jewish People to believe in Christ. The Anti-Pope will begin his reign. The Antichrist will appear. The second part of the Warning will come – war and many chastisements – even greater and greater persecution against the Remnant Church. Note well, the Reign of the Antichrist will last 1290 days according to the Lunar Calendar.

Christ will come in His Second Coming to meet His children as they ascend to greet Him. Once all of this happens – the World will be renewed and Christ and His Holy Mother will reign in all hearts for 1,000 years of Peace. Once this has happened, a life where there is no illness – no death – only happiness. Satan will be released for the last time. He will tempt man intellectually, like he did to the Angels before they fell. God will test man through one final Dogma.

Then Christ will come the Third time – as Judge. Then comes the end of the World. No more starry sky, etc. – only Hell and Heaven.