AFRICA – Unity of the Seers


I wish to thank the Marian Workers of Uganda for their wonderful work. They are also building a Community.

Dominic Bete

In 1989, a very important Mystic Seer united with me from Uganda, named Dominic Bete. He had the support of his local Bishop and arranged a public meeting for me. Approved by His Cardinal.

Excerpts of a Letter from Dominic Bete, Seer of Uganda approved by his Bishops, 14th June, 1989 St. Francis’ School for the Blind as follows:

“Dear ‘Little Pebble’ of Love,

I received your letter when I had just finished my thirty day Novena about the Graces I told you I was asking for from Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus Christ as far as your visit here is concerned. Immediately Our Lady appeared to the two of us in the St. Charbel’s Prayer House where we use to as our meditation room. She confirmed to me about your coming and said to see the Cardinal and tell him about this and he will not refuse. I left on the 30th May for Kampala and reached that very day. I started visiting three days after, to see some seers around Kampala and also to look for Monsignor Lawrence whom later I knew him by the full names of Monsignor Lawrence Mary Tjumba, of Rosary Mission in Masaka Town.

The time I took in seeing the Seers was slow for Seers are very many and they [are] scattered all over Kampala City – but one thing I found out was that you already know all about them by name, photos and their experiences and almost all have written to you …

… Again in 1987, Our Lord gave me a revelation about you. Confirming everything that you see around you and what you are doing and some which you will do in the future. This I did not let you know early and I have never told anybody but the Cardinal was the first and I think this revelation was given to me for 12th June 1989 particularly for your coming to Uganda and so I can let you know now!

So I readily answered His Eminence the Cardinal that I really had a revelation about the ‘Little Pebble’ early before we started communicating so what could he say? His Eminence the Cardinal then told me straight away there and then that he has accepted your visit in October this year and that he is ready to Bless your visit when you come and he said that he wants to know the day early in advance so that he may be prepared to receive you … Be assured of our supportive prayers to you and all the Graces we are asking the Heavens to grant to you during your visit in this country. Greetings from Monsignor Lawrence Mary Tjumba, Mr. Mathias Tiga, Commander Joseph, Mathias Kusujja, Sailas, Deodata, Jane Francis, Angella, Beatrice, Norah, Sr. Mary, John Joseph our guardian and most of all His Eminence the Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga, Cardinal and Archbishop, Kampala Archdiocese…”


The Seers of Kibeho, Rwanda, supported me in my Mission and each of them sent me a letter to that effect. Our Lady’s Apparitions in Kibeho had been approved by the local Bishop and is a well known Marian Site throughout the world.

In 1990, the President of Rwanda asked me to visit his country. He was a firm believer in me and my Mission, as well as the Apparition in his own coutnry at Kibeho. He was a good friend of André and Marie Helena Geldof, our Promoters in Rwanda, and these good people kept me informed, constantly, of the situation at Kibeho and in Rwanda in general. The President himself talked to the Kibeho Seers about me and they confirmed me as a true Seer.

I, with James Duffy and another member, flew to Rwanda at the President’s invitation. We arrived in that country to find the authorities against us entering it. I told the officials I was there at the President’s invitation, but they would not accept my claim. Happily the President’s sister, a Nun arrived and ordered the officials to let us through, which they did without delay. We brought with us a statue of Our Lady of the Ark as the President wanted one for his palace.

We had settled into our hotel only a few hours when Our Lady Appeared and told us we had to leave the country, immediately. That very night Ugandan troops invaded Rwanda and the army in Rwanda was mobilised. The streets were filled with armoured vehicles and troops. Martial Law was declared and a curfew put on the city. I tried through the local agencies to secure a flight out of the country, with no success. I rang my Travel Agent in Sydney, and he managed to get us the last three seats on a Belgian airliner. So early the next morning we left the country. It was a pity we were unable to see the President, but there was no time, or opportunity, with the country at war.

The President maintained his devotion to Our Lady, and a procession was held with devotees carrying the statue of Our Lady of the Ark through the streets of Kigali, the Capital City.

Sadly, not long after my short visit, the President of Rwanda, together with the President of Burundi and several army officials, were killed when their helicopter was blown up by rebels. The President’s wife, after this tragic event, kept in touch with me to ask me for advice from Heaven.

In the early 1990’s, the Geldof’s moved to Belgium. Andre Geldof has since gone to God but I remember him with great gratitude and I thank his good wife for all they did for our Heavenly Mission.

I wish here to remember Father Rwagema of Rwanda who has been writing to me since 1987. He was the Priest involved with the Seers of Rwanda, Kibeho.

Andre Geldof

The following are excerpts of letters from Andre Geldof, of Kigali, Rwanda, Africa, on the 18th July, 1990, as follows:

“Now Elisabeth the seer who lives in Kigali, is gone to see the commission and also the Bishop of Butare (29-30.11 and 1-2.12.1989), she said to the Bishop and to the members of investigation “if ‘Little Pebble’ is not a Seer and one Child of Our Lady, you can consider that all the seers of Rwanda, and also all the Seers of the world are not true.” Elisabeth is gone sometimes to see the President of Rwanda, and told him it also; she has received also many private messages for him. The 13th and the 14th of October she was waiting for you in Kigali; Alphonsine was waiting for you at home of the President, and many other Seers of Rwanda were waiting for you in Kibeho.”

On the 31st March, 1990: “…With this letter I send to you, the text of 3 different Apparitions of Our Lord or Our Lady with Francis Muwonge. This text (sic) concern principally the Pope who will come after the Pope John (sic.) Paul II, this Pope is married and has children….”

On the 22nd August, 1988: “….Bernadette had one other apparition with Our Lord it started on 20 H and end on 22 H, but this not on the podium but in the Convent of the Sisters of Kibeho. Dear Bernadette pronounced many times the name of ‘Little Pebble’….”

On the 6th October, 1989: “….In different apparition[s], Seers are diffuse message to united to you, Alphonsine, Elisabeth, Valentine, Josepha, Bernadette, this seers I know because I have also hear[d] it….(sic.)”

On the 6th October, 1987: “….I send to you also the message of Our Lord at 21 hour to 22 hour, the 15-08-1987 apparition of Our Lord with Bernadette in Kibeho, this is translated in French. The 5 or 10 first minutes are not take (sic.) with the tape recorder. In the first minutes she have (sic.) received instruction from Our lord to take (make?) contact with you and to write to you….”

On the 8th September, 1986: “…I write to you now, because I have contact with Alphonsine the first Seer of Kibeho Rwanda…. Alphonsine will take contact with you (sic.), but the Bishop of Butare forbid her to take contact with you (sic.). Now she had written one letter and give it to me, to send it to you. …Alphonsine was praying to know of (sic.) she must write or not, and loudly, inside of her she hears inside one voice that she must write to you….”

Sylvia Stephen

A very important Seer named Sylvia Kokwongeza Stephen, united with me in 1987 with two other young children. Agetha, the Public Apparition Place in Mwanza, known very well by the Bishop, was investigated. These three young children received revelations about the `Little Pebble’ becoming Pope. – Mabetini Apparition Site.

The following is a Message given by Our Lady to Sylvia in 1986:

OUR LADY: “….The Little Pebble’ is a real Seer and he is the only one to unite all the Seers of the world. He will be the Head of My Son’s Church in the future……that is what Heaven has planned. I see that the Evil One wants to destroy My work here in Mwanza. You have to watch; be united. In the future days My daughter Bernadette will believe your messages. I will continue to deliver messages for the world through the Little Pebble’. Pray, daily, the Chaplet of Mercy, to atone for your sins.”

Message given by Our Lady to Sylvia on the 25th August, 1991, as follows:

OUR LADY: “My child, I wish you to inform the ‘Little Pebble’ about this Message. I ask you to send it quickly before it is too late.”

SYLVIA: “I see a very big church, and outside the church I see the Holy Father weeping very much. I see the congregation of people throwing stones at the Holy Father, some cursing him bitterly and others despising him. Now I don’t see anything, but only beautiful clouds shining nicely in the sky. Furthermore, I see a highway and a little road. The road is full of people, lots of people, millions crying and hungry and they seem to be preparing for war. Then I see the big church again, and inside the church I see the Holy Father kneeling down, hands in his head and crying in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. Now I am shown Africa. This is the country of Zambia – I see a lot of corpses which cannot be numbered (counted). I see Dar Es Salaam in ruins, which makes me realise that there were people there. There are the skulls of many dead people.”

“I see the Church of Saint Joseph in Dar Es Salaam. Many Padres have died. Now I see the Cardinal Laurean Rugambwa standing outside the Church weeping very much. Now I see the Holy Family Church in the capital city of Kenya. It is a frightening situation, since many people have run into the Church. I see the road passing near the Continental Hotel and I see a lot of dead bodies, people who have been killed. Now I am very frightened. I see the country of Uganda which I do not recognise well because of the way it has been ruined. I see people running for survival. Now I don’t see anything. I have opened up my eyes. Oh! It is a very frightening situation.”

OUR LADY: “My child, this situation will happen in this world just nearby. It is because nowadays the peoples of the world want to put themselves above God. God is now angry because of this attitude. They must stop offending their God and make sure they amend their lives and to be perfect and ready to meet God.”

Francis Muwonge

In 1990, Francis Muwonge, of Moasrara Diocese, Uganda, united. The following is a Vision given to him in March, 1990:

FRANCIS: “I went to the Vatican in Rome with the ‘Little Pebble’ and we arrived there around 3 pm on Thursday afternoon. The Pope was to meet with us on Friday afternoon at 3 pm in a very beautiful room of his residence in the Vatican. We were given a house in which to stay the night and slept in two separate rooms. The following morning we attended Mass celebrated by three priests and then proceeded to the Rally organised by one of the Cardinals in the Vatican. There was an event to be marked on that day for a certain Saint whose name I do not know.”

“After some time had passed, we were called and taken to a room where we were to wait for the Pope. Shortly after that, we were called and taken to a big room where we found the Pope with six Cardinals seated and waiting for us. They were sitting facing the south of the City. Then the ‘Little Pebble’ knelt down in front of the Pope. The Pope blessed him alone. He then crowned him with a hat, red in colour. The hat was very similar to the one the Pope was wearing. One of the Cardinals brought a very large gown and put it around the ‘Little Pebble’. Another brought a golden bar curved like that of a Bishop and gave it to the Pope who, in turn, gave it to the ‘Little Pebble’. Then the Pope put a very beautiful Ring on the finger of the ‘Little Pebble’, saying, “This is a sign of Love which unites you with Our Lord Jesus Christ whom you are going to defend during my absence.” The Pope again Blessed us all and He left the Vatican, going into exile to place known to me but which I am not able to disclose in this Message. There after the ‘Little Pebble’ and I went to Gethsemane where we found Our Lord Jesus Christ. The ‘Little Pebble’ knelt before him and started crying because the war was raging furiously.”

“The war was going on in the Vatican and was going to cover the whole world (AntiChrist). The ‘Little Pebble’ was seeking the mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive the sinners in the whole world. Our Lord Jesus said, “The war is to end very soon, do not fear but you and Francis must pray for My Church. I am with you during this war which shall also be the end of Satan.”

Sister Wilhemina Kokugoshoka

In 1987, several nuns of the Holy Family convent began to receive messages in Mwanza, Tanzania. They united with me. One was Sr. Wilhemina Kokugoshoka who was instructed to write to me by her Superior. The following is her letter dated the 24th May, 1987:

“Our Superior has asked me to write you! Dear ‘Little Pebble’, the Beloved son and privileged soul of Our Lady. In honour of Our Mother and our confidence in you we thank her for the work you are doing for mankind as she directs you. You the seer of Our Heavenly Mother, we join you in all you do though we are afar from you. We pray hard. We are thirteen Sisters here, two candidates and Little Agnes, the seer of Mwanza who lives with us. So we are sixteen, we are Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. We ask you for the number so that we may be a House of Prayer of St. Charbel. The Madonna has been with us for two weeks last year as Agnes was directed by Our Lady. We ask you for the particulars: your life up to now and your photo and also the life of St. Charbel and his oil…”

Ignace H. Gwau

Letter from Ignace H. Gwau, Chairman of United Prayer Groups, Mwanza, Africa, on 24th July, 1987:

“Dearest ‘Little Pebble’: Loving Christian Greetings. I have much pleasure to send you a background report of Agnes Nyamburi who receives visions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary. The Sisters of Poor Clare of Mwanza told me that you needed this report and the English version was not ready by then. Please forgive me for the delay. I personally believe strongly that Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing to Agnes and continues to appear to her till today.”

“Please give me your advice and guidance in respect of this important matter. Pray for our infant United Prayer Groups to obtain strength, unity, and be dedicated to the service of Marian Works here in Mwanza. I shall also be glad to continue receiving Heavenly Messages as delivered to you by Blessed Virgin Mary for Peace, Unity and Reconciliation.”

“I shall send you another report and messages when it is finally compiled, I have a Saint Charbel Prayer House No. 5017 and St. Urban I as Patron at the moment I am the Chairman for the United Prayer Groups of Mwanza. Please pray for me and our prayer groups. May the graces of Our Lord, Jesus and His Heavenly Mother be with you and always…”

Gaudensia Kamuswa

In 1988 another Seer from Uganda united – Mrs. Gaudensia Kamuswa. The following is part of a letter I received concerning several Seers:

“….I would also like to inform you, dear ‘Little Pebble’, that within our village we are a total of four (Seers) namely: one boy, Robert Kamugisha … my own mother, Mrs. Salome Munyete … Mrs. Philomena Kyekoreire, and myself. All the three ladies are properly married. All the four of us are more or less given the same Mission, that is of: “Praying for the youth to keep their chastity; praying for the Priests and all the Religious to keep their vows, especially that of chastity etc., and for all the people in Uganda to leave adoring ‘idol gods’ – practising Satanic ways, and to stop drunkenness!”

“There are several events which I could report on, but as I know you are a busy man and time is short – please allow me to stop here. I, and on behalf of my fellow Seers, mentioned above, kindly request to be united to Australia as requested by Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother Mary. Please note the last, but by no means the least, our many problems and crosses – i.e. from February 14th 1987 up to now, the parish Priests refused to give us all Sacraments, especially Holy Communion and that of Penance!…..”

Yolanda Raphael

In 1987, Yolanda Raphael, Seer of Mwanza, united. The following is her letter to me on the 4th December, 1987:

Dear ‘Little Pebble’, the beloved of Our Lady,

“Greetings! We would like to thank you for your visit in Kenya which made us unite together with you in prayer and vigils. All this was God’s plan so that we poor people could see with our own eyes, the one whom Heaven had placed to unite us all. In this letter we want to let you know that we are united with you, and that we and our parents had agreed to unite with you. The Heavens has entrusted us to your care, and we recognise you as our Head here on earth. Please accept us among those Seers who have already united with you.

All our Messages from Heaven will come to you and it is you who is to send it to the world or not. You are our daddy. We ask you dear Daddy, to let us know whether you have accepted us. And time to time let us know if we are in the right way or not, if the Messages are from Heaven or not, as we know Heaven itself will let you know all these. As you promised us in Nairobi, we are ready at any time to come to Australia if we get any benefactor to help our ticket. We also hope to be at Fatima on the 13th May, next year, if you Daddy help us. We are under you, please accept us, Soul and Body, and lead us in the way the Heavens want us to go…”

Sister Mary

The following is a letter from Sister Mary of Christ the King, Tanzania, Africa on the 27th October, 1987:

Dear Sir, the ‘Little Pebble’ of Love of Our Lady,

“May God grant you His Peace. I am writing to thank you for all your kindness to that group of devotees of Our Lady of the Ark of Mwanza who came to meet you in Nairobi – Kenya. They came here very happy. Though they had trouble on the way when going to Nairobi, but through their Seers Our Lady comforts them a lot. She promised them once more that they will reach Nairobi and see you and have meeting with you. For a long time Our Lady prepared them through the Seers. All the people were told to recite daily the Chaplet of Mercy for your safety, for their safety and their benefit to what they will hear from you. Our Lady told them that the journey was of Heaven.”

“Many people wanted to meet you in Nairobi, but as you know our country is very poor. What they contributed was enough only to those who came. They came back here and trying their best to explain to others and put into practice what you told them. On the 29th October, we had Holy Mass offered by the Vicar General at the Apparition Place, as Anniversary of one year since Our Lady stepped on that ground and cured that crippled girl. At that same place they had again the Holy Mass of Thanksgiving for their journey to Nairobi and back here.”

“About the coming of the Seers to Australia, we are very happy to hear the news but the country is very poor. We can’t even send one Seer. Now what are we to do? And that to Fatima on the 13th May? Please let us know if there any possibility for them to come. The Messages of each Seer will follow soon as you asked, hoping that you already received the first Messages given to Little Agnes…”

Lawrence Mary Tjumba

In 1987-88 the very Holy Monsignor Lawrence. M. Tjumha of Masaka Diocese, Uganda, a Seminarian – began to write to me as he was the Spiritual Director of many Seers. He worked very hard for the Mission and remains united to this day.

Barth Ngemera

Here I wish to thank Barth Ngemera of Mwanza, Tanzania, who has worked tirelessly since 1987, promoting the Mission of heaven and working for the Order of Saint Charbel, and now has founded a Community for the Order under Barth Ngemera. We have several other Seers: Pauline Mikael, Immaculata Julius Maseko, Gertulda Andrea, Mr. Steven Lukambile.


In 1987, a Seer of Rwanda, in Africa, united with me – Harehimana.

Charity Gituma

In 1986, Mrs. Charity Gituma, a Seer of Nairobi, united.

Mama-Mary Amalamba

In 1989 a Seer named Mama-Mary Amalamba of Nairobi, united with me.

Suzanne Ikui

In 1988, Mrs. Suzanne Ikui, of Nairobi, united with me.

Rosemary Githae

In 1986, a very beautiful soul named Rosemary Githae united with me. She is a Privileged Soul and still works together with me, as does a very faithful man named John Nganga, who together with Rosemary, formed the Mission of the Marian Workers of Kenya, and to this very day of 1998, have remained faithful and true, spreading the Messages I receive, and those of many Seers across Kenya and Africa. They were the backbone of forming the Order of Saint Charbel in Kenya, and the Houses of Prayer of Saint Charbel.

John Nganga

Here I wish to thank the courageous workers of the Committee of the Marian Workers of Kenya, Nairobi, namely: John Nganga who has supported me tirelessly since 1986 until now; also Rosemary Githae and others.

Theresa Munyui

In 1986, a Seer of Nairobi, Mrs. Theresa Munyui, united.

Sister Symphorosa, Kajala, Ignace Gwan

In 1987, the Mission of Our Holy Mother began to spread far and wide in Muanza of Tanzania, assisted by Sister Symphorosa, Kajala and Ignace Gwan.

Mary Muthoni

In 1985 two very important Seers united with the `Little Pebble’: Mary Muthoni and Gladys Wambui.

Gladys Wambui

Both Seers are from Nairobi, Kenya. Gladys received approval from the Bishop for her Messages and proceeded to build a Chapel.

Monica Kalemere and Augustine

Also a little girl named Monica Kalemere, received revelations, and her father, Augustine, from Tanzania, united in 1987.


In 1989 a very good soul named Theophile of Zaire, Congo, Africa, began to form the Missions of Our Lady of the Ark with the support of His Bishop.

Kilda Kyejo

In 1989, another very extraordinary Seer united – Kilda Kyejo.

Yuris Joachim Nkamda

In 1989, another Seer named Yuris Joachim Nkamda, united – with other.

Emma Mgomela Mwanza

In 1989, a Seer Emma Mgomela Mwanza, united.

John Munyaa Emma

In 1989, a Seer, John Munyaga Emma – Mgomela, Seer, Mwanza.

Bernadette Pascal

In 1988, Bernadette Pascal, Seer of Mwanza, united.

Joseph Behakanira

In 1989, Commander Joseph Behakanira, also a Privileged Soul, of Wampala, Uganda, united. He Commanded the Ugandan Forces against Idi Amin at the time when the country overthrew Idi Amin.

Sister Helen Teresa Kyazike

In 1989 Sister Helen Teresa Kyazike, of Masaka, Uganda, united.

Benedict Lukeya

In 1989 Benedict Lukeya of Kampala, Uganda, united.

Sergio Mussoke Kizza

Sergio Mussoke Kizza, Uganda, of the Masaka Diocese, received many gifts from God to heal, and received directions from Heaven. United with me in 1990

Margaret Nakandha Masjjage

In 1988 another Seer came on the scene, Miss Margaret Nakandha Masjjage of Kampala, Uganda. The following many Seers and also united:

Mary Magdalena Ndyabahika;

Mrs. Moevelina Victoria Nakkazi

Miss Alice Rohah Mutesi

Miss Anjella Kyama Melima

Mary Costansia Massamula

Joseph Mudduwayezu Masajjae

I wish here to thank Joseph Mudduwayezu Masajjae for his wonderful work in Uganda forming the Marian Workers of Uganda after Mr. Yiga retired. He later died in June, 1996. Mr. Dominic Mudduwomaria now holds the position.

A new Seer united from Lira, Uganda in 1997; another Seer united in 1990 – Musisi Balikuddembe Omusaate of Kampala, Uganda.

Sister Mary Theresa Tugumisirize

Sister Mary Theresa Tugumisirize from Kampala, Uganda, united in June, 1988

Mrs. M.M. Mdyzbahika

Mrs. M.M. Mdyabahika, of Kampala, Uganda, united in 1987.