AUSTRALIA – Unity of the Seers


Teresa Calarco

In 1985 a Seer of Italian origin, Teresa Calarco, from Sydney, who had been receiving Messages from Heaven in support of me and my Mission, came down to the Holy Grounds.She supported me for some years until she lost her belief in February 1988.

In 1986, when the ‘Little Pebble’ visited her at her home, Our Lord said the following:

OUR LORD: “… My Heart is Wounded, for everything you don’t believe in, is like a sword that penetrates into My Heart. Now to you, My children; I say this to you: believe, and help make others believe, that I bring the Message to the world, and this is My Word – like the Light that shines. But those of you who believe in Me: keep Me in your hearts and you will see the Light forever. But, if what you hear you fail to put into practice it will be like a Light that goes out – and you will never find it again! Pay attention to what you are listening to, as I give My Message to My ‘little Rock’ (Little Pebble)! Why don’t you believe…..”?

Georgette Harb

Georgette Harb, who lived in Sydney – was receiving Visions from a Maronite Saint called Saint Charbel. Georgette heard of our Apparitions and she asked Saint Charbel if what I was receiving was true, and the answer was: “Yes”! However, after a few years Georgette Harb lost faith and she separated from my Mission.

Norman Nehme and other Privileged Souls

During the same year I heard about Frank from Campsie; Norman Nehme, from Sydney; three young children – girls – from Fairfield, who had claimed to receive visions; also, a woman named Gladys. Then a person named Gino Macri, of Sydney, had a Crucifix which began to bleed oil; a person from the Blue Mountains – an Anglican lay person – had a Crucifix which was also bleeding oil. All these were documented in the Press. The man in the Blue Mountains, named Paul, began to receive visions. All these souls came to unite with me and brought many followers.

‘Rose of Croatia’

In 1991, another Seer became associated with my Mission as the ‘Little Pebble’. She was a married woman with a family and had a Saint Charbel House of Prayer. She had been part of the Mission for some time and had received Messages from Our Lord and Our Lady. Her name was Maria and she was to be named by Heaven as “Rose of Croatia”. Maria had been born in Croatia and was part of the Australian Croatian Community. She had a number of devout followers of the Mission in her circle of friends, some Privileged Souls. Some of these faithful women suffered much persecution from their families. Much of their suffering was for the Salvation of their homeland.

Maria received many Private Messages from Our Lady at her home but Our Lady directed her to the Holy Grounds where she was to receive Public Messages for the world. On the 13th of September 1991, Maria, “Rose of Croatia”, received her first Public Message. This holy woman supported me until her death.