CANADA – Unity of the Seers


Theresa Mallette

The following is an excerpt of a Message given to Therese Mallette, Seer of Canada, on the 20th May, 1987:

OUR LADY: “… For Our son, the ‘Little Pebble’, he will be Our standard bearer for the Universal Church. All which has been said, will be realised in the very near future. My very own ‘Little Pebble’ shall be your earthly way and I shall be your Heavenly way.”

Brother Joseph Francis

The following is a Message given by Our Lady to Brother Joseph Francis – Seer of Canada, on the 21st April, 1985.

Our Lady Appeared to Brother Joseph Francis as Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’ and told him to advise the ‘Little Pebble’ that the journey to see the Holy Father was again delayed due to circumstances, and advised to proceed to Fatima and Spain as planned. On the day Brother Joseph Francis received his statue of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’ the statue wept tears; also the Infant Jesus in Our Lady’s Arms wept Tears as Our Lady had told the Little Pebble’ on 19th April, 1986.

Our Lady advised Brother Joseph Francis to tell the Little Pebble’ that the Medal of ‘Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’, to be worn by men, is to be made larger – while the women are to wear the smaller, current version. The Scapulars of Saint Charbel are to have brown cord for men and white cord for women. Also the Little Pebble’ is to write a short story on ‘Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’ and its beginning. This was done, and should help many to believe. Brother Joseph and I became very strong friends for many years that followed.

In August, 1986, Brother Joseph Francis sent a Message to me – I include part of it here:

OUR LADY: “There will be many disasters coming!”

BROTHER JOSEPH FRANCIS: She (Our Lady) talked to the ‘Little Pebble’ in Australia who is going under great persecution and he is suffering much. We must stand together; we must encourage one another. I know the ‘Little Pebble’ was given to all of us to be our little brother; for he is doing the work of Jesus through the Will of God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary … Our Lady said:

OUR LADY: “Tell him when you talk to him that I Love him! My Son Loves him very much; We all Love him – his family and loved ones. Going through what he has been going through – encourage him, My Son, that he is not alone; that We Love him through the depths of Our Hearts.”

Jacquie Vautour

For many years Jacquie Vautour, also known as the Seer, ‘Sunflower’, of New Brunswick in Canada, has been united with me. The following are a few short Messages and Visions given to her by Heaven relating to me – the first on the 25th January, 1995, is a Vision:

SUNFLOWER: “I see the desert in the middle of the road; there are lots of people and they are walking towards a building. The building is made from pink sandstone with wooden doors. There is an archway about 500 feet from the doors. At the archway at each side, stand two very large Angels. People are walking between the Angels to get to the building. I see all the members of Bethlehem Community, except for [Names withheld]. I see [Names withheld]; several Seers are standing with ‘Thornbush’ – she is also walking.”

“We are all going into this building – once inside we are in a Chapel. There are hundreds of people from all over the world. At the Altar stands The ‘Little Pebble’ dressed in the robes of a Priest. Standing on his right side is Our Blessed Mother. She is dressed in a white dress, blue cloak and pink mantilla with a crown of little roses on Her Head – and in Her Hand She is holding the little boat.”

Standing on his left side is Jesus dressed in a red cloak trimmed with gold; His tunic under the cloak is gold-looking as well, and on His Head is a pointed, golden, crown with different coloured stones at each point. He has a sceptre in His Hand, laid over his Sacred Heart, which is very visible – as, too, is Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. The air is alive with Their scent. Behind them there are huge Archangels, with golden swords pointed to the ceiling. The ‘Little Pebble’ waits for all there to be kneeling. Our Lord steps forward and gives everyone His special Blessing, then steps back and the ‘Little Pebble’ steps forward and begins to speak to all who are there. I don’t know what he is saying, I seem to be seated too far away, but whatever he is saying many heads are nodding in agreement and Our Blessed Mother is smiling Her most beautiful smile at everyone. Then, all of a sudden, some people get up, walk down the aisle and leave. Then the Vision is gone.”

A further Vision on the 29th January, 1995:

SUNFLOWER: “I see a grove of apple trees, and around the trunks of some of the trees are built wooden seats. Seated on one of these benches is Saint Peter, and with him is a group of small children around the ages of two to five years. He is telling them a story. I see the ‘Little Pebble’ and he is running and playing with some older boys – maybe school age – they are kicking a soccer ball in and around the trees, and the laughter is wonderful and free. In the centre of the grove I see Our Lord Jesus and He is talking to a small group of couples. I see the [Names withheld] and myself. As each couple approaches Our Lord, He tells each to kneel. He places over the couple a white, see-through, veil upon Their Heads and gives each a Blessing – and, as each rises to go, they are then each given a kiss by Our Blessed Mother.”

“Then it is later in the early evening, and I see Our Lord and Our Mother – They are dressed in beautiful robes and each have a golden crown on their heads. In Our Lord’s Hand He holds a golden sceptre. There are many people here now – the grounds are completely covered. I see several Priests; there is ‘Thornbush’ – she is dressed in her blue habit; she is standing, and beside her is Mary Magdalene. As I watch I see Our Lord signal to the ‘Little Pebble’ and he steps up to Our Lord and Our Lord places His right Hand on the ‘Little Pebble’s’ shoulder and the ‘Little Pebble’ kneels down. The ‘Little Pebble’ looks just like John Paul II because of his clothing. He is kneeling before Jesus and Mary, then everyone there kneels down. It is a solemn occasion, but also a joyous one – I can feel it.”

“Our Lord says a prayer over the ‘Little Pebble’ – I see Him reach up and remove His own beautiful red robe and place it on the shoulders of the ‘Little Pebble’. Our Blessed Mother places a golden necklace and kisses him on both cheeks. Then the vision is gone. How wonderful for you, ‘Little Pebble’?”

On the 14th February 1995, during Evening Prayers, ‘Sunflower’ received the following Vision from Heaven:

SUNFLOWER: “I see in the sky a large white Cross and I see Saint Michael dressed in a golden, armoured, breastplate – and in his hand he holds a golden shield. As I watch I see rings appear around the Cross, at different angles – and, as each ring appears, it ignites into flames and the flames are shooting in every direction. I then see ‘Little Pebble’ on the Earth; Saint Michael is using his shield to try to deflect the shooting flames away. Then the flames come faster and Saint Michael comes down to the Earth and holds a shield up, like a dome, protecting the ‘Little Pebble’ from the flames. There is burning everywhere. Then the Vision is gone.”

On 8th November, 1995, Our Lady gave the following Message for me, through ‘Sunflower’:

OUR LADY: “… The wounds are increasing your suffering, because much is now asked of the few of My sweet’ instruments’ who have accepted with all of their heart and soul to suffer with love for the salvation of souls. There is much turmoil within the Vatican also, and My beloved Pilgrim Pope [John Paul II] is suffering much because of this and all of the disobedience within the Church clergy. My Rose, ‘Thornbush ‘ – and you, My little ‘White Rock’ – are supporting My beloved Pilgrim Pope upon the same cross of persecution. Gradually, all of the wounds that you bear from My Divine Son‘s Passion will become visible. There will first appear white crosses of light and then they shall become visible with a perfumed oil that shall ooze on the First Friday of each month. The suffering of the wounds will now continue to increase gradually; during the time of Lent this shall increase even more – and on Good Friday the Crown of Thorns will become even more visible and, also, some of the other wounds. The wounds have not become visibly opened yet, so that you would be able to continue to accomplish all that is asked of you at this moment. [On] the Glorious Feast of the Resurrection the Wounds will be visible “.

On 25th December, 1995, Christmas Day, during morning Mass, ‘Sunflower’ received the following Vision from Heaven and, also, a short Message from the Eternal Father.

SUNFLOWER: “I see the ‘Little Pebble’, and he is on his knees in a small private Chapel. He is weeping, and his heart is very heavy. I see, surrounding him, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter, Saint John the Baptist – and then there is Moses. They are all kneeling and moving in prayer. Out of a white mist steps the Eternal Father; He is dressed all in white. He lifts the ‘Little Pebble’ into His embrace; He holds him so gently to His Heart; He breathes on him and I actually see the worry and despair leave his body. The Eternal Father speaks to the ‘Little Pebble’, saying to him:”

ETERNAL FATHER: “You now have received the gift of serene calm and peace.”

SUNFLOWER: He is much-loved by Heaven and he is to go forward for all will be well. Then it was gone.


In 1986-1987 I met an Italian Mystic living in Toronto, Canada. She was a stigmatist named Vincenjina. She had a weekly Prayer Group. It was revealed to her that I was to be the next Pope, so one day I visited her with a very good friend of mine – David Ottman [deceased] – who has been working for Our Lady, and me, for many years – and still is. I am very grateful to him. Well, as I entered the room Vincenjina collapsed on the floor in ecstasy in the form of a cross, and the Eternal Father addressed me and said: “I welcome you, My beloved son in whom I am well pleased, for you have consoled My Divine Son, Jesus so much.” One of Vincenjina’s arms left the Cross formation and embraced me. A few years later the Seer went against me …

Testimonial from Nancy Norton

Toronto, Canada

“On October 13th, 1986, I was one of twenty-one Canadians present for Atonement Day prayers at the Apparition site of Nowra, Australia. The ‘Little Pebble’, the Seer of the Apparitions, together with Brother Joseph Francis, a Seer of Canada, and two Mystics, Teresa Calarco of Sydney, and the ‘Pilgrim Soul’ of Florida, were in the front row of a crowd of pilgrims, all praying the rosary. At about 3pm. I noticed that the atmosphere had somewhat darkened after hours of brilliant sunshine. When I looked up the entire sky, which had been a bright blue, had turned to a grey haze. Just as I turned to see whether the change had any relation to the sun, someone called out: “Look at the sun!” The sun looked as though a large white Host covered it, except for a very narrow outer rim of brilliance. Suddenly, the sun appeared to pulsate, emitting surrounding circles of changing colours as those of a rainbow. Several times it spun with great speed to the left, then to the right. I was able to look at it with ease, except for a few seconds, when a brilliant Cross appeared in front of it. The length of the Cross was about three times the diameter of the sun. The brilliance of the cross dazzled my eyes. Once, when I looked away from the sun, in the direction of the Shrine, I saw three huge circles of yellow light in the sky – front, left and right above the Shrine setting. After some time the `Little Pebble’ continued with the Rosary; then he had a Vision of Our Lady and received a Message, which he repeated for us.

Brother Joseph Francis and Teresa also saw the vision, and Teresa repeated a Message, given in Italian. During this time I faced the Shrine, trying to concentrate on the prayers and the Messages, but verbal exclamations were heard intermittently. Prayers and hymns continued during the Crowning ceremony of the Weeping Madonna of Canada. Then we prayed the Stations of the Cross Rosary as we walked up the winding road. At about the 12th Station, prayers stopped again as a voice became loud with excitement. the sun was again pulsating, throwing out colours and spinning. After the Stations finished most of the pilgrims left to return to the waiting buses. As a companion and I slowly walked back down the hill I continued watching the sun, stopping now and then, admiring the movement and the colours, and astonished at the fact that, although it looked quite bright, I could watch it constantly, without discomfort to my eyes. When we reached the Shrine area, a Bishop was preparing the Altar to say Mass. Both he, and the Priest helping him, seemed bathed in a yellow glow from the waist up. I did not watch the sun during the Mass. When it finished, I heard that a few children and adults saw the face of Saint Charbel in the sun during part of the Mass. A week later, when we left the Shrine area for the last time, we witnessed the Miracle of the sun again. Just as the bus pulled away from the gate, someone called out: “Look at the sun pulsating and spinning.” The intense speed with which the sun was spinning, especially fascinated me this time.

I would like to add that on October 12th, while we were praying on the Shrine Grounds, we witnessed our first Supernatural Sign. While the sun was shining brightly in the blue sky, a gentle rain fell for about five minutes, then stopped as suddenly as it began. I felt that the rain symbolised the Graces that were falling upon us during our prayers …”