CENTRAL AMERICA – Unity of the Seers

Central America

Sister Guadalupe

In 1986, Sister Guadalupe, of Guatemala City, Central America, united with Me, after Jesus told her to. I wish here to thank Ronel Hagen, the wonderful worker for myself and Sr. Guadalupe since 1986. Sadly these souls separated from me in the late 1980’s. The following is a Message given by Our Lord on the 19th March, 1987, during my visit to Guatemala in May, 1987. Jesus instructed me – through Sister Guadalupe – to make public these two Messages.

OUR LORD: “My dearest daughter: the time has come for you to make known to My Seer, the `Little Pebble’ – My dearest child from Australia – the Vision which I have made known to you and that you have guarded in your heart until the day of its Revelation. Tell My dearest son that this Message and this Vision will clear his doubts and fears – and he will understand all that I have said”.

SR. GUADALUPE: In obedience to Our Lord I am telling what I saw in that Vision in the year of 1983, during Lent, when Jesus Appeared to me – and He was holding in His Hands the Sacred Bible, telling me:

OUR LORD: “My daughter: I come to give you, and make known to you, the Mysteries that are hidden in this Book”. I was afraid – and told Him that I felt afraid. He answered: “Oh do not be afraid, I will help you; I will guide you and will explain to you those things that you do not understand – and, also, things that the world does not understand”.

SR. GUADALUPE: After Our Lord placed His Divine Hands on my eyes, I saw myself in another place. I walked and walked so much that I was tired and hungry. All at once I was very surprised, because I saw myself as a beggar and looked so poor and helpless; that I had been wandering, doing nothing for a long time – and for this I felt very tired. Furthermore, I had not eaten anything and did not have a penny to buy food.

After walking for a long time I saw a beautiful palace that only had one door that would allow entrance. The door was made of heavy gold and was adorned with many figures. When I came close, to touch the door, I was transformed into a little girl – and I felt very weak and hungry. In my littleness I saw the door very big; very majestic; very grand – and I was incapable of opening it with my weak hands; I was invited to enter. I was very happy to have the door opened because I had hoped that inside someone would give me something to eat. I entered with caution and observed all that was in there. I walked a little and saw a beautiful garden with fruit trees. When I saw the fruit trees my hunger grew, more and more, and I ran towards the garden. I saw that one of the trees that was there was very large and very beautiful, and was full of fruit. The fruit looked delicious and I felt very hungry, but I couldn’t cut the fruit because the tree was too high for me and I couldn’t reach it.

Shortly I saw a woman, with various men, coming into the garden; I saw that they did not enter by the door but had climbed the wall, as thieves, and had entered to steal the fruit from the tree. The woman filled her basket but still kept on cutting more and more fruit. The men who followed her also did the same and I thought that having so many fruits they could share one with me. I approached them and asked them to give me one fruit to take away my hunger, but they did not give me any. Desperate, I begged them to hear my supplications – but they became angry and insulted me.

With all that was said to me I felt very sad and discouraged. I was very hungry; I just looked at the fruit and thought of what I could do to reach them. I saw it was impossible as the tree was too high and I was too little; that I could never reach the fruit. All of those that were cutting the fruit helped themselves using a stick, and seeing that I could not reach the fruit they laughed and made fun of me.

I could not think of what to do when suddenly Jesus appeared, and smiling He gave me a fruit and said: “Take it and do not worry any more about cutting the fruit as I have cut it for you; eat and calm your hunger”. I took it and I ate it very fast, as I was hungry – and the fruit was delicious. It had a sweet flavour – so delicious, that never in my life had I tasted one as good. The people that were there stealing the fruit – when they saw Jesus they thought that He was going to reprove them for entering as thieves, and were so scared that they ran away.

When we were alone, Jesus showed me that near the tree full of fruit was an enormous rock – and I saw that on that rock there was a little rock, and from this rock was born a spring of crystal-clear water which fell upon the earth and ran rapidly over the earth. Immediately I saw that from the ground, came a great wall that grew – little by little. As it was growing it circled the spring until it circled it completely – and did not leave any outlet for water; the water was held back. The stagnated water began to get dirtier and dirtier – but by parts, because some parts putrefied rapidly.

Our Lord brought me to another place where the water was still pure and crystal – but it had in front of it the putrefied water which threatened to contaminate it. I could not understand anything I saw and I asked Our Lord why the water was stagnated and Our Lord answered:

OUR LORD: “It has been held because My children have encountered many difficulties which will not permit them to work freely; but we will find an outlet, so that they can no longer detain the water and the water will flow freely. Look, I will explain all this: the Rock that you can see is My Church, founded by Saint Peter, the first Pope. The other little rock that you can see on top of the big rock is the Seer which in time will become Pope and will guide my people by the good way. The wall that you can see is the Devil that surrounds My Church – and he is contaminating with his evil the souls that are My children, and the water of My Grace in these souls is not My Grace, but dirty water, because the Devil has touched it; but this other water that you can see – still, clear and crystal – are the souls of My sons that have remained faithful and that really Love Me, and are not deceived by the Devil. Even though they are surrounded by the Devil, I will not permit the Devil to touch them and contaminate them. That is why I have given you to eat of the fruit from the Tree of Wisdom – and with My Wisdom you will take away the errors that afflict the Church, and will help My children to wake-up – and when they are wakened they will begin taking-down the wall of the Devil which oppresses them and that does not let them see what is really happening”.

Messages given by Our Lady in April, 1987, as follows:

OUR LADY: “My dearest daughter: the hour has come for you to let the `Little Pebble’ – My sweet son – know of the Vision of the Pope, which I showed to you a few years ago. This is the moment to reveal it”.

SR. GUADALUPE: Obeying My Blessed Mother, I will relate the Vision… It was the same year in which Our Lord showed me His Church and it’s meaning. It was at this time, during Lent, that Our Blessed Mother Appeared and told me: “My daughter, I am the Mother of the Church – and, as the Mother of the Church that I am, I will let you know what will happen soon”. Later, Our Blessed Mother took me to a place that I did not know; I saw a huge Church and, astonished, I said: “My Blessed Mother, look, what a huge Church”. She smiled and said: “It is the Vatican, that is why you see it so large”.

Later, I saw that – in between the Earth and Heaven – there was a deep abyss, and in order that Heaven and the Earth could communicate, there was a big bridge, which came out from the Vatican and was united with Heaven. But there was a great problem, as this bridge was made of wood and was already old and decayed. I saw that this bridge was very deteriorated – and that no one could pass over it, as anyone who stepped on it would fall into the abyss. Suddenly, I saw Pope John Paul II, coming out from the Vatican – and that he was going towards the bridge. I shouted to him to stop, but he couldn’t hear me and continued walking toward the bridge. Pope John Paul II arrived at the bridge – and when he stepped on it, it creaked and threatened to fall. Worried about what I was seeing, I shouted to him once again – and suddenly, the bridge started breaking apart. Desperately, I told Our Blessed Mother to save him, for if she did not the Pope would fall into the abyss.

Our Blessed Mother gave me strength and I ran to stop the Pope, but I had only enough time to push him aside. He lost his balance and fell to the ground. While the Pope was on the ground, the bridge – which was huge and large – was completely destroyed, making a tremendous noise, and it fell into the profound and dark abyss. I stood astonished, seeing the destruction – and did not know what to do. Suddenly, I remembered about the Pope and ran fast to help him, but when I arrived, I saw that other people were helping him. I went close to the Pope, who was still on the ground – and saw him as if he were dead! His features were hardened; he did not talk – and his eyes expressed great pain. He had so much agony and was dying of sorrow, being unable to bear so much grief. Soon, I saw that all of this disappeared – and all of that sorrow and pain was over; and in the air, I could hear the song, “Alleluia”. It was a Heavenly Voice that sang the “Alleluia” – and the song reached all the persons that were left on Earth and this beautiful melody filled them with joy. The Vision finished on that day – and I maintained silence, all these years, but that same day on which Our Lord Appeared, Our Blessed Mother Appeared and said:

OUR LADY: “My dearest daughter: tell My sweet son – the `Little Pebble’ – that this Vision has been sent to him so he can see the need that there is to build a new bridge, as the old one will be destroyed. This is why it is very important to unite all the Seers. There has to be a Seer for each country, because the Seers – united – will form the bridge where Heaven will communicate with the ailing Church. My dear son: you should make a list of every country and list the Seers and the Promoters of your Messages in that country. If any country does not have a Seer, write on another list the names of the countries to which Your Blessed Mother has not yet given a Seer.”

“All of the Seers which I have raised should be united to you – that Seer who does not unite with you will be rejected from the circle and will not be counted among the Seers that form the bridge. When all this is completed and you see that there are no more Seers, call together all of those who promote your Messages – and in that country that does not have a Seer the Promoter will represent that country. You will make another list which lists the name of the country and the Promoter’s name. Those countries that do not have a Seer, nor a Promoter, you will write down on another list, for testimony of the nations. Hurry up, My dear son, as you have such a short time. I Bless you, My dearest son: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”.

Irma Ubedo de Castro

In 1987, I received a letter from Cinidad, Guatemala from the above Seer saying that he is united with the `Little Pebble’.

Pereira Mafano

In September, 1987, Pereira Mafano, a Seer from Nicaragua, Central America, united. She works with the Holy Souls in Purgatory.