HUNGARY – Unity of the Seers


Anna Ihasz – `Flame of Love’

I also met the Seer, Anna Ihasz of Hungary. She was a close friend of the famous Seer of Hungary, Elizabeth of the `Flame of Love’ Rosary. She received many messages from Heaven for me and also received messages about me and asked me to deliver a message for the Pope, as Our Lady asked her to give it to me for him. Our Lady also Blessed a Rosary for me through her.

I wish here to place a message given to Anne – Seer of the Flame of Love’ in Hungary, directed to me. It was addressed to the Little Pebble’ from Our Lady, via Anne”

OUR LADY: – 18.10.1989 – “This Holy Flame I gave first to Elizabeth, then in the heart of Anne; Dear Little Pebble’, I finish now in the Flame of Love’ in your heart. Through this Flame of Love you can reach the highest – a burning fire; everything can be overcome I Bless you in your heart and give Love from My Immaculate Heart over (ever) strong Graces over you.”

Agnes Menko

I met a Seer called Agnes Menko, also well known in Budapest, Hungary. Agnes was chosen by Heaven to take over the “Flame of Love” Apostolate after the death of Anna Ihasz. She sent me this Message in April, 1991:

JESUS: “I am going to present a particular Love of My Heart to the `Little Pebble’ on the 21st May.”

Miklos Jurantis

One of the wonderful people I met in Hungary was Miklos Jurantis, who lived in Budapest. He was the main Worker, with some others. Through him the messages were sent, and many Seers became united with me. In fondest memory do I write this.


Another Seer, Ilonka, of Hungary, was united with me.

Eva Thirring

I wish also to mention here that Eva Thirring was a very hard-working soul for the people of Hungary since 1985 – and for my mission. Now that she is in Heaven. I thank her and may God Bless her.